Topic: Scam Artists and Sliders (?)

Something strange I saw on the SLIDEHEADS Facebook page in my last days there -- a person made a post saying that he was going to be pitching a SLIDERS revival to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and doing a SLIDERS revival without the rights unofficially. This person also said that they had been contacting "David Peckinpah" and "Kari Weir" to appear in their unofficial revival for Canadian TV. Between that and the slut shaming attitudes, I had to get the hell out of that group.

Since then, I have occasionally wondered what that was about. Since then, I've read articles about 'romance scams,' where people use false photos and fake social media profiles to create emotional relationships with people over the internet and convince their marks to send them money for supposed emergencies or travel fare, repeatedly coming up with excuses for why need more money and can't show up just yet but will after a few more transfers of several thousand dollars.

I have found myself wondering if that absurd revival courting the very dead David Peckinpah and the non-existent Kari Weir was some Wikipedia-skimming scammer trying their hand at a different market, planning to eventually ask fans to crowdfund their project and then disappear with the money.

If so, it was rather lazy. I mean, they could have at least claimed that they were also in touch with Pavarotti to reprise his role as Arturo and told fans to get excited for the return of their favourite time travel show.

The other (non-monetary) SLIDERS scam; I've seen people copy Slider_Quinn21's virtual Season 6 and post it on fanfic archives as their own. I hope somebody steals my fanfic someday. They can have it, but I would go after them to pay Nigel Mitchell his consulting fee for his world-building work. That man does not work for free!