Lego_Sliders wrote:

Vortex 1.0 with tunnel:

Wow, great idea for a vortex big_smile

Here you can see how Brick Lady Agata created brick vortex big_smile >> … 289#p12289

Yes, all photos with Lego Sliders were made by Agata smile

All photos you can find here >>

First I've written 13 episodes of Season 6, then Agata made Lego photos to illustrate some my scenes, and after the Season 6 ended, we decided that Agata would make photos which illustrated scenes from the show, from Seasons 1-5 smile

I'll send the link to this topic to Agata, maybe she will have some idea how to make a project with you big_smile

Two years ago we’ve posted first episode of the Virtual Season 6 of Sliders smile Have you already read it? smile

You can read all 13 episodes of Season 6 here >>

Season 6 was illustrated by photos of Brick Sliders created by @BrickLadyAgata

Let's vote for "Sliders - the brick dimension"!

Wow, interesting smile Is year 1999 included in this series? Is making 5th season of Sliders mentioned?

Wow, interesting, thank you for sharing this smile

Have you seen our recent project Brick Sliders which promoted my Virtual Season 6 of Sliders? smile It was discussed here >>

You can read my Virtual Season 6 and see a lot o photos with Brick Sliders here:

Social media (we keep posting new brick photos from seasons 1-5):

and creator of Brick Sliders - Agata ( ) designed a special Sliders set for Lego Ideas smile You can vote here >> … d973ec6b0d

So where does Sabrina now live? yikes

Thank you for your votes smile Please ask your friends if they could help us to get more votes smile

Thank you Agata for this wonderful project smile These 4 worlds are so detailed. When I see them I can feel your passion and love for this amazing TV show smile

So today I've watched this amazing interview with Tracy Torme smile  Do you have some contact with him?

I'm affraid that he only wants to include in the 6th season Remmy, Arturo and Quinn but what about Wade? Can somebody tell to Mr Torme that Sabrina Lloyd said many times on Instagram that she would be interested to play Wade again? smile

Please, if you know how to contact with Torme, please tell him about Sabrina! big_smile Wade needs to be included!!! smile

Happy 26th Anniversary! smile On 22nd March 1995 The Pilot of Sliders was broadcasted for the first time! And it was then when all four Sliders first time travelled to a parallel world – to the Frozen World smile

Sliders.PL team is happy to announce that we will continue posting photos of Brick Sliders smile There won’t be Season 7, but we are going to illustrate episodes of Seasons 1-5 with Bricks, the same as we did with the Virtual Season 6! smile

We will post new photos made by Agata from time to time. Today please enjoy the Frozen World!

Social media:

Thank you again for these words smile It really must have been interesting to listen to Polish voices xDDD

I'm so happy that last summer, after I finished writing these summaries in Polish, I decided that they had to be translated into English. It was then when I've asked for help Agata and then she asked me what if she could illustrate my Virtual Season 6 with photos of Brick Sliders smile

ireactions, please remember that the core of the Virtual Season 6 is your script of Slide Effects smile Many years ago I was so impressed by it so I decided that I need to write a sequel. So I think the success of the Virtual Season 6 is the success not only Agata's or mine, but also yours! smile

Btw, I can compare the Virtual Season 6 to bricks hehe smile I've used many existing things like Slide Effects, like comic books and also popular fan theories about Kromaggs or Quinn's parents. I've used these things as bricks, then using them I've built the complete, ultimate Season 6 and at the end of it I've added my ending which combined everything together.

My project wouldn't exist if not a creative work of other people who did other projects before me smile

ireactions wrote:

JWSlider3, thank you so much. It meant so much to me that you made the call that you did and shared what you have here. Maybe it won't go anywhere, I don't know. But you passing on this message is so important and special. You have assured us that the creator of SLIDERS values and misses the show as much as the fans do. You let us know that he is trying to bring SLIDERS back and that if he can do SLIDERS on his terms, it will be a version of SLIDERS featuring Quinn, Wade, Rembrandt and Arturo played by Jerry, Sabrina, Cleavant and John. Even if this is yet another attempt that fades away like the others, it is truly validating to know that Tracy Torme still cares about SLIDERS and is deeply loyal to *the* sliders. I am so grateful to you for this beautiful gift you have given to all SLIDERS fans.

