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I don't really understand what you're talking about here. But I love your enthusiasm. And I support you. And I stand by you. Don't stop having amazing adventures, fellow Slidehead. We're all with you. We go with the vortex. We cannot be stopped.

thank you for taking care of this special place for all the SLIDEHEADS that come here through the vortex ! : )

hello slideheads,

im back for the moment and i have phillip k dick on the mind or is that minds.
when i first saw bits and pieces of that famous interview in paris 1977, i thought to myself what is this guy talking about and now its CLYSTAL CLEAR, his dreams and visions in his mind are about SLIDING to other worlds. amazing and true to all that believe his story and he did have a good catalog of works to his name that he created.

hello sliders fans,

Lately I have been watching an oldie but goodie called THE WIZARD. The tv series lasted only one season and starred DAVID RAPPAPORT.  The more I got into the show, I started to wonder what could have been done different to save not only Simon Mckay,  but countless others through out history. I like playing what if when I hear of tragic events unfolding in a persons life,  as if I was the one who got the chance to go back and make things better like sam beckett, but I dont like the idea of leaping into another person. I wanted to make this thread to remember the wizards life and mystery. From what I have been reading I did not know that david rappaport auditioned for the part of the seventh doctor, of course mckoy got the part. But imagine WHAT IF the BBC threw a curved ball and hired david instead for the part. I had envisioned a TARDIS adapting to his size during the series. I would have loved to see him on a seat that went around the main tardis controls in a circle. I could see a family living in the tardis during david's run, some of uk greatest character actors could have made up a family with richness that brought out the best in david's acting.
Also, I think he would have been the better companion to the seventh doctor than Ace, time to get someone back home to earth. David and Mckoy knew each other and had chemistry. Im getting ready to watch the last episode of the wizard tonight. Then Im moving on to TIME BANDITS for that crazy ride through time.

more to come !


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Hello everyone,

so whats been going on ?

I have been watching on and off this show callled lego masters and thought it would be cool to see a sliders scene and characters.

But what scene ? Any idea ?


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Another new member has joined our ranks, PicardUK (member 102) welcome to the board. Hope you enjoy the slide.


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Congrats to our newest member slidersfan2023 (member 101), welcome to the board.


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I dont know where to post being a newbie, but I came up with a theory about the sliders.

The sliders from season 1 and 2 which everyone seems to like more, than any other sliders of other seasons, are

the originals, of course. Then season 3 everything seemed different, i know it was the writing. But IMAGINE

after season 2 we all were watcing alternates of the season 1 and season 2 originals.


: )

The first time I became a fan was when I watched the pilot way back in 1995. And today the slide still continues for all of us still keeping the flames lit and the wormhole open. I found the forums at SCIFI / SYFY and was great to find people who cared about the show. It sucked when the forums were shut down and put an end to a era.


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Hi again,

finally just got done watching the Season five finale called the Seer. All those memories of 2000 came rushing back and it was sad end to a great show. And to be a true member of Slideolgy you must be a fan of every season. I noticed in the season so many ideas for season six. I liked the part when mallory mentioned letter writing campaigns. Was he foreshadowing in a way for us to do something ? I wished I did something back then but college was keeping me busy in every way possible. Well until my next reply or whatever.

take care,


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Hello fellow sliders fans,

I cant believe i found a forum like the old days at scifi / syfy, right now im watching season 5 the last disc episode dust. Recently,  i came up with an idea to email cleavant derricks and get the ball rolling on our finale movie and then new movie / series reboot with a new cast of characters. Wish something would happen for all of us soon, were not getting any younger.

take care,