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Oh, hi! You must be Wade. I've heard much about you. :-) And Quinn is doing fine.

Yes, I'm Quinn's brother, and it's a long and complicated story. I still don't quite believe it myself. ((And I really don't buy it--- erm, carry on, Colin.)) Apparently we are both from the same earth, despite having grown up on different worlds.


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I've been sliding with my brother, Remmy and Maggie. We've seen some interesting worlds, to say the least. Some more interesting than others...

((In this universe, Colin was never unstuck, so he continues to slide. This is effectively 2000))


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What the title says.

I liked the Q&A thing that intangirble did for Wade, so I decided to do a similar thing for the slider I've bonded to the most! Who is, of course, Colin. He's much more fleshed out in my head than he is in the show, believe me...

So throw any question you may have for him (if you don't have any long-haunting questions, you can ask him something random). big_smile This should be interesting...


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Maybe, now that it's at this point in the series, I should continue watching from where I left off...


Someday, maybe, but not today.

'Tis very similar indeed!

I'm pretty sure it's on the car, Kia SOUL. It's a bit more rounded-out but it looks practically just like it.


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I actually knew a girl named Logan. She was one crazy chick. So I see that name as a could-be-either name. XD

If you ask me, organizations like that are much too cliche in television, and pretty far removed from what Sliders is supposed to be. It would work well for another series about parallel universes, but it doesn't really suit Sliders. To me, Sliders is much more fun when it runs on the accidental rather than the intentional, and creating organized groups of sliders would almost take away the fun of it.

Basically, it would definitely work in an entirely new series about dimension travel, but it's not the best fit for Sliders.

Transmodiar wrote:

They should all remind you of Star Trek because they are all ST plots. smile

Now that I look at them, yeah, I can pin a Star Trek episode to almost all of them. XD

^^^ Those are some pretty nice ideas. big_smile The last one reminds me of the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Caretaker".

Here's some of my ideas which I have some fanfiction ideas for:

-A cyberpunk present which was created by a steampunk past (no plot).

-A world where the new world is discovered much later than it was, and the first English colonists settled in the original Nova Albion of California. (Yes, I came up with that one in History class too) AND it's still being settled, so it would be a weird, modern sort of colonization.

-The crusades were successful and Roman Catholicism is the world's most dominant religion.

The best character to use for the internal point of view is probably Colin because his ignorance and innocence are useful for exposition.

Most of the future scenes I've got jotted down are from his POV, actually. I also have some scenes written from Dark!Colin and Dark!Quinn's viewpoints, and I will also write Quinn (though I haven't written any of these scenes yet). And depending on the scene's necessity, I may write from others' POVs as well. But the main four I'm going to focus on are Quinn, Colin and their doubles.

Getting into characters' heads is what I do best. wink So no worries there.

ireactions wrote:

I'd say that the main problem is the prose and perspective. The main content of your first scene -- the sliders emerging -- is just dialogue. And the dialogue is fine, but there really isn't any other meaningful information other than the banter between the sliders. Enjoyable banter, surrounded by prose that doesn't inform us about the characters or the setting or the atmosphere or the tone in any meaningful way.

This is not a unique problem in fan fiction. The reason this is happening to you: you are attempting to convert a set of television characters into prose, but your grasp of the characters is in terms of physical performance from the actors and spoken lines of dialogue, all from a detached third-person perspective. Prose, by its nature, requires delving more deeply, either in offering internal perspective within a character's thinking or in focusing on environment, atmosphere or exposition.

I definitely feel lacking in these areas in this little introduction. Probably because I'm not used to writing for the characters right now. (That's the way it always is in my fanfiction when I first start.) I get into their different perspectives in later chapters, and those little scenes I've written are more focused in on them, which is my usual style. Definitely says why the introduction chapter feels so empty to me. I just couldn't put my finger on why it seemed that way to me! So thanks there.

