Tucker wrote:

This looks so good! You guys did a great job. If I had money to blow, I'd be spending it on this, but sadly I don't haha

Thank you for your recognition!
Don't worry, at this stage we only need votes. As many as possible. Only after we reached 10K, LEGO would consider launching the set on the market. So please support us with your vote and spread the word to other fans.

Dear Sliders Family,

I present you THE VORTEX! New portable piece of the Brick Sliders LEGO set that can be used in any part of the set to recreate the scenes from the episodes. Check it out and please vote on: http://bit.ly/3a7Vmuj

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Thank you @ireactions and @RussianCabbie_Lotteryfa so much for your support! I am working on an update of the set as we speak. I will keep you posted.

Hi everyone,
the fan fic season 6 - written by "cez" and presented on platform Sliders.pl - gave an ultimate ending to the series.
However the fun is not over yet! I've created a LEGO set called "Sliders - the Brick Dimension" on LEGO Ideas that is now active for a contest.  The contest runs worldwide and these are your votes that can bring back Sliders ...  to your home. Maybe even to  your desk! We already got support from some of the series' creators, so now is your turn to check it out and vote:


Also any comments and suggestions are very welcome!!
Thank you in advance for your support.https://ideascdn.lego.com/media/generate/lego_ci/a6aae80d-9283-4cf9-8fcf-6f877b868ad4/resize:950:633/webp?fbclid=IwAR3Np6ZmYak0zBsFRw5SE2NAA3qWsGmO9IOZYGq-uLkJ0b7X1qEEFzw5h8o