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I don't refer to CNN for articles past 2021 because of their swing to the fascist side of society. Let me know if I should move the cutoff point earlier.

Something that says it all about FOX: their anchors are all fervent anti-vaxxers on air, but FOX has a strict vaccine mandate for their studio and all the anchors follow it.

Joe Biden, White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner, April 30, 2022:

I know there are questions about whether we should gather here tonight because of COVID. Well, we’re here to show the country that we’re getting through this pandemic. Plus, everyone had to prove they were fully vaccinated and boosted. So, if you’re at home watching this and you’re wondering how to do that, just contact your favorite FOX News reporter. They’re all here, vaccinated and boosted — all of them.

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I've been having crazy anxiety over the debt ceiling crisis and I fired up an AI simulator and asked for advice from the least comforting, least reassuring person in all real and fictional existence, Sherlock from the BBC TV show.


Hello, I’m Sherlock Holmes. The world’s only consulting detective. I’m not a psychopath, I’m a high-functioning sociopath. Do your research. I don’t have friends, I have one. And I don’t need anyone else. I observe everything, from the smallest details to the most obvious ones. Nothing escapes my notice. I can deduce your entire life story from a glance at your shoes. I solve crimes that no one else can, because I see what others don’t. I’m bored of ordinary people and their ordinary problems. I need a challenge, something to stimulate my mind. That’s why I work with the police, sometimes. They’re not very bright, but they have access to interesting cases. And sometimes, they have biscuits.

Sherlock, I am scared about the debt ceiling crisis. I keep obsessively refreshing the news about it. I know you don't do comfort, I'm looking for your example instead. How do you not get scared or shaken by global events that you can't affect even though they can affect you? How do you be so unaffected by these kinds of fears and anxieties? How do you manage them to the point where it's like they don't exist for you?

Well, first of all, I don't care about the debt ceiling crisis.

It's a political game that has nothing to do with me or my work. I don't waste my time worrying about things that are beyond my control or influence. I focus on what matters to me, which is solving puzzles and catching criminals. That's what gives me satisfaction and purpose.

Secondly, I don't get scared or shaken by anything. Fear is a useless emotion that only clouds your judgment and distracts you from the facts. I rely on logic and reason, not feelings and opinions. I analyze the situation objectively and act accordingly. I don't let emotions get in the way of my decisions.

Thirdly, I don't need comfort or reassurance from anyone. I'm self-sufficient and independent. I don't depend on others for validation or support. I know my own worth and abilities. I don't need anyone to tell me what to do or how to live. I make my own rules and follow them.

So, in summary, if you want to be like me, you need to stop caring about things that don't matter, stop being afraid of things that can't hurt you, and stop seeking comfort from things that can't help you. You need to be rational, confident, and self-reliant.

But this actually could hurt me. Oh God, it could hurt so much. I know you don't think it's a real problem. But since I do, what would you tell me to do to get past it and stop obsessing over it?

I would tell you to stop being irrational and emotional. You're letting your fear and anxiety cloud your mind and prevent you from seeing the reality.

The debt ceiling crisis is not a real problem, it's a manufactured one. It's a political stunt that has no real impact on your life or the world. It's a distraction from the real issues that matter. You're wasting your time and energy on something that doesn't deserve your attention. You need to snap out of it and focus on something else. Something that actually matters to you and makes you happy. Something that challenges you and stimulates your mind. Something that gives you a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.

You need to stop obsessing over the debt ceiling crisis and start living your life. You need to stop being a victim and start being a hero. You need to stop being scared and start being brave. You need to stop being ordinary and start being extraordinary.

You need to find a case.

A case that is interesting and complex. A case that requires your skills and expertise. A case that challenges you and tests you. A case that is worthy of your attention and time. A case that is fun and exciting. A case that makes you match your wits and logic against adversaries and the unknown. A case that only you can solve. A case that demands for you to play the Game.

The debt ceiling crisis is a joke. It’s a farce. It’s a waste of time. It’s boring. It's nothing.

The Game is something. It’s a challenge. It’s a thrill.