I feel the same, thank you JWSlider3! smile

JWSlider3 wrote:

Tracy Tormé made it very clear that he is only interested in the original group, he has yet to reach out to Sabrina (commented about uncertainty as with her living in Africa) but he has be in contact with the others. He has a story idea on how to bring the original group back (as well as explain the passage of time.

WOW, amazing news! smile <3 JWSlider3, are you going to call him in next days and ask about this meeting, please? smile))))

I would be in heaven if I could watch new episodes with original four Sliders! <3

I present you the alternate, brick ending of the Virtual Season 6! smile Do you remember that I didn’t explain what happened to alternate four original Sliders? wink “Oh no…!”

WATCH the new ending smile >>

Here you can watch the original ending >>

and here you can read the original ending >>

Video made by @BrickLadyAgata;name=large

Transmodiar wrote:

Oh, there's no question that the name for people like you is the same for people like me. Hell, if Cez wants it, I can also provide the half-baked S4 credits I started when I was editing a "better" version of "Genesis." It's not finished, but it's his if he wants it!

Yes, please post it when you will be ready big_smile

ireactions wrote:

Cez apparently survived being attacked by the magic guitar and made another request. A request that filled me with outrage, frustration, grief, despair, loss, longing and agony.

He asked me if I could get the upscaled versions of the opening titles of which there are eight. Eight different versions.

Thank you so much for this xD

ireactions wrote:

I asked Cez (of LEGO SLIDERS fame) if there were any scenes he'd ever wanted to see in HD and he said he'd like the "Stoker"' scenes of Wade because of her singing. I swore at him and invoked a blood curse upon him to be attacked by electric bolts fired from a magic guitar for daring to ask me to do this.

Here are the Wade scenes:

Look, he did LEGO SLIDERS. He earned this.

Thank you! xD

Sabrina Lloyd has answered my question on her Instastories! <3 smile She likes Brick Sliders! smile There were also other questions asked by other Sliders fans smile

The virtual Season 6 >> >>;name=4096x4096

In the virtual Season 6 Quinn and Wade are a romantic couple smile

You still have a chance to win a Sliders t-shirt in the contest which ends on Monday. To this moment I haven't got any correct answer, so you still have a chance to win a t-shirt. Just send e-mail with answers to my address Good luck!;name=large

ATTENTION! I'm extending the contest to Monday 15th February, because I’ve got no correct answer from international fans. You can still win a second Sliders t-shirt! smile The first t-shirt has just been won by a Sliders fan from Poland, who scored 24 points - congratulations! smile

Once again, I remind you the rules of the competition! Send e-mail with an answer to;name=large;name=900x900

Only 2 days left till the end of the contest! I wait for your answers only on Monday and Tuesday. Please send them to smile

You have a chance to win a t-shirt! The rules >>;name=large;name=large

I'm so happy because one of the largest pop culture portals in Poland,, has just written about Agata's and my project of the virtual Season 6 of Sliders <3 … 1612174256

ireactions wrote:

Anyway. I owe SLIDERS fans a DVD box set and I'm happy to see to it that Cez's Season 6 will let me provide one at last.

Yes, thank you so much! smile After the first contest ends, we will make the second one in the second half of February smile

So today I’m starting the contest related to the virtual Season 6 in which you can win t-shirts! smile You just need to read my episodes and then answer two simple questions! I have included the contest rules in the attached graphic.

The virtual Season 6 >> >>

Send the answers and your name to the e-mail, write “Sliders Contest” as a subject. In the e-mail please also share your opinion about my virtual season, especially about the ending. Please also like my social media smile;name=large;name=900x900

LOL, Agata, Brick Lady, has made me a surprise - she created Brick version of me big_smile;name=4096x4096

About Tomb Raider - the last movie from 2018 was good, but I prefer Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft wink I prefer classic Lara than this rebooted Lara. You should try the games! smile

Your two last paragraphs - interesting theory! I agree! smile

Today I've posted a video - my vision how the last scene of the show could look like smile

You can find it here >> THE ENDING

So why I've chosen the Golden Gate Bridge as the background of the last scene? I've said it was personal - it's because the photo I've used is mine, I've taken this photo in 2015! I was there! smile (I've made the bridge a little more red, because on my photo it was too greyish).

