Topic: La Brea: Best New Time Travel Show?

Maybe. I'm a sucker for time travel movies and TV shows. But I am thoroughly enjoying every episode of La Brea.

Spoilers for La Brea - if you haven't seen this week's episode. While some things aren't making sense now...eventually they become clear in the timeline journey.


Rebecca might be Gavin's mother. Why re: Rebecca? She knows a the "beginning" without ever having supposedly met Gavin.

My prediction: Silas could be old Gavin. He keeps his right hand suspiciously covered up (exactly the same hand that Gavin has a cut on).

And there seems to be familiar ties with the cave leader. I'm thinking perhaps they are brothers?

Another prediction: The tower in 10,000 BC could be a sink hole machine. And the ore they are mining is somehow related to powering up the sink hole machine. Or, it could be some sort of time travel device that creates sink holes as a side effect.

All we know is: Scott came back bewildered. But Rebecca did not. At least not yet.

Other clues: we also know that Gavin's parents are actually alive, a fact that Silas knows and is only telling Gavin as he wants more of the truth.

Re: La Brea: Best New Time Travel Show?

I have been meaning to get back into this