Topic: TV Show Fan Campaigns

I got to thinking if Sliders had social media back in the day, the series would of lasted longer and probably had spinoffs. Diehard fans in the 90s were so adamant about bringing Sliders back cancellation after cancellation. The studio would obviously gotten word from fans faster if they had social media. I wouldn't doubt if that would have let Tracy Tormé to keep his project going, rather than being stolen from him.

But considering that how easy it is to get a message rapidly to someone via social media today it could be overlooked. We've all gotten so lazy to take action for fan campaigns by just a few taps or clicks, but that's how the world turns now. It's still impressive that fans of TV shows then were so moved that they sent thousands of letters. Even some fanbases that sent thousands of trinkets, like Roswell fans sent tons of Tabasco Sauce.
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