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I haven't watched Loki.
I haven't watched 80% of the MCU ( I will get around to it I promise)
I was never too interested in the superhero epics - but as soon as they started throwing around time travel and parallel universes - now they're speaking my language.

As far as I can tell the MCU want's to take the success of Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse (which I did see) and introduced Dr. Strange - whom was described to me essentially as a slider. The upcoming Spiderman movie is set to feature doubles of Peter Parker, and the new Loki series features the multiverse, and probably a bunch more that I can't think of.  Now I want to jump in to the MCU, but am not sure if I can just up and start Loki - I don't really want to watch from Iron Man 1. Thoughts on where I should start?

Thoughts on how the MCU's implementation might parallel or differ the Sliders way?

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sliders uses parallel universes to create a new episode of the twilight zone each week.

mcu uses parrallel universes to re-use characters without breaking continuity or to unite disparate characters in one story.  the producers were even calling blade runner an "alternate universe" when the sequel came out in 2017 and los angeles was not quite what the original film was like.  use of the multiverse is kinda inevitible because it's convenient.  but a different use than sliders does it.

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The last few seasons of Agents of SHIELD were heavy into the multiverse and time travel, it was a great series.

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I'm in the same boat as you, QuinnMallory_C137. Was never much into the Superhero stuff but big fan of time travel and alternate universes. I did watch almost all of the Spiderman films though back when I went on a big Spiderman kick a couplesummers ago (everything except Amazing Spiderman 2). So to hear that the new one will feature alternate universes and doubles excites me.