Topic: Sliders: Fan-made shorts idea.

Are there any independent producers or writers that are interested in working on a Sliders short?

I am currently based in Vancouver, Canada, and was planning to make a little short to commemorate at test out my Original Timer replica (got to see if it works!).

I thought it might be fun to play the part of the original Professor Arturo's teaching assistant rummaging around through his stuff in 2021, stumbling across the Timer that he stashed away for himself - following the hypothetical that after the prime Professor Arturo was stranded in Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome (fight me) that he continued to work at the university, presumably also developing sliding technology in the 25 years since 1996.

I found someone on YouTube that made some phenomenal CGI recreating the vortex, but I wasn't able to get ahold of him.

Since I am based in Vancouver, it might be fun to start at the Lamplighter Pub and Dominion Hotel too (they're both real places, with the same names).

Any ideas would be really fun to discuss!

Re: Sliders: Fan-made shorts idea.

Well first off welcome to the forum.  Have you been on Sliders bboard's before?  Yeah, being in Vancouver, you really would have the home field advantage!