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Hello! I certainly will be reading your stories soon.
Like you, I was also inspired to write my own stories just a little over a year ago due to the amazing writers here (also because I was first introduced to the show due to a college assignment).
Have you thought of sharing your work on Ao3 or FanFiction.net?
I'm sure others would love to read you works there as well! smile Just a thought.
Anyway, I can't wait to read your works! Have a great day.


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RussianCabbie_Lotteryfan wrote:

If Peacock won't do it, then SyFy Network should do it.  That would be awesome, especially because their programming is linear and it would be fun to get a roll out weekly rather than a binge in one day sorta thing.

Maybe the CW? I mean it's the home of Supernatural. (They even got away with Scooby-Doo and Supernatural crossover.) wink


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ireactions wrote:

I think pilight is right about what the cast would and wouldn't sign up for.

I get the sense that for Tracy Torme, SLIDERS ceased to exist after "The Guardian" and, fairly or unfairly, he probably won't take the time to learn about Maggie, Colin, Mallory or Diana in order to present those characters at all. That is the realm of a lunatic fanfic writer (hello).

This isn't realistic given the casting situation, but my guess is that Torme's dream vision of SLIDERS in 2021 is a remake of the Pilot updated to the present day. Slider_Quinn21 once suggested something like that (and I'll embellish it with ideas from TF):

Quinn is a 47 year old who lost his passion for science after failing to create anti-gravity; he became a student loan officer and accountant and hated by students and faculty alike; he's in trouble at work because he keeps blowing off his job to sit in on Arturo's lectures longingly.

Wade is a 49 year old manager of Doppler Computers who failed to become a tech entrepreneur and now miserably hawks smartphones. Rembrandt is a music teacher who failed to remain a star of the musical stage and now loathes the 10 year olds to whom he teaches trombone and he wishes he were dead.

The Professor is exactly the same except older, grayer and much more relaxed -- except when he sees Quinn as he loathes Quinn for abandoning science but not leaving the campus. Wade and Quinn are married but possibly not for much longer as Quinn's halfhearted tinkering with the anti-grav machine in the basement blows power to the block and costs them their house insurance and has Wade serving Quinn with divorce papers the next day.

Desperate to save his marriage, Quinn starts to disassemble the coils, but then he has an idea for a last new configuration. He accidentally opens a gateway. In shock, he passes out. When he wakes up, he discovers that (a) Wade is willing to reconcile with him if they'll go into counselling and that he somehow got their house paid off and their insurance situation fixed (b) Quinn has a new job offer from Arturo as a research assistant in applying engineering principles to the Professor's mathematics and (c) his anti-gravity equipment has been reconfigured into a sliding machine.

Quinn starts to wonder if he's losing his mind or memory only to be approached by a familiar stranger. It is Quinn Mallory. Quinn-2 says Quinn's clumsy vortex drew Quinn-2's slide trail to this world. He says he was sorry to see Quinn's life in such a state and thought he'd help him out with the three hours that he had: save his marriage, sell a few patents for him, get him a job he doesn't hate. Quinn-2 explains sliding and says he has been sliding since 1995 and he warns Quinn to be careful with it.

QUINN-2: "The first five years were rough. I lost Wade, Rembrandt and the Professor -- and getting them all back -- it was a miracle."

QUINN: "Who's Rembrandt?"

QUINN-2: "Maybe you'll find out. There are wonders out there, Quinn. But also horrors you can't imagine. It's beautiful. And it's not for the timid."

Quinn-2 leaves Quinn to his new adventures or to stay home. Quinn begins to work on sliding again and inevitably screws up, getting himself, Wade and the Professor lost along with a passing Rembrandt who just happened to be driving by the house, and the adventure begins again?

Maybe. I know it isn't plausible. But this is a place for dreams. :-)



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roulettewheel wrote:
Transmodiar wrote:

I've got other things to prioritize; that's why you haven't seen updates to Earth Prime even though I've got plenty to share. The audience isn't there.

wait hold on i want to know what the updates are lmao

I soooo want to see these updates!


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So I'm very curious, with all the worlds the Sliders went to, what type of world would you have liked to see the original Sliders (Professor Arturo, Quinn, Rembrandt, and Wade) visit?
Personally, I'd have loved to see them visit a world that only communicated in Musicals and a Nocturnal World.


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Wow! Wow! Wow! This is totally cool! I'm sooo going to have FUN with this. Thanks everyone!
I got another question though. It's about Arturo and Rembrandt.
I'm confused. How was Rembrandt in the Navy when he can't swim? (I've been binge watching some episodes already!)
Also, in the episode Into The Mystic (I sound like an experienced fan already!) the psychic says that Arturo has a son?! But I can't find any other reference to this kid. And I know I'm still getting used to these characters but Arturo doesn't seem like the Dead beat type. Especially sense this kid is to be so similar to Quinn.

Am I missing something with this?


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Well thank you sooo much Ireactions! I loved your answers as well. This is going to be awesome! So quick question, why did Sabrina Lloyd leave the show?
Was it only because of the producer? (Not that's not important but I'm seriously curious.)


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Transmodiar wrote:
Classchic1 wrote:

Hi! I'm new here and a brand new fan to Sliders. I was actually introduced to the show through a recent college assignment and fell for it ever since! So I've only seen seasons 1 & 2 so far and from what I've come across...Arturo dies in season 3?! I'm not looking forward to that episode. But I'm really curious, what episodes would any of you advise for me to watch from seasons 4 & 5?

What kind of college assignment uses Sliders? smile Very curious.

As for episodes to watch after season 2, here are the essentials. Some are great in their own right, others are there to help keep the plot for you:

Season 3
Double Cross
Rules of the Game
Dead Man Sliding
The Guardian
The Prince of Slides
Season's Greedings
Murder Most Foul
Slide Like an Egyptian
The Exodus 1&2
This Slide of Paradise

Season 4
Prophets and Loss
Common Ground
World Killer
Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?
Just Say Yes
The Alternateville Horror
Lipschitz Live
Slide By Wire
Way Out West
My Brother's Keeper

Season 5
The Unstuck Man
Applied Physics
New Gods for Old
A Current Affair
The Return of Maggie Beckett
To Catch a Slider
Eyer of the Storm
The Seer

Or you could just be a glutton for punishment and watch alllllll of it. tongue

Wow! Thanks so much!!! I'll certainly watch these episodes. And to answer your question, I'm a senior in college and I'm a music major in Florida. The class in particular is 20th century music theory. The assignment was to watch an episode of Sliders (specifically The King is Back) in class and write whether or not the music depicted the action and/or individual well. And from there we had to explain!
I loved this assignment and talked with my professor later and he said it was, and still is, his favorite show! And apparently Rembrandt was his favorite character ;P
I've personally come to truly love Arturo!
Again thanks so much! I can't wait to watch these episodes! big_smile


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Hi! I'm new here and a brand new fan to Sliders. I was actually introduced to the show through a recent college assignment and fell for it ever since! So I've only seen seasons 1 & 2 so far and from what I've come across...Arturo dies in season 3?! I'm not looking forward to that episode. But I'm really curious, what episodes would any of you advise for me to watch from seasons 4 & 5?