Topic: The Rewatch Podcast returns to SciFi!

Hey all,

Your ol pal is back here on the boards to let you all know, we’ve finished with the teenage angst of Dawson’s Creek and are heading back into the Sci Fi realm with a rewatch of Dark Skies, to be followed by Heroes!

Right now, you can find the whole season of Dark Skies up on YouTube and DailyMotion so if you don’t have them, go get thee to a YouTube downloader before they’re taken down by the man!

We’d love to have you listening along!

Re: The Rewatch Podcast returns to SciFi!

I'm going to try to watch along. DARK SKIES was heavily advertised on the Canadian SPACE sci-fi channel with a neat trailer of someone intoning, "History is a lie," but I was never awake or at home to watch it. I bought the DVD set awhile ago, though, and the video quality is really impressive and the soft focus look scales perfectly to a 4K TV. I haven't watched the episodes yet, though, only fast forwarded through random episodes to check out the video quality.

Re: The Rewatch Podcast returns to SciFi!

I have this on DVD as well

Tracy know the creator of the show.  Both are into ufo subject. 

Glad you guys are covering this. I really haven't gone past the  firat two episodes  of the series.

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Yeah I am excited to go back to this. I watched pretty regularly but eventually drifted off at some point before it ended. And it’s literally been 2 and a half decades since I saw it so I don’t exactly have the greatest of recall of how it all went.

I do think this show could do quite well today if they rebooted it. I love the idea of integrating real history with ufo history.

Re: The Rewatch Podcast returns to SciFi!

Somewhat related but someone did a two hour, 40 minute sliders deep dive on youtube...