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Greetings all from an old fan of the show!

I am searching for the 22 disc complete series from universal as I have seen the difference between said and the 15 disc set in terms of video compression and packaging. Alas it seems I am quite late to the party and availability has dematerialized sadly one cannot control the onset of nostalgia to coincide with ample stock at times.

Any help in my quest would be treasured! I have checked the usual online retailers, a few local used media shops and am reaching out to universal pictures home entertainment as well.

Thank you for your time and apologies if this post is in the wrong place or format etcetera.

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Re: Help with finding DVD set

You could buy the Universal DVD sets separately. The quality won't be any different. Here's an eBay seller offering all five seasons. … SwqaRfLfBA

And if you're willing to buy used discs, you could get all the seasons for about $70 on Amazon. … _sb_noss_2

For Reasons, I have a Universal Season 3 set. It is the season of hell and I would actually pay you to take it away.

Re: Help with finding DVD set

Thanks for the advice ireactions and sorry for the late reply hope your weekend was great!

I think you are right and I'll grab the separate sets to get me started while I still hunt for the complete series. I'll update with my progress if I find the 22 disc set or other pertinent info.

It has been quite some time since I have seen the show and season 3. I'm interested as to why you think S3 is that terrible ireactions. Perhaps it has been too long and I've simply forgotten the horrors.

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The first two seasons established a very clear tone and visual identity for SLIDERS: location filming in Vancouver, lighthearted satire, heroic but troubled characters filled with strengths and human frailties, and a grounded tone that made SLIDERS look like an independent film rather than a big budget network show. Season 3 throws all this out, moving the location to Los Angeles, costuming all the characters as magazine models rather than according to their characters.

The satirical, comedic tone puncturing royalty, sports, celebrity, the prison industrial complex, youth culture, ageism, chauvinism -- that disappears too. Instead, the episodes become focused on action movie ripoffs where the sliders resolve problems with force and violence instead of cleverness, literacy, knowledge and improvisation. The series also shifts into fantasy with supernatural monsters and magic -- a bizarre choice when the fictional realities of SLIDERS have been based in technology, mathematics and physics.

Season 3 is also when the original creator left the show and a deeply troubled and unfortunate producer, David Peckinpah, was assigned responsibility for scripts and production. In the years following the show, Peckinpah's son explained: Peckinpah was suffering from a terrible family tragedy, the death of his teenaged son, and it caused him to backslide into a drug addiction. He was getting high before, during and after work. After SLIDERS' cancellation, his addiction would kill him.

As a result, Season 3 is sloppy: scripts are not edited properly to amend errors or shooting issues, actors deliver lines incorrectly and production doesn't bother to do a second take, missing sound effects are ignored -- the big two parter of Season 3 was basically an excuse to hire rock star Roger Daltrey to perform for the cast and crew for two weeks with making an episode treated as something to do between binge drinking sessions. This attitude continued for the last two seasons of the show with sloppy script editing and revisions and it's truly unfortunate.

Season 3 also has a horrific exit for the Professor, one that I saw when I was 13 and in many ways, it left me permanently damaged. I felt like I had watched my own father die. I still feel it. Once, when completing some SLIDERS research for a podcast, I confessed to the podcasters that everything in my life since 1997 had been a reaction to the death of Professor Arturo followed by a fearful avoidance of the void that was left in my life, a gaping hole that I was afraid to look into until enough time had passed and I could address it, confront it and fill it.

What I'm saying is that if you'll cover the postage, you can have my Season 3 set.

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Ah, yes seems time and the memory of the last two seasons helped redeem season 3 somewhat for me. I do remember feeling the magic of the fantastic first two seasons being swapped for as you say an action movie ripoff style. Perhaps I was also more forgiving for the simple matter as I was happy to just be continuing the adventure as well.

The way in which they wrote out John Rhys-Davies effectively took away my favorite part of the show and left me watching every new episode clinging to the hope that the show couldn't take another poor turn, I was disappointed greatly. One piece of solace I have is in S2E08 when the two Professors fight at the end before the slide leaving one left behind in the aftermath it alludes to the original Arturo being the one left behind and is still out there somewhere as the show continues, however that could be my hopeful interpretation.

I was not aware of Peckinpah's "slide" as it were into addiction and is sad his personal battle spilled over into the show. Thank you for taking the time to pen out such a well written response and personal perspective! I'll relish the new insight into a show that meant so much for me when I was younger and still find myself caring about all these years later.

I have my sights on a full set I can fingers crossed get for a reasonable cost. I wont need the extra S3 if the bidding pans out but you are too kind to offer and I might still take you up on it pending said deal also if still on offer of course!

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Wow. Didnt realize that complete 22 disc boxset was so rare. Glad I grabbed one when I could. That said, the individual slip cases appear to be the same and are still available.