Topic: Props

I've been on a personal mission to find (Acquire if possible, but wouldn't we all?) but at least FIND,...see,...and in some cases replicate props from the show. I'm already well on my way to a couple of really nice replicas of Wade's White Card and a few other items, very much in thanks to those posted at DOC. Thank you TemporalFlux! (I'd like to speak to you more about those!) Has anyone here acquired props from the show? It kills me to see that the slidewave machine was up for auction. Do we know who has that?? My personal collection includes replica timers (Original and Egyptian - Don Colie), multiple buttons used in The Seer, The King is Back, and the Pilot, a wanted poster from Love Gods, a bar code wristband from Please Press One, an unused, but production made bumper sticker from Prince of Wails and call sheets from Please Press One and State of the A.R.T. (plus several autographs) What has everyone else been able to collect?

Re: Props

I have a button and a sign from The Seer, but I'd have to search a bit for it. I've gone through a few moves since acquiring them. Those are my only props. Aside from that, my best items are my set scrips. I even got my Luck of the Draw script signed by JRD at NYCC this past fall.

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