I know that probably for people from America to be in San Francisco isn't a big deal. For me it is wink I live in Poland, in Cental Europe and I was born when communism era was ending. During my childhood I've heard many times about American Dream, but USA was absolutly unachievable  for me. Then in 2015 I was invited by Microsoft and Square Enix for E3 in Los Angeles - a big event about video games. I'm the admin of the biggest and the oldest Tomb Raider fansite in Poland and this is how I was invited. Then I had to go to US Embassy in Warsaw for my visa - yeah Poles had to have a visa to go to USA in that time...

So when I've spent one week in Los Angeles I knew I had to go to Universal Studios to see some Sliders sets! And I did! xD Then I visited Santa Monica - there is a pier where "Dream Masters" were filmed. And finally I went to San Francisco just for one day to visit The Golden Gate Bridge! smile It was iconic for me and the symbol of Sliders so I had to visit it. When I was there I imagined that this was a place where Sliders could be many years ago (yeah, I know that San Francisco was played by Vancouver, but nevermind xD ) So the photo you can see was taken by me over 5 years ago. I love the thought that the place where I was standing could be the place of the final slide smile

So for me, for person from former communist country, it was a big deal. And after California I also spent one week in New York <3 My dreams came true back then. I have a plan to come back to America in the future, but the most important things for me I've already seen smile

RussianCabbie_Lotteryfan wrote:

can't wait to check this out!

Please check this out, read the summary and the description of the last two episodes and please let me know what do you think about this very end smile

Thank you ireactions for your review! smile I'm honoured that the author of Slide Effects and Sliders Reborn likes my vision of the ending! smile

I wanted to make sure that original Sliders come back to Earth Prime, to real Earth Prime smile This is why the comics fit to my idea perfectly, because they introduced the returning to Earth Prime. This is why the last scene is so short. I didn't want Sliders to meet with their families etc - because it all happened in previous episode "Ticking Clock". In the last scene of "Convergence" there is only a smile which says that yes, they are finally home and they are safe, nobody tracks them. Also Arturo's illness from comic "Deadly Secrets" fits and Zercurvian race also fits as a race that is more powerful than Kromaggs, so while two dogs are fighting for a bone, a third runs away with it. We didn't see "on screen" the destruction of the two Zercurvian ships (I assume they were completly destroyed and the race died), but what if they survived? Would they hunt now not humans but Kromaggs? wink

In Season 6 finale I wanted to create a closure not only for most of the cliffhangers from the show, but also for comics. For example the comics never explained if Zercurvians are dead or not. In my story Logan rescued them but then they killed her. It was established in the comics that the leader of Zercurvians kills every Mallory he meets, so it fits also to Logan wink Sorry Logan xD

Yes, I intentionally made a mirror-scene based on Exodus, where the death of Professor was for me so pointless, so hurting... We didn't know in that moment that it could be fake Professor. It was heartbreaking. In "Convergence" I wanted to use a motive from "Final Destination" hehe wink where death is unstoppable. So another fake Arturo has to die, but before he died he returned home, he confessed, he said sorry and Sliders forgave him.

In my opinion after my Season 6 two sequels are possible wink

1) a story about alternate Sliders. It could take place even now, 21 years after the end wink Maybe alternate Quinn, Wade, Remmy and Arturo are still searching their Earth Prime, hmm?

2) a story about Diana's scientific-military teams with a new, younger cast. I can see this as a spin-off of Sliders in a "StarGate SG-1" formula, where in every episode the team discovers a new world. But every time they easly come back to home. This is why I always prefered Sliders than StarGate, because in Sliders the heroes can't control the travel. It's more interesting for me.

So why I've based most of the episodes on comic books? I can remember that I came up with this idea here, on this forum big_smile In 2016 after I've read Slide Effects I've asked some quastions and I've written this >> "we can assume that after Slide Effects take place Sliders official comics with original cast and the timer" I fell in love in Slide Effects so much and I liked the idea to place the official comics right after this fanfic, but I still needed the conclusion, the answers, so I've written it as a two-part finale.

