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Topic: SLIDERS REBORN: "Revolution" (5) [interlude]

Sliders Reborn: Revolution (5)
Trapped in a deadly situation, Quinn Mallory is confronted by a spectre of the past -- an old friend from whom he has no secrets. This interlude screenplay features the return of Mallory (Robert Floyd).



This is not the finale of SLIDERS REBORN -- it's an additional chapter that I decided to add because it just felt wrong to omit the character of Mallory from REBORN after everything Robert Floyd did for the series. It was, I confess, a struggle to find some way to justify the presence of Mallory and to find a way for Mallory and Quinn to share scenes together and to figure out what it is they'd talk about. I hope it works.

I tried posting the script in this thread just as an experiment, but the word wraps didn't translate well.