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I finally had some downtime during my insane editing nightmare and loaded Reunion onto my Kindle.

Nicely done. Nicely done indeed.

The characterizations were handled really well. I like how they are extensions of their old selves, but with the added layers that come with their experience. I enjoy the Laurel character. It always helps to have a blend of ages with Sliders.

The plot grabbed my attention and made me wish that the next script was available now. I really want to know what is going on.

Sharp dialogue with clear character voices. The humor was well played. There are hints of Dr. Who vibes in the story, but not in a bad way.

Again I say, good job.

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Re: SLIDERS REBORN:'s Twentieth Anniversary Special by irea

I really appreciate the kind words.

Part 2 has been delayed again. I finished the script. Mostly. There are a couple places where I put in __________ to add a plot device later and some scenes where I just wrote a brief summary because I was in a coffee shop and there was too much background noise to write dialogue. Unfortunately, I realized that there is a *massive* plot hole in the climax that explains what the hell is going on with Laurel and reality. The explanation raises a question for which I have no answer whatsoever. This problem didn't stand out to me when writing the outline; it is glaringly obvious when the characters are discussing it. I think I have a solution, but I need to go back and redraft scene after scene in the earlier pages. The script is not ready for Nigel to edit yet.

So, I think I am going to push the release back to September to give me time to rewrite the script and send it to Nigel to review it. Argghhhh.