And why I wanted the conclusion so much? Here is the story of my life xD

When I was a kid in 90s I loved Sliders so much and in 2004 I've created the first and only Polish website about Sliders. For example there are summaries of all 88 episodes, for example the Pilot >> Since the beginning I knew I wanted to make season 6 in the form of fan fiction. I even asked Alexslider from German website Sliders Dimension to make for me intro for season 6, which is on my channell and it's quite popular >>

I knew that in my season 6 all 8 Sliders has to be included. My initial vision of season 6 has changed completly when I've read Slide Effects! smile But as you know there are things that I wanted to conclude. I wanted to show what happened to alternate 8 Sliders. In March 2020 there was 25th anniversary of Sliders. After so many years I've decided - now or never. I wanted to do season 6 since 2004 so I had to do it now. In spring I've started to think about it. I've decided that Slide Effect will be a pilot of my season 6. I also knew how I wanted to end this season, how two last episodes would look like. Then I was wondering what about rest? It was also the time when I was buying some stuff to my Sliders collection. It was then when I've bought on Ebay all Sliders comics. I've read them many years ago thanks to PDF but now I have them on paper.

When I've re-read them I thought that these adventures with original four Sliders, with original timer, fit perfectly to the soft reboot described in Slide Effects. Yes, I wanted to include in my story all 8 Sliders but I was sure that most of fans want to see new episodes with original four. In the same time I knew that Maggie, Colin, Mallory and Diana have to appear in that season somehow. And they did. This is a compromise I think - people are happy that most of the episodes is about original 4, but there is also small space for conclusion for additional 4 Sliders and conclusion of the cliffhanger from "The Seer".

So why comics? Because I like the idea "new episode, new world" and I think it's a great opportunity to add these adventures from comics to the timeline. I know that comics take place in parallel to season 1 and 2, but hey - why not to place it after Season 5? wink The last reason why comics is just practical. I wanted to post my episodes in the same form as my summaries of 88 episodes of Sliders. Every time I've posted a summary there were miniature photos from this episode. So I've asked myself - what photos will I use if I create my own stories? Yes, I've used some photos from original episodes when I've posted my interpretation of Slide Effects, but would it work for all 13 episodes? Probably I would have some problems to find good scenes from original show. So I decided that I will use drawings from comics instead! big_smile Of course I needed to use scenes from original show again when I posted two-part finale, because it's not based on comics anymore.

So I've written Polish texts during summer 2020. Then on September I needed someone who would translate it for me into English. I've asked Agata, who I know only online from my fanpage on Facebook. She agreed and also as a Lego fan she asked me if she could illustrate season 6 using Lego figures big_smile Of course I've agreed! big_smile I think that if she hasn't added Lego to this project, it woldn't be so popular.

About the last scene with the Golden Gate Bridge. It was very personal and sentimental for me! smile I will write soon more why I've chosen this place for a final scene smile

pilight wrote:
Cez wrote:


You're not going to do a season seven?

No, this is the end smile This was my goal from the beginning - to end this show with good (I hope) ending for all main 8 characters. Please read the last episode (summary AND description!) and you will know why this is the end for me wink Of course there is possibility to make a continuation for alternate group of Sliders (I left "open gate"), so maybe one day... wink Or someone else will do it.

For me this is the end of the story, but soon we will post more photos of Brick Sliders in our social media, so you can follow us here:

So, what do you think about ending for all 8 characters? wink

So here it is smile After 20 years of waiting for the answers it’s the end of Sliders!

Sliders.PL presents 6x13 „Convergence, Part II” - - THE LAST EPISODE OF SLIDERS! Please let me know what do you think about the story!

Read the summary >>
Read the description with many details! (and see new Brick Sliders photos!) >>

Full Season 6 is published here >>

Photos of Brick Sliders by Agata Agl.

