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I've enjoyed reading all your thoughts on this. Personally, I would reboot everything from scratch; same characters played by new actors, same basic premise and beginning as the pilot episode. The original cast could make guest appearances in later episodes playing a different character as a nod to fans of the original series.


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Grizzlor wrote:

No one has really tried a reboot to our knowledge.  Weiss tried to do a movie, Tracy has tried, even Jerry was seriously talking to people following the Funny or Die spoof he did.  It's a terrific concept, no question, and still bizarre that Universal hasn't redone it.  That being said, Universal doesn't have a good track record.

Maybe it's something a streaming service like Netflix could pick-up? I believe the satire and political commentary of early Sliders could work really well in today's television landscape.


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I guess I'm a little naive on this topic, but what could we do to drum up interest in a revival of Sliders? Have there been any attempts or fan campaigns in the past to make producers and networks aware of interest in the series? Does anyone here have connections with Tracy Tormé? Maybe he could launch a kickstarter or something similar? I just feel that Sliders is too good a concept to be remembered for its difficult production and revolving door of cast members. The 4 main characters would have to be re-cast of course, but cameos could be made by the original stars. It's probably just wishful thinking on my part, but the way I see it, producing a series like Sliders on the television budget most series get today would be much easier than in the '90s.


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I've just finished up Season 4. As blasphomous as this may sound, I'd actually say it's superior to Season 3. There was an actual story and direction. More thought was put into parallel world ideas. I won't pretend it's the same great show from the first two seasons, but after the post-Exodus dreck of Season 3, this was pretty good. It's a shame the season kinda fell apart in the final episode though.


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Surf Dance Chris wrote:

World Killer is certainly an excellent episode. I think that's the last time we see Quinn's house?

The few episodes with just Quinn, Remmy and Maggie are good, they had a good mix before Colin entered the series. Maggie is an awful character in season 3, but I like her just as much as the original 4 sliders during seasons 4 and 5 (although her hair color in 4 is awful).

Heh, I seem to remember thinking Maggie was played by a different actress when I saw the opening to Season 4! In fact, I found that episode very confusing at first. I thought Quinn and Maggie were stuck "in the future", as that awful ending to Season 3 claimed. I'm glad Season 4 retconned that though, as it was a betrayal of everything we were told about sliding.

I don't mind Colin. His introductory episode was good, and I like that he was raised on a less advanced world. It gave him a "fish-out-of-water" appeal.


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Surf Dance Chris wrote:

I like season 5 more than 4 for the most part. 5 and even 4 to a degree make better use of history behind why the world's are so different than earth prime. Season 5 almost has a season 1-2 feel. One thing I do like about Sliders is that each season has its own feel and style which makes the series seem a lot bigger than it actually is. Sometimes I think it's hard to believe it's only 87 episodes since so much happens and so much changes during the series. Yeah there's some junk in there like Roads Taken and Requiem, and also some insane concepts like Paradise Lost and The Fire Within, but that's what makes the series more interesting to me.

Very true. I will say of Season 3, the first 14 episodes are enjoyable to watch, even if many of the ideas are a bit daft (robots, dragons, living fire, etc.). It's the 4 main characters who hold the series together. Beginning from Paradise Lost, the remaining 11 episodes are just really bad. I would say these episodes represent the very worst of the series.

I'm enjoying Season 4 so far. I think World Killer is one of the best episodes from the whole series.


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I bought the German blu-ray collection a few months ago. It's pretty good. The quality is standard definition, but comparable to the DVD versions. The episodes are also encoded in their correct order for seasons 1, 2 and 3. It's probably a bit expensive to import, but I'd recommend if you can find it for a reasonable price.


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Belated thank you for the welcome back!

I've just finished re-watching Season 3. Never before or since have I seen a series get so interestingly bad over the course of a single season.

I have fonder memories of Season 4, but I'll see how I feel about it now. I think even Season 5 made better attempts at parallel world ideas than Season 3. It's just a shame about the cast changes.


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I used to be a regular on the Earth Prime forums a long time ago. Some of you might remember me. My name is Russ from the UK. I'm afraid I can't remember my old username. I recognise a few people here.

I've just bought the German blu-ray collection of Sliders. I'm looking forward to watching it again. The 5th season never had a physical release in the UK, so I've not seen that since the initial television broadcast.

I would love to see Sliders come back in the form of a reboot or spin-off. The concept is too good not to use again.

I'm happy to see there's still a community supporting the show.