The introduction is there to set up the story, and I will get into the characters' minds later on. As you say-- and this is how I start every time I try writing for a new thing-- I try to get the characters' actions, personalities, and dialogue down first before I attempt to write from their perspective. My Sliders writing box is not yet as unrestrictive as other shows I've written for. I'll get comfortable in it soon enough. smile

Thanks for the helpful critique~

I've just published the first "chapter" on FanFiction.net and would appreciate a bit of feedback. smile It still feels a bit unfinished to me, so I suppose I consider it to be my "third draft". Any suggestions on better phrasing would be welcome, because the first chapter feels really incomplete to me somehow.

Summary: When two groups of sliders land in the same world, there's bound to be trouble; especially when one of the two is a gang of notorious criminals. Set in season 4.

Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11625654/1/The-Darkslide

A Sliders video game would be awesome, no matter what form it would take.

About the closest I have to it is a FeralHeart mod I'm half-doing, in which I changed the portals' texture to the wormhole from the show and designed and named some characters after some of the sliders. But that's as good as it gets for me, is that customization of already-existing games. I'm going to try to Sliderize the menus next, and maybe change the text font used to the Interdimensional font. big_smile

A Clock Punk or Steam Punk Timer that is mostly Backpack and Wand or a Troey on Wheels a H.G. Wells figure has to wear or drag behind him.

Now I want to dabble with the idea of a steampunk Sliders. I have enough Sliders fanfiction ideas written down to last me a long time, but this idea is too interesting to let go...

That... is really cool. 8D

maybe it is doing better on Netflix than I think.

I found Sliders through Netflix, so it may just be doing better than you think it is there. big_smile It certainly caught my interest. I wonder how many other people have found the show through Netflix...

Another thought on the Sliders rebooting thing:

I've noticed that, in my generation, Sliders isn't a very well-known thing. Nobody at my school, as far as I know, even knows what Sliders is. I think a revival of any sort, be it a continuation or a full-on reboot with different cast and everything, if done correctly, would spark interest into teens like myself, especially creating interest in the original show again.

I mean, you look at a thing like Doctor Who: It ended in 1989 and was kind of forgotten (at least in America. I don't know about the UK). Then in 2005 it got rebooted--- new Doctor, new companion, all that. It not only succeeded in attracting a new audience to the reboot, it also revived interest in the classic series, even among teenagers. A reboot of any sort would doubtlessly get new fans onboard and interested in both versions of Sliders. And of course, fans of the original Doctor Who enjoy the rebooted series as well.

If they do revive Sliders any time soon, I hope it will be a win-win situation with both reboot fans and well... us. XD

But for now, I'll have to settle with dragging my classmates into Sliders so I'll at least have someone at school to talk to about it who will know what I'm talking about. XD


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It would certainly make "Prophets and Loss" more palatable, where Quinn and Rembrandt are upbeat and cheerful. Because as aired, "Prophets and Loss" makes no sense whatsoever for the characters. How can Quinn and Rembrandt be so lighthearted? So cheerful? So upbeat? So at ease? Quinn's mother is a Kromagg prisoner. Everyone Rembrandt has ever known or cared about is enslaved or dead. Bennish. Alesha. Danielle. Daelin. Wing. The Professor's son. Rembrandt's parents. Hurley. Wade.
And furthermore, how can the sliders be so utterly indifferent to the resistance back home? The timer lets them slide back to Earth Prime. How can they be joking around and hanging out? Why aren't they periodically sliding back to Earth Prime with supplies for the people fighting and dying for their world?

I thought more-or-less the same thing when I watched that episode. I basically said, "So, Wade is in serious trouble and their homeworld is too. And they don't seem to care a lick!" Maybe thet's the subliminal reason why I stopped watching Sliders in the middle of that episode (I finally picked it up again a few weeks later). They were too darn apathetic!

Also gonna add KARR from Knight Rider. He may have been a bit stupid in his debut episode, but when he came back, he had wisened up and was downright murderous. And manipulative. I would not want to even sit down in that car.

