Topic: Jeffrey Dean Morgan after Sliders

An interesting article about how Jeffrey Dean Morgan (our own El Sid) almost quit acting in 2003 because of a one-off bit part on Star Trek: Enterprise: … 13528.html

Re: Jeffrey Dean Morgan after Sliders

I've seen him mention the Enterprise disaster before.  That show was famous for a troubling trend in Star Trek makeup which sadly continued into Discovery, the ridiculous obsession with "realistic aliens."  As opposed to the older series where most looked more or less human, and fans were FINE with that.

I have also mentioned this before, but at a convention a few years ago, I told JDM about how Sliders is still my favorite show, and he completely marked out for it.  He went on and on about how the concept was so cool and ingenious and did not understand how nobody has tried to reboot it by now.  Said he'd love to work on it again.