P.S. Soon there will be contests with prizes for Sliders fans! smile

Yeah, in my Season 6 I also rejected a rape. I wanted to be sure that Wade wasn't hurt too much. I've written this:
Wade began her story about how she was kidnapped by the Dynasty from the same prison where Remmy was held. First Wade was transported to the breeding colony, where she met, among others, Christina Griffin. However, she was quickly taken to the next world, because the Kromaggs did not want to make her a slave. They wanted to be careful with her in case they would need her as a bargaining chip against Quinn, who was looking for a way to bypass the Slidecage. She was imprisoned in a cell with good conditions until the plan of bypassing the Slidecage with Quinn's help was lost. Then the Kromaggs decided to use their backup plan. They put Wells in a jar of green liquid as the ultimate weapon called a Cyberiad.

Btw, I've just posted a funny Lego-video about rescuing Quinn and Colin xD >> … 0557433858 This is the interpretation of my story made by Agata, Brick Lady wink

ireactions wrote:

Temporal Flux once half-seriously offered an explanation: Logan St. Clair altered the timer in "Double Cross." The timer originally used a laser-gyro system to serve as the geographic spectrum stabilizer, keeping the sliders within two miles. Logan put in a whispering gallery system which widened the range to 400 miles. If I recall correctly: TF suggested that it also widened the multiversal range of the timer; that the multiverse may be arranged in 'stacks' of universes; the Earths in Seasons 1 - 2 were in the same stack and operated on the same scientific principles whereas the whispering gallery shifted the sliders into encountering multiverses in other stacks containing monsters and magic and abominations like Colonel Rickman and Maggie Beckett.

The PVTOnline Season 6 fan fiction embraced this idea wholeheartedly. When the timer switched to the Egyptian timer, the sliders cannibalized the original device for parts to keep the new device working and they continued in the same paranormal stack until after "This Slide of Paradise" when Quinn's repairs to the timer to track Rembrandt and Wade repositioned them within a stack of technology driven parallel worlds.

Interesting theory! I've never heard about this.

ireactions wrote:

Wade turns out to be alive with her appearance in "Requiem" being a clone as well.

Why do you think this Wade was a clone? First in "Convergence" I wanted to explain it this way - this Cyberiad-Wade was only a clone and the rest of the Sliders would meet real-alternate Wade some other way, but then I decided that I prefere thinking that Season 5 cast really met Wade. Yes, she was badly wounded, she almost died, but she survived, probably with a lot of scars... The Year Five Journal convinced me that it was real Wade and she didn't die at the end of "Requiem".

"The most important provision was that, in the end, somehow the audience must know that Wade is somehow alive and well, perhaps in some kind of altered state."

ireactions wrote:

This is a very neat approach. I have read every Season 6 fanfic and I think "Convergence"'s approach in having the Season 2 and Season 5 casts meet each other as doubles is truly unique among SLIDERS stories, and that's even before the beautiful Lego work.

Thank you for your review smile I'm happy that you like it! I know that I've made things very fast in this episode, probably in real show there should be 2 or even 3 episodes about this story, but I wanted to get all missing Sliders as fast as possible.

In the past I wanted Season 6 to be concentrated on resurrecting the old cast, for example in one episode Arturo would be back, in the next one Quinn, in next Wade... But I've decided that the core of Season 6 should be the rule "every episode = new world, new adventure". That's why I've included explanations of "The Seer" clifhanger at the very end, so it won't take too much time. I wanted to focus on original 4 Sliders but in the same time I wanted to make a closure for the rest. But as you noticed our original 4 Sliders have met only Maggie, Colin, Mallory and Diana (and some other guest stars wink ). The alternative Sliders are searching home, they are somewhere. I think that if in this episode not 8 but 12 Sliders met, it would be probably too much xD

So... wait for the next, the final episode! smile

Sliders.PL presents 6x12 „Convergence, Part I” - the first part of the virtual Season 6 finale and 100th episode of the show!

I promised I would answer many unanswered questions - so here they are! smile Please let me know what do you think about my story!

