Topic: The Dominion Hotel

It’s been too many years since it crossed my mind, but tonight I decided to do a search and see what was happening with our own Dominion Hotel in Vancouver.  The last time I checked years ago, it had completely fallen off the web, and I feared it had closed; but now it’s active again.

There is a caveat.  Before it fell off the web in those prior years, the Dominion was getting really bad reviews - often described as a rat infested drug den essentially.  But it turns out that circa 2009, the Dominion was part of a public-private initiative with the British Columbia government to renovate Single Room Occupancy hotels to create housing for the poor and disadvantaged: … le4287026/

So the Dominion is still a hotel of sorts; and to my surprise, it does have fair reviews on Google - 3.5 out of 5.  But is it a place I would stay?  Probably not.

It is kind of ironic, though - the Dominion has now become exactly the kind of place that the Sliders would stay at.  A hotel designed for the poor and disadvantaged on the brink of homelessness.  That’s what sliding is like most of the time.

As for the Lamplighter Bar, it appears it never lost a beat:

Re: The Dominion Hotel

Nice!  Obvious question, I'm sure the rooms were on a sound stage, but was the bar and lobby from the actual hotel?