Topic: Marc Scott Zicree’s “Space Command”

Haven’t heard from this one in awhile on our board, but Marc has been working on Space Command steadily over the years.  It has a pretty impressive cast of sci-fi tv actors, and he currently has a Kickstarter going for the second movie.  He also just made available add-on perks of DVDs or Blu-rays for the first two movies (though they are pricey): … 1284345858 … t-backer-2

Re: Marc Scott Zicree’s “Space Command”

I like Marc Scott Zicree. He always has nice things to say about everyone, even David Peckinpah and Bill Dial and Jerry O'Connell. His SLIDERS stories weren't the main SLIDERS stories that I wanted to see, but they were still good episodes of MARC SCOTT ZICREE'S SLIDERS and added a lot to the SLIDERS mythology. I don't entirely understand what he's doing with SPACE COMMAND, a series that he seems to have been working on without finishing for nine years, but if it's making its backers happy and making him happy and paying the bills, that's absolutely fantastic. I can't talk; it took me 15 years to finish my magnum opus and more people will have enjoyed SPACE COMMAND than my stuff. :-D

Marc Scott Zicree is a good person and a good writer.

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I’m curious about where it will go, but don’t really have high hopes for it.  Zicree is a very good producer (he knows how to squeeze every penny out of a budget), but I’m still unsure on the premise.  He’s going for the old sci-fi zine feel (like the era he presented in his Deep Space Nine episode), but it continues to look like a spiritual successor to Babylon 5.  That’s not a bad thing; I just can’t help the feeling that it should be more than that.  Maybe I’m now spoiled on more high concept ideas.

In any case, it does appear to be working for Zicree as a way to make a living, and I’m glad to see he can benefit from it while doing something he clearly loves.