Read the summary >>
Read the description with many details! (and see new Brick Sliders photos!) >>

Full Season 6 is published here - one episode per week (only one episode left!) >>

Photos of Brick Sliders by Agata Agl.

ireactions >> now you can understand why I wanted to introduce the Zercurvians so early in this season, right after the pilot "Slide Effects" wink

RussianCabbie_Lotteryfan >> thank you! smile;name=medium

YES! big_smile Kari Wuhrer has written to us on Instagram, that she misses the show and that she would like to do another season of Sliders! smile We’re honoured that the actors like our virtual Season 6 and Brick Sliders! smile Kari is the 4th member of the cast who has written few words to us smile

The link to Kari's comment >>

Follow us here:

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Twitter >>
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Instagram >>

ireactions wrote:

It's really an incredible achievement from Cez and Agata Agl. They should be so proud of what they've accomplished. The quirky charm, excitement and joy they take in their interpretation of SLIDERS is glowingly vivid and palpable. And they richly deserve the accolades they've gotten from the actors who were in the live action show.

Thank you for these words! smile <3

Sliders.PL presents 6x11 „Deadly Secrets” - the ELEVENTH EPISODE of the virtual Season 6 and 99th episode of Sliders!

This is the last episode based on the comic books. Only two episodes left till the end!

Read the summary >>
Read the description (and see new Brick Sliders photos!) >>

Full Season 6 is published here - one episode per week >>

Photos of Brick Sliders by Agata Agl.

ireactions wrote:

I'm happy to contribute. A lot of people helped me with my SLIDERS magnum opus.

Great! smile Thank you smile I'll write to you about this.

ireactions wrote:

What's the video quality like on that blu-ray set?

The Blu-Ray German edition >> … B01MCZ0Q6R

All episodes are on Blu-Ray discs but the quality is SD, not HD. It's DVD quality. I've bought it because it's probably the only complete editon with 5 seasons for Region 2. Fortunatly there are not only German voices, but original English too smile Unfortunaly in my country, in Poland, Sliders has never been released on DVD or Blu-Ray sad We have some Polish subtitles and also version with Polish lector (male voice who reads the dialougs), but these rips from tv are only in the web wink

Wow, wow, wow, thank you big_smile I even don't have it, because it's Region 1 dvd and I live in Europe, I have in my collection Region 2 German Blu-Ray complete edition (with autograph of John Rhys-Davies <3 ). It will work only in USA and Canada, right?

So I suppose the winner should get a t-shirt and a dvd box, right? But if the winner come from Europe or Asia, he/she will have a problem with running the dvd xD

Ok, I'll send you e-mail about it after New Year Eve smile

Sliders.PL presents 6x10 „Blood and Splendor” - the TENTH EPISODE of the virtual Season 6 and 98th episode of Sliders!

Read the summary >>
Read the description (and see new Brick Sliders photos!) >>

Full Season 6 is published here - one episode per week >>

Photos of Brick Sliders by Agata Agl.

THE ANNOUNCEMENT >> after releasing the last, 13th episode I will make a contest! The winner will get a t-shirt with Sliders logo smile (you can see it here >> … 0642840581) It will be a quiz - participants will answer some questions about 13 episodes of Season 6. You have still time to catch up and read all of them smile

Sliders.PL presents 6x09 „Narcotica” - the NINTH EPISODE of the virtual Season 6. It is based on the comic written by Jerry O’Connell!

Read the summary >>
Read the description (and see new Brick Sliders photos!) >>

Full Season 6 is published here - one episode per week >>

Photos of Brick Sliders by Agata Agl.

Sliders.PL presents 6x08 „Ticking Clock” - the CRUCIAL, EIGHTH EPISODE of the virtual Season 6.

Read the summary >>
Read the description (and see new Brick Sliders photos!) >>

Full Season 6 is published here - one episode per week >>

Photos of Brick Sliders by Agata Agl.

RussianCabbie_Lotteryfan wrote:

well done Cez!

I'm happy that you like it big_smile

So here we go again big_smile


Sliders.PL presents 6x07 „Dimensional Shadows” - the SEVENTH EPISODE of the virtual Season 6.

Read the summary >>
Read the description (and see new Brick Sliders photos!) >>

Full Season 6 is published here - one episode per week >>

Photos of Brick Sliders by Agata Agl.

Sliders.PL presents 6x06 „Fissions of the Soul” - the SIXTH EPISODE of the virtual Season 6.

