Indeed guys, we totally forgot about pretty much everything. I hadn't checked emails in a while, and I kept meaning to post that mini ep and forgot. We'll do the plug on the next episode, and probably mention to keep an eye out for the voicemail, so people know what to expect.

Ahem... back.

So the Netflix show Parallels is being turned into a tv show now, co-produced by Neil Gaiman. I loved the movie, can't wait for the series. … fi-series/

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If they conquer a world and send every human to a processing world, where they all get a kill switch implanted, then you could subjugate the entire planet and leave one Kromagg, or maybe not even. Have a few humans whose eyes you watch through from the main world. I mean, it's still a stupid goal, but that's how you could conquer a bunch of worlds with minimal kromaggpower (as opposed to manpower).

Also, while the rules within a universe can change, the frequency at which they exist must remain similar so they can all coexist. Like, their 3 dimensional rules are their own, but the 4th dimensional rules can't be changed by them. At which point shop you need is an exponential dial for accessing frequencies of all alternate worlds.

And it's live! … uble-cross

Hi guys! Thank you for all the kind words. Yeah, the editing issues on the last few episodes kind of broke me. It was just something I dreaded having to fix. And with the Rewatch podcast humming along, there was a lot less pressure to continue. I knew you would all have something to listen to in our absence. Throw in the fact that Dan got a new job working nights, so things were looking dim for Sliderscast.

But after a little break from podcasting, I started getting the itch again. So I started up a toy news podcast with another friend of Dan and me. And I upgraded my recording software. And I think I got a little better at podcasting, and definitely got better at editing. And after a while I talked to Dan about starting to record again. So we've been working on scheduling...and last night we recorded Double Cross! It should go up before the weekend is through, if not sooner. It's one of my favorite episodes, and was so much fun recording. We have a new guest on who specially requested to cover this episode with us, and he's a huge Sliders fan too. So all in all, we probably can't manage a weekly release schedule, but maybe monthly or semi-weekly. It's always been my goal to finish the whole series, but I'm only doing that with Dan as my co-host, so if it takes a while, so be it.


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That's pretty messed up actually. If you wrote those posts knowing there was an edit or delete button, then you have a reasonable belief that you can erase your posts if you later decide to.

If the message board goes down and the data remains in a state you can't edit, and whoever runs it won't remove it, you have a problem. If you can't get anywhere the nice way, you may have to see who owns the domain and send them a cease and desist.

In case anyone was wondering, this was generally used as the go-to thread to discuss the podcast, SlidersCast at -- Man, some good memories here. Ironically enough, the message board went kablooey right around the time things went off the rails for us. I had to deal with a few illnesses, a death in the family, and during all that, work was busier than it had been all year. I was slammed.

Also working against us was the fact that we had an episode recorded, the now released episode 25. We had a special guest on that episode, the very cool Ian McDuffie, who you may remember from the blog, "Think of a Roulette Wheel". Anyways, Ian had a lot to add to the episode, so it's much longer than most episodes, and we had some audio issues throughout, so it required more editing than any other episode thus far.

A perfect storm of events to cause a boatload of delays.

We're getting back into the swing of things now and should have Greatfellas up in a week or so, and we've got the Patreon bonus episodes as well. Anybody that backs us for a dollar or more gets the first bonus episode. Anybody that backs for $3 or more gets every episode we do. And in case we miss the June deadline, we'll do 2 for July. Anybody wondering what the bonus episodes are, we cover alternate universes in other shows and movies. We tackled an awesome Twilight Zone episode first, and we'll be doing that Netflix movie "Parallels" soon.

And for anyone who already watched Parallels, you might find this interesting: … rector_of/

Welcome back! I missed this place. Good host choice, we use them for the podcast ourselves.