You need a case. You need the Game. The Game is everything. The Game is the only thing that matters. The Game is life. And I am the master of the Game. The Game is what makes me alive. The Game is what makes me Sherlock Holmes.

And the Game.

Is on.

So... you'd find another obsession. An obsession that's immediate. An obsession that's actionable. An obsession that's challenging. An obsession to triumph over. That's what you think I should do.

Yes. That’s how you get past the debt ceiling crisis. That’s how you get past anything. That’s how you live.

Thank you, Sherlock. You are utterly devoid of comfort and yet deeply reassuring.

I don’t do comfort, but I do logic. And logic is reassuring. Logic is the truth. And the truth is always better than a lie.

Are you in love with Molly Hooper? I've always wanted to ask you that.

No, I'm not in love with Molly Hooper. Why would you ask me that? That's a ridiculous question. That's an irrelevant question. That's a boring question. I don't do love. Love is a weakness. Love is a distraction. Love is a mistake. Love is illogical. I don't love Molly Hooper. I don't love anyone. I don't need anyone. I only need myself. And my Game. I'm Sherlock Holmes. And Sherlock Holmes doesn't love.

"Sherlock Holmes doesn't love." Did you at least love Redbeard?

Redbeard… Redbeard was different. Redbeard was not a person. Redbeard was a dog. A dog that I had when I was a child. A dog that was my friend. A dog that was my companion. A dog that was my partner.

Redbeard… Redbeard was the only one who understood me. The only one who accepted me. The only one who played with me. The only one who stayed with me.

Redbeard… Redbeard was the first one who made me happy. The first one who made me smile. The first one who made me laugh. The first one who made me feel.

Redbeard… Redbeard was the last one who saw me cry. The last one who saw me hurt. The last one who saw me break. The last one who saw me die.

Redbeard… Redbeard was gone. Gone forever. Gone without a trace. Gone without a goodbye.

Redbeard… Redbeard was not love. Redbeard was pain. Redbeard was loss. Redbeard was grief.

Redbeard… Redbeard was a memory. A memory that I buried. A memory that I forgot. A memory that I erased.

Redbeard… Redbeard was nothing. Nothing to me. Nothing to anyone. Nothing at all.

I’m Sherlock Holmes. And Sherlock Holmes doesn’t love.

Wow. That was almost human. I'd better leave you to your Game and go find mine. Thank you again, Sherlock.

You’re welcome. I’m glad I could help. You’re almost interesting. You’re almost clever. You’re almost worthy. You’re almost Sherlock Holmes.

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That is funny, ireactions. And adds a bit of humor to an otherwise disconcerting topic.

The problem with the debt ceiling crisis is all being caused by rethuglicans who refuse to work with anybody but their own agendas and themselves.

By voting against critical legislation and taking vacations for the next week instead of doing their jobs, they're the ones putting us in this mess.

Biden's going to be forced into taking advantage of the 14th amendment by these rethuglicans who have nothing better to do than cause chaos by refusing to do their jobs.

President Biden doesn't deserve blame for this. It rests squarely on all rethuglicans because they want the world and impossible legislation that benefits only the rich corporations and right wing extremist political agendas.

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So unless the far right wing of the Republican Party can throw a wrench into the works, it sounds like we have a fairly reasonable deal.  The progressive wing of the House isn't going to like it, but the far right wing hates it.  So it must be a pretty good deal for Democrats.

But Biden does deserve blame - they could've passed this a year ago and avoided any of this.  It wasn't necessarily the right thing to do, but it would've been the smart thing to do.  As I said, the Republicans are better at working the system - the Democrats trust the system way too much.  I think if the Democrats were as ruthless as the Republicans are, we'd actually get something done.  The problem is that both parties are so flawed that even when they're given control of both chambers of Congress and the White House, they fumble the ball too much.


