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Topic: Sliders Custom Steelbook DVDs

I'm currently working on making a custom steelbook for a film I worked on and realized it isn't too expensive.

Then I thought it would be cool to make custom steels for the Sliders DVDs. Something minimalist. Like season one could just be of the timer with a zero readout. And the back would have the wormhole effect they used for that year.

What do you guys think the other objects should be for the covers that best represent the essence of the seasons?

If anyone else has any better ideas I'm open to it. Thats just the first idea that popped into my head.

And is it a cool idea to you guys?   

EDIT: This Mad Men DVD cover is a good example of what I'm talking about: https://www.amazon.com/Mad-Men-Season-J … B002LITH76


Re: Sliders Custom Steelbook DVDs

This sounds cool! I love/hate how SLIDERS has had to be such a do it yourself proposition for fans. We have to make our own DVD sets with episodes at the best quality available and in the right order. We have to make our own episode guides. We have to make our own magazines and our own interviews. We have to make our own media tie-in novels. We have to make our own twentieth anniversary reunion special. We have to make our own screen accurate replica props. We have to make our own scandalous behind the scenes tell-all revelations.

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Re: Sliders Custom Steelbook DVDs

I know man. No respect.

But I think it will be fun. Commissioning artists on reddit is surprisingly very cheap, as is the guy putting together the steelbook.

I gotta think about how I want it to look and what iconic images from each season to include. Maybe put in some of the original promotional materials as at least the back cover. It'd be a fun project and I'd share the images if anyone wants to get it made for themselves.

EDIT: I'm thinking of commissioning the image of Wade screaming with blood on her hands at the end of season 1 for the back cover. I know its a spoiler, but if youre getting a steelbook made, Im pretty sure you know the show. Maybe the interior is the iconic shot of them running in silhouette from the pilot. And the main cover is that promo photo of all of them looking at us with the timer with the multicolored background. BOOM.