There is Vern from "Stand by Me" in this episode xD

Read the summary >>
Read the description (and see new Brick Sliders photos!) >>

Full Season 6 is published here - one episode per week >>

Photos of Brick Sliders by Agata Agl.

RussianCabbie_Lotteryfan wrote:

I can't keep up smile  I wish you guys shifted to once every couple of weeks smile

It's week after week because we are simulating the real television season hehe big_smile

Look at this funny Lego animation - Sliders jump into the vortex big_smile Turn on the sound! >> … 1937694045

Sliders.PL presents 6x05 „Damnation” - the FIFTH EPISODE of the virtual Season 6.

Read the summary >>
Read the description (and see new Brick Sliders photos!) >>

Full Season 6 is published here - one episode per week >>

Photos of Brick Sliders by Agata Agl.

Sliders.PL presents 6x04 „Rapture” - the FOURTH EPISODE of the virtual Season 6 smile

Read the summary >>
Read the description (and see new Brick Sliders photos!) >>

Full Season 6 is published here - one episode per week >>

RussianCabbie_Lotteryfan wrote:

Congratulations Cez!

You've taken a very creative approach and it's good to see John and Jerry acknowledge it.

Thank you big_smile Robert Floyd also likes it big_smile;name=medium;name=large

YES! big_smile

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Sliders.PL presents 6x03 „Harvest Time” - the THIRD EPISODE of the virtual Season 6.

Read the summary >>
Read the description (and see new Brick Sliders photos!) >>

Full Season 6 is published here - one episode per week >>

ireactions wrote:

ARMADA is an odd choice to position after "Slide Effects."

You will see there is a bigger plan about that wink Keep reading till the end big_smile

Look at this! smile John Rhys-Davies has sent to me this beautiful message! <3 The actor likes virtual Season 6 and Brick Sliders smile I’ve explained to him that these figures made by Agata are very unique – only she has them.;name=900x900

Sliders.PL presents 6x02 „Armada” - the second episode of the virtual 6th season based on Acclaim comic book.

Read the summary >>
Read the description >>

Full season 6 will be published here – one episode per week >>

Photo of Brick Sliders by Agata Agl.

Now you can watch a scene of Kromagg morphing big_smile … 8753479697

Thank you for your review! smile

ireactions wrote:

This way, Arturo wouldn't be dying from a fatal disease ("The Guardian") and Logan St. Clair wouldn't be after them ("Double Cross").

I know about these problems and my vision of season 6th will conclude it smile

ireactions wrote:

What is that Kromagg figurine?

Brick Lady has told me that it was Pirates of the Caribbean big_smile

ireactions wrote:

"Slide Effects" is yours now and Brick Lady is doing some nice stuff and I can't wait to see what you put on our screens next.

I'm happy that you like it and I hope you will read next episodes too smile I'm curious what will you think about season/show finale big_smile

So here it is! Sliders.PL presents 6x01 „Slide Effects” - the first episode of the virtual 6th season based on great fan-fic of Ibrahim Nb! You can read summary of the story here >> and the description >> Photo of Brick Sliders by Agata Agl.

Full season 6 will be published here – one episode per week >>

Episode 6x01 is based on the fanfic "Slide Effects" by Ibrahim Nb while the following 10 episodes are based on the comic book series by Acclaim. The final two episodes 6x12 and 6x13 are both original ideas of the Sliders.PL.

Please let me know what do you think about my interpretation of “Slide Effects” as the pilot of season 6 smile

ireactions wrote:

Also, please be reminded that "Slide Effects" was a story by Tracy Torme.

I know about this! smile It will be noted in the description of the episode. Btw, I haven't written scripts, but only summaries - a form of stories. It's much shorter form but I hope it will be OK for people smile

ireactions wrote:

I don't know how well it will fit for a Season 6 to focus on Maggie, Colin, Diana and Mallory's issues after "Slide Effects" repositioned the originals front and center and (politely?) set aside the subsequent cast members.

My vision of season 6 in 90% focus on original four Sliders, but I will include satisfying (I hope so wink ) ending for additional Sliders.

What if... the 6th season of Sliders was created?

