Topic: Kickstarter - The Tessellation

Potentially a new comic based on alternate realities: … wide-open/

The elevator pitch: it's Sliding Doors meets The Game and Counterpart in the multiverse.

Ever wonder about the paths you didn't take in life? About what could have been? What if the multiverse is real and every choice you didn't make actually did happen in another reality? Infinite choices you could have made actually were chosen by infinite alternate you's. The Tessellation is a series about all realities, side-by-side.

The series will focus not only on the mundane choices we make – like the hundreds of split-second decisions that occur every time we get behind the wheel – it will also focus on bombastic ideas, like "What does war between alternate realities look like?"

Some interesting rewards in the Kickstarter too - including the opportunity to become part of the story.  In any case, one to watch.