I have three crossovers crossing Sliders over with Doctor Who (I'm determined to publish at least one of them so there'll be at least one on FanFiction.net, because last I checked there were none). One has no plot as of yet, but I'd love to see the Doctor and Quinn argue over the possibilities of time and dimension travel... XD The Doctor wouldn't believe that the Sliders could travel through dimensions all the time and Quinn would probably not believe that the Doctor is a time traveler. And I'm very good at writing banter.

Another involves the Sliders sliding into the only parallel earth to appear in DW, which has been dubbed "Pete's World", and they end up fighting the Cybermen. How that will go down, I have no idea. No characters from Doctor Who will appear in this one, unless you count Cybermen as characters.

The third crossover idea is a oneshot which I've given the silly title of "Colin Breaks the TARDIS", in which the TARDIS somehow "re-sticks" Colin in the Who universe. I've written a bit of that and I do have an explanation for why this happened...

None of my crossovers have been thought too deeply on but hopefully someday I'll go through with at least one of them!

I find it funny how some shows, when translated into other languages, sometimes end up with a completely different title that in the original language...


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About the only thing I noticed when I read it was the Power of Three-Doomsday Clock parallel, though I just thought it was a random similarity and I got a lot of excitement out of that parallel...

I think all good writers will take aspects of things they like and work it into a story, and if done well becomes something awesome and original in nature (Kinda like what Informant said). Or an author may take something that's been done before and add his own unique twist to it. (I notice this sort of thing in my own works frequently. XD) It's not seen as plagiarism or stealing so long as it's not a carbon-copy of a story with only the character names changed.

My character Dr. Cooper and his two alter-egos were all inspired by something I like. One of these alter-egos, the Watchkeeper, is greatly inspired by the Doctor, but when I lined up their similarities and differences there were more differences than similarities... and yet they're still very similar on the surface.

I'm enjoying Reborn and think it's a pretty good story, and I look forward to the next installment. big_smile

My only 'concern' with an animated movie is the temptation to do completely out there stories - ala season 3 - because of the near limitless budget that animation would provide for the adventures.

That is definitely something I considered when I brought up the suggestion. If they wanted it to be authentic and really good storywise they should probably pull in some of the original writers from season 1 thereabouts. Then they'd have a chance of keeping an authentically Sliders story and have some great animations with it!

There's also a pretty cool method of 3D animation in which they use actors and some sort of technology to build the 3D models and do the animations on. They can then change whatever they like on an actor-based model, such as hair, eyes, costume, etc. (Not to mention the models are nearly real-life looking!) It's a bit hard to explain since I don't quite get it myself, but it would be a cool way to do an animated Sliders feature.


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Cyrokin, are you that person from deviantART I've been chatting with lately? You sound a bit the same. If so, hi!

I've definitely been chatting with someone on DA about Sliders, so if you're the same person, hi! XD I guess I must really have some sort of recognizable internet voice if so... And also if so, this fandom really is as small as I think it is!


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Didn't see this sort of topic so I decided I would make one. I also like reading about how other people discover certain shows and stuff they like. XD

So here's mine:

Sometime in July, I was watching Star Trek: Voyager on Netflix, and when I visited the page one day I saw Sliders on my recommended shows list. I read the description on it and thought, "Hey, this sounds cool". About two weeks later I watched the pilot episode and enjoyed it greatly. Then I waited a week before watching the next few episodes, and it went on from there. big_smile

Basically, I found it through Netflix. Unfortunately, Netflix is (of course) missing two episodes. I watched "The Weaker Sex" on YouTube but it was a bad-quality version with the edges of the screen cut off. So I'll wait to watch that episode and "Last Days" upon getting the DVD set! Hopefully that will happen.