In 2004, when I’ve created Polish fansite www.Sliders.PL I wanted to publish my own vision of “virtual” season 6. I even asked Alexslider from to make an intro for me with all 8 sliders, which he did smile >>

Years passed and I forgot about my plan. Then in 2011 I’ve read great fan-fic "Slide Effects" by Ibrahim Ng/ireactions, the admin of this forum smile I loved this story so much, so I decided that if I ever made my season 6, I would use this fan-fic as a pilot. Ibrahim once wrote: «The "Slide Effects" script is yours: feel free to adapt and sequelize it».  So I did! smile

I've made some changes to Ibrahim Ng's idea. I also thought that although the fan-fic “Slide Effects” is an excellent continuation of the series, it is incomplete. I added a few more episodes to it and finally I present the grand finale. It concludes the arcs of not only the original Sliders, but also those alternative Sliders, whose fate ended in a huge cliffhanger in the episode 5x18 “The Seer.” This topic was not taken up by the fan-fic “Slide Effects,” which is why I decided to conceptualize 13 new episodes to build a full sixth season. As a result, Sliders would have a total of 101 episodes, or 100 if we count the two pilot episodes as one.

First episode of virtual 6th season of Sliders will be online on Wednesday 28th October on It will be promoted by Brick Sliders created by Agata! big_smile Ibrahim – you will see some scenes from your “Slide Effects”. Soon I will post more photos of Brick Sliders xD


Sliders.PL presents a fan-made, direct continuation of Sliders, which ended with a cliffhanger in the final episode 5x18 entitled “The Seer.” On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the series, we present our ideas for 13 episodes of the sixth virtual season, which resets certain themes while others we bring to conclusion. On our website we have published a list of all 13 episodes with summaries, plot descriptions and from where the ideas originated. 

Episode 6x01 is based on the great fanfic "Slide Effects," by Ibrahim Ng which reboots the events of the series in order to bring back the original four Sliders: Quinn, Wade, Rembrandt and Professor Arturo. The next 10 episodes are based on the comic books by Acclaim, which were published between 1996-1997. They describe adventures of the original four Sliders, which were supposed to take place parallel with the first televised season. However nothing prevents us from placing these events after the reboot, which happened in episode 6x01 “Slide Effects.” The final two episodes 6x12 and 6x13 are both original ideas of the Sliders.PL website. These stories combine two independent groups of Sliders and end themes that were omitted or unfinished in the television series including Kromaggs and Logan St. Claire.

The explanation of the following infographic will be included in the description of episode 6x01. Big version

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Great videos! smile

Do you have more behind the scenes videos from seasons 1, 3, 4, 5?


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Interesting, so I should read it too, but it can be difficult, because it's very long and English isn't my first language. But I hope I will try! And I understand that you explained why these all events from season 1-5 happened, but they are alive and happy in 2015? wink


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ireactions > thanks for explanations smile

I have more quastions about Slide Effects, I've just read it today smile It's great, but I'm curious why did you negate all season 3, even episodes before Exodus? Your story resets the timeline to events between season 2 and 3 (and by this we can assume that after Slide Effects take place Sliders official comics with original cast and the timer smile ). But why to reject everything before Exodus? Coudn't sliders been kidnapped and put in this cave just before Exodus? This was your idea or Torme? wink

Second quastion - where did you get this number of 37 Quinns? smile

Is your Sliders Reborn also reject events from season 3-5?


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ireactions wrote:

•  However, Torme was notorious for writing an outline and then writing a script where he'd diverge from the outline, struck by inspiration as he scripted the dialogue and action, so he may have changed his mind later on in the process.
•  While Torme's intentions never came to fruition, it inspired me -- because if posting PDF screenplays on the SLIDERS sites is good enough for him, it's good enough for me too.

I don't understand this, you are saying that Torme had the idea of "the officially unofficial series finale" which would take place after The Guardian and would be about finding the way home, but you've published "Slide Effects", great PDF which is exactly "the officially unofficial series finale", but it tells totally diferent story. It takes place between season 2 and 3 and it negates all season 3, 4 and 5 and gives us hope for season 6 with old cast. So I'm confused. "Slide Effect" isn't "the officially unofficial series finale" based on Torme's idea?