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I've been on a personal mission to find (Acquire if possible, but wouldn't we all?) but at least FIND,...see,...and in some cases replicate props from the show. I'm already well on my way to a couple of really nice replicas of Wade's White Card and a few other items, very much in thanks to those posted at DOC. Thank you TemporalFlux! (I'd like to speak to you more about those!) Has anyone here acquired props from the show? It kills me to see that the slidewave machine was up for auction. Do we know who has that?? My personal collection includes replica timers (Original and Egyptian - Don Colie), multiple buttons used in The Seer, The King is Back, and the Pilot, a wanted poster from Love Gods, a bar code wristband from Please Press One, an unused, but production made bumper sticker from Prince of Wails and call sheets from Please Press One and State of the A.R.T. (plus several autographs) What has everyone else been able to collect?


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Transmodiar wrote:

What happens when you click on this link?


Interesting,...that worked! Thank you! smile


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I would love to read more from the odds & ends section of the site, but multiple links return Internal Server Errors. "Any chance the gadget could be fixed?" -Arturo

Jerry O' Connell is 42,...
John Rhys-Davies was 51 when he took the role of the Professor

Quinn Mallory is nearing his ability to play the new Professor.


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Transmodiar wrote:

If you like, I'm sure ireactions would be happy to chronicle your materials on Earth Prime. Or, if you're comfortable adding it yourself, we could probably extend an invitation to post it directly yourself.

How does one even go about talking to Earth Prime? There is zero ways to contact administrators on the site,...just ways to share the page.


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I think there are a lot of commercials,...I can't promise I didn't stop the tape from time to time, but I'll have to see as I go through them ... "Sweet sweet" tongue


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This is embarrassing now, but I'm going through the VHS tapes I used to record the show when Sliders was on TV. As you can see, my knowledge of episode name was lacking...


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I remember seeing very early advertisements for Sliders before it first premiered. Several things hit me right away.

1. I was already a fan of Jerry O'Connell from "Stand by Me," "My Secret Identity" and the lesser known "A Christmas Story" tie-in "Ollie Hopnoodles Haven of Bliss," in which Jerry plays Ralphie.

2. I was instantly turned on to the early music, which I instantly recognized from Explorers. Another film I loved while growing up. The music is on youtube and the DOC has edited a version that presents it as it was in every early advertisement for Sliders.

3. I was already a huge fan of the Indiana Jones franchise and recognized JRD as Sallah. Always loved hi wink

4. I was also a Doctor Who fan since the age of 3 or 4 in the very early 80's. I was an instant fan. As I grew, I tend to find that I was naturally drawn to stories that relied on what I have coined as "Junk-Sci-Fi." I don't mean that the story is junk but that the device to get them there is home-made, should not exist, should certainly not work, and might not get you home. While I can appreciate Star Trek, it was occasionally too streamline to me,…..to…..Supposed to Be. I find myself more in the Sliders, Doctor Who, Back to the Future family….and regardless of the TARDIS being mass produced and supposed to be,….the Doctor's is the last TARDIS in the universe,….he's re-built it to the point where it's his own,….and he keeps a rubber mallet near by in case it acts up,…..so it works with my feelings smile

5. I actually had a crush on Wade instantly. When she dyed her hair red,…I loved her even more. I think it suited the character a lot. Humorously enough, when I watched the pilot, I was disappointed during the scene where Quinn, Wing and Nan are talking while leaving their class at the college.

Nan: "If you ask me, Professor Arturo is not nearly as smart as he thinks he is."

Quinn: "Oh, come on! The man should be a Nobel Laureate for his theory on Coset Wormholes in Keller Oribifolds and I just read his thesis on Chiral Field Anomalies, t's killer."

I saw Nan and and got confused regarding the Wade character, thinking wait….what? Who's that?? That's not the girl in the commercial, is it?…….IS IT???? She looked so much cuter than that!!

AAAAAAAND Then we saw Wade,…PHEW!!

Anyway,…I've been there since before the beginning! smile I remember calling my best friend during the very first commercial break and telling him about how the show is amazing, it's my favorite, etc.


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I apologize if this has already been posted, but has anyone/everyone noticed that in the episode "The Weaker Sex," the Sliders watch a political announcement from President Hillary Clinton? But to make the situation even MORE ironic, is that the name of the magazine stand they are watching it at is called Bernie's.



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Hello to all! It's been YEARS since I've really spoken to anyone in the Sliders website community and I hope you're all well! I'm also glad to see that there is still activity on these pages! I recently dove quite deep into my Sliders fandom again and found all the old photos, and files,…..unfinished stories,….props that I own…..replicas I was working on…..and everything in-between. I'd like to continue with this if there is an audience wanting to see/read/share. I've also used a few of my resources and come across a gold mine of behind the scenes photos that I promise you've never seen and a few other really interesting items, which makes posting again extremely exciting. I even finally found Quinn Mallory's original house on Google earth and thought it would be fun to share pictures with you of what it looks like now. The question becomes…what's the best way to display these new discoveries? Does it warrant my own website? Excited to talk to you all big_smile