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Hello fellow sliders fans,

I cant believe i found a forum like the old days at scifi / syfy, right now im watching season 5 the last disc episode dust. Recently,  i came up with an idea to email cleavant derricks and get the ball rolling on our finale movie and then new movie / series reboot with a new cast of characters. Wish something would happen for all of us soon, were not getting any younger.

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While Cleavant Derricks is always nice to fans, I'm afraid no individual actor or even series creator can make a SLIDERS revival happen. It has to start with NBCUniversal and... they seem hesitant, especially after SAVED BY THE BELL and PUNKY BREWSTER revivals didn't set the world on fire. Their streaming service is currently losing 2.5 billion dollars USD a year.

If you would like to get back to Quinn, Wade, Rembrandt and Arturo after Season 5 and don't mind fan fiction, here are some options.

Slide Effects
Quinn Mallory wakes up to find himself home. In fact, it's like he never left. Time has been rewound to the Pilot and the original quartet is alive and well. Wade's working at Doppler Computers, Arturo is teaching, Rembrandt is working on his career and only Quinn remembers sliding and all their adventures.

Haunted by memories that no one else shares, Quinn must find out if he's losing his mind or if something else has gone terribly wrong...

This story from series co-creator Tracy Torme is set after the events of "The Seer." … np7yA/edit

Sliders Reborn
Twenty years after the first slide, Quinn, Wade, Rembrandt and Arturo must step back into the vortex and begin their adventures once again. … NyBNI/edit

That said, SLIDERS in the alternate medium of digital type in prose and screenplay isn't for everyone.

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Hi again,

finally just got done watching the Season five finale called the Seer. All those memories of 2000 came rushing back and it was sad end to a great show. And to be a true member of Slideolgy you must be a fan of every season. I noticed in the season so many ideas for season six. I liked the part when mallory mentioned letter writing campaigns. Was he foreshadowing in a way for us to do something ? I wished I did something back then but college was keeping me busy in every way possible. Well until my next reply or whatever.

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I dont know where to post being a newbie, but I came up with a theory about the sliders.

The sliders from season 1 and 2 which everyone seems to like more, than any other sliders of other seasons, are

the originals, of course. Then season 3 everything seemed different, i know it was the writing. But IMAGINE

after season 2 we all were watcing alternates of the season 1 and season 2 originals.


: )

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An interesting proposition. If only there were some way to present this story in a teleplay that could have plausibly been scripted, performed and filmed in a 46 minute episode of television to be produced and aired as a sixth season premiere.