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Well, I have a hypothetical Season 3 by Tucker where Tucker starts the season with "Slide Effects," a story to resurrect Quinn, Wade, Rembrandt and Arturo and roll the timeline back to "As Time Goes By." After that, Tucker did some great scripts with "The Alternateville Horror," "Lipschitz Live," "Roads Taken" and "Exodus" rewritten to feature the original cast. "Exodus" is particularly good: a bloated disaster movie with an asinine slasher villain is, under Tucker's hand, a small, intimate story of danger and survival. Charmingly, Tucker took my "Slide Effects" script for a season premiere (and it's open source, so that's precisely how it was meant to be used) and rewrote two lines of dialogue to serve this alternate Season 3. … sp=sharing

I also have an alternate Season 3 that I like where I wrote almost none of it. First, we start with my "Slide Effects" at … sp=sharing

Followed by some stories written by Nigel Mitchell, arguably the best SLIDERS writer to ever work on the property.

All For One
Weightless … tless.html
Double Trouble … ouble.html
Summer's End … ummer.html
Keep On Trekkin' … ekkin.html
Underground … rgrnd.html
No Smoking … oking.html
Chase (with Jules Reynolds) … chase.html
High Society (with Jules Reynolds) … ciety.html
Your Ad Here … ur_ad.html

Followed by some selections from Diana Jones:

For The Child's Sake … dsake.html
A Second Chance … chanc.html
Wade's Idea … eidea.html
The Cry of the Birds … birds.html

One story by Maureen Johnson:

To Dream of the Promised Land … mised.html

And then some stories by the incandescently talented Jules Reynolds:

Depthcharge … hchrg.html
Consequences … onseq.html
The Gift … /gift.html
Chill … chill.html

A final two stories by Nigel Mitchell:

Slide Rulers … ulers.html

I think the crossover with the X-FILES makes for a great season finale and that all of the above form a very nice alternate Season 3 or Season 6. I like to imagine that right after "The Seer," the show reset itself and carried on with the original journey for Quinn, Wade, Rembrandt and Arturo. And while I think it could go on forever, there comes a point when a conclusion is longed for.

It's at this point that we move into some Season 3 episodes, first "Double Cross" (Logan St. Clair is introduced) and "The Guardian" (it's revealed that Arturo is dying). We watch all the episodes up to "The Last of Eden" (it has Rembrandt finding out that Arturo is sick). But we don't go to "The Exodus" after that.

Instead, we go to some selections from Earth 8950, all terrific stories by Mike Truman, set post-Season 3 but ignoring Arturo's death:

From Earth Prime With Love, by Mike Truman
Nobody Move
The Thriller is Gone
The Missiles of November

After that, we come into the homestretch -- a final eight-episode run of stories by the brilliant Mike Truman where he brings the SLIDERS saga to a grand climax and a fitting conclusion. Truman's E317 series is meant to replace the final eight episodes of Season 3 (so nothing from "The Exodus onward happened in this continuity) and I think it serves our purposes well here.

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