Topic: Batman: The Killing Joke

I finally saw this tonight.  I generally agree with all the criticism of it.  I didn't love the Batgirl prologue, just because I didn't really feel like it tied into the main story.  I think they maybe should've shown how Barbara became Batgirl.  Maybe against her father's wishes.  Or Batman's wishes.  How she proved herself.  Maybe some interaction she had with the Joker.

The sex scene didn't bother me.  It's never stated how much older Batman is.  He might just be a few years older, and that relationship could easily be just as sexual as her relationship with Dick.  I thought that was fine.

The rest of the movie was well done.  I haven't actually read the Killing Joke, but I still like the story.  I also like the ambiguity of the ending.  I think I prefer to think that Batman kills the Joker and ends up in Arkham.  Not sure why but I like that ending.