I watched the first three seasons with enthusiasm, but around the end of season 3 it was tapering off, and after "Genesis" I didn't like the direction the show was going. Frankly the episode was kinda depressing (and I didn't much fancy the change of backstory on Q-ball's part). When I finally picked back up again a few weeks later, I pushed through the first few episodes of Season 4 (pretty much because I wanted to see Colin in action after realizing that Jerry O'Connel's ACTUAL BROTHER was playing Quinn's brother), and I regained my interest! I consider myself to be an oddity since I really like that 4th season for the most part... But during season 5 I lost interest in watching it again because it just wasn't the same show anymore. It lost its magic, so to speak. I plan to pick it up again eventually and at least say I've watched all the episodes (except Last Days).

And oddly in the weeks that followed my break from watching the episodes, I've become even more into the show. Usually when I stop watching something the obsession fades off. *shrugs* It's being kept alive through passion and fanfiction!

Soooo, share your story here. For no reason. o_o

I like the idea of a well-animated movie. Maybe because I'm an animator by hobby using Windows default programs, but an animation reintroduction sounds like fun from my standpoint. Age is no issue with animated characters--- you'd just have to get the actors to do their voices. I'm just not sure what sort of a story such a thing would take on. If I were a better animator (and could progress beyond toony-looking versions of the Sliders in my artwork) I might attempt a few animations myself. But I am hardly proficient at animating humans.


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I may very well be the newest Sliders fan here, or even any other site out there... XD

I've been watching since early August and my "obsession time" is still going pretty strong, even if it's almost November. (In fact, it's grown stronger within the past month despite the fact I haven't watched it in weeks.) I hope to be into Sliders for a good while yet. I've just been having such a hard time finding an active community of fans!

So, needless to say, I haven't met anyone in real life that is even aware of Sliders. I plan on dragging a few of my classmates into it so I can at least have some people in real life to talk about it with... haha. XD

I doubt my being the only teenager who likes the show, but I certainly feel that way sometimes.

As a writer, I totally relate to what you're saying. Throughout my four years as an author on FanFiction.net, I've only finished my oneshots and the first book in a trilogy, meaning that even though the first book is done I'm only 1/3 through the entire story... *sighs* I plan on being a published writer someday but I can't seem to get past the first few chapters before losing interest and finding something new to work on!

I also recognized a few worlds in the Travelogue from a few of the stories I read up there, so now I'm not asking where in the worlds they came from. XD

I've always thought that Van Kleiss from Generator Rex was a pretty creepy villain. One of my favorites, perhaps, though he went a little batty later on... By "batty" I mean he lost his um... uniqueness? Not sure how to put that because I haven't watched Generator Rex in many months.

My favorite villain I've created is my time-and-dimension-traveling, augmented, twisted, insane Dr. Copper. Who just happens to be a double of my character Dr. Cooper. And yes, this character sprang up after I started watching Sliders. XD I'd go into the fine details but that would take up waaaay too much space. And people probably wouldn't read it.

I've come up with some alternate worlds during history class, but I don't, unfortunately, remember the one I thought of a month ago. I do, however, remember this one where the Dutch fought back against the English taking their colony of New Netherland while the USA was still being colonized, leading to a war between the Dutch and the English. I never decided who would have won or how that would have changed the future of the US, but it's an interesting alternate-history course that's worth sharing.

In actual history the Dutch allowed the Duke of York to take the colony without a fight, so no war happened. I think this may be why I love going to history class now--- alternate history ideas may come to my mind now!

Someday I will find time to watch all of these Slidersy things, but I haven't even finished season 5 yet... then again I have no motivation because the show has such a different feel in that season. I'm not sure I want to finish that season, but then again I kinda do. *shrugs* So I'm filling my Sliders cravings with both reading and writing fanfiction.

I'll find time to watch these eventually, I suppose.

All of those fanfictions that I need to read! There just aren't that many of them on FanFiction.net. At least, not many good ones.

And speaking of fanfictions and being able to do stuff in them you wouldn't have on TV, I've definitely got one that qualifies. It's just largely unplanned-out and not published yet. o__o