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JOC: "Lunch today with Tony Winner and Sliders Star THE CLEAVANT DERRICKS.  Trying to get the band back together..."

Not that I believe anything's really happening with a revival, but you never know.

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There it is for posterity!  This is likely the first time they've been together since 1997-1998.

Actually Jerry recently mentioned in an interview that Peacock views might be the key, but that he was going to be trying to get in touch with everyone again.  He owes JRD a call back. … interview/

It's currently on Peacock television. So the launch of this Peacock streaming service gave a new life to Sliders. It was on Netflix for a second, but then I think they stopped paying for it, so it's not on Netflix anymore. It was originally a Universal show. It was, I believe, Sci-Fi Channel's first original series. So Sci-Fi is part of Universal, and Peacock is part of that, whatever... I don't even know what the parent company is... It used to be General Electric, now it's Comcast. Sorry, I'm not up to date on the trades! But anyway, if it does well on Peacock, I bet Universal would return my phone call about a Sliders reboot.

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Who wouldn't have lunch with Cleavant Derricks? Transmodiar ATE Cleavant Derricks' lunch once. He's a very pleasant person. Anyone who insists on having family dinners with David Peckinpah is clearly determined to like people.

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If you can, retweet JOC with #BringBackSliders.

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much respect to jerry for still trying.

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Sabrina approves!

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In terms of aiding Jerry's Peacock bid, Roku and NBC agreed on Peacock, still waiting on Amazon to carry it.