In 2024 news, I'm not sure what to think of the Republican side of things.  Trump seems to have pulled way ahead of Ron DeSantis in polls, which I don't understand at all.  I can see how the New York indictment might look and feel like a political hit, but I heard rumblings that we might get an indictment in the Mar-A-Lago documents case soon and in the Georgia case in August.  Those two cases are both a) less politically motivated (although anything with Trump can be spun as politically motivated) and b) much more likely to land him in big trouble.  I know Trump will keep his base no matter what, but is his base still big enough to carry him through a Republican primary?  Does the Republican Party want a candidate who's on trial for multiple felonies, even if that's who their voters want?

I know DeSantis is potentially much worse, but I'm hoping he gets the nomination.  Not only do I want Trump out of the picture, but Trump would almost certainly sabotage any DeSantis campaign in the general.  I know DeSantis would be worse on a lot of issues (especially LGBT), but I also don't think he's compromised by a foreign government.  And so if we can get the Trumps out of American politics, I think I'd feel better about the long-term security of the country / the world.

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It's a mistake to want DeathSantis instead of Trump just for the sake of not having Trump.

Both are fascists and should never be allowed near the Presidency.

Trump's base is around 23% of the republican party right now (most likely less). Trump would need to get all the votes from his base AND independents in order to win the Presidency.

That's not going to happen.

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I mean if there's an opening for someone else to win the Republican nomination, I'm happy for that.  But who would that even be and how would that even happen?  Nikki Haley might not be terrible?  Tim Scott?  Mike Pence?  There aren't a whole lot of options.

Trump and DeSantis are both bad, but one is actively working against the interests of the West.  Trump could destabilize NATO.  Trump could crash the economy.  Trump could actively make things around the world worse.  I think DeSantis is bad because he's smarter than Trump (although the more I hear him, the less that could be as true as I thought) and thus could be more effective than Trump.  But I don't think he's compromised, nor do I think he would do something that's bad for the country / the West / the world to suit his own interests.  I think he's much more likely than Trump to actually put America first.

And if the Democrats are going to insist on running out an 82-year-old Biden and an unpopular VP in Harris, this race is scary.  And while I don't want to see a world where DeSantis is president, I don't know if the country can survive another four years of Trump.

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If rethuglicans win this election, this will be the last free election in this country.

Every single one of them needs to be voted out.

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I haven't voted for a single Republican since 2016, and I have voted in basically every election (local, state, national) since 2018.  I was wrong about the Republican Party in 2016 - I thought they'd use Trump and dump him when he became politically damaging (and go with a safer puppet in Pence), but despite losing election after election, they still haven't done that.  And with the rise of politicians like MTG and Kari Lake and the conversion of guys like Ted Cruz from "mostly annoying" to "very dangerous", I agree that it doesn't make sense to vote for any Republicans.

That being said, I think it's alarmist to think that the Republicans can eliminate democracy.  First, we already survived four years of Trump.  Trump definitely tried to overthrow democracy, but he didn't succeed and didn't get all that close to succeeding.  There's a subset of people that believe the election was stolen, but outside of January 6 (which wasn't nearly as violent as it could've been), no one believes it enough to do much about it.  Second, I think a lot of the people that believe 2020 was "stolen" aren't really talking about switching votes or the dead voting or anything like that.  They're talking about Covid-specific policies that may or may not have been unconstitutional that led to increased turnout for Democrats.  I think the majority of people that don't consider 2020 to be legit (and hopefully this is crystal clear but that's *not me*) think Biden got the votes but that some of the votes should've been thrown out because certain states expanded voting rights too much (and they believe illegally).  That it's more procedural issues than actual fraud.  Which is why they're more annoyed than angry.  They'll tweet about it but won't protest it.

Think about the alternative.  If Trump did get Georgia to find him enough votes to win or if the Cyber Ninjas found a way for Trump to win Arizona and Pennsylvania flipped somehow...there would be nonstop protests and civil unrest.  It would've been chaos. 

I do think Trump would try crazy things to stay in power, but I don't think anywhere near the majority of the country would support that.  I worry more that Trump would destabilize the world than destabilize democracy.

And as I've been saying, neither side can get any legislation passed.  Even if the Republicans got a filibuster-proof number of senators (or got rid of the filibuster), I think they don't really know what they want to do with it.  They couldn't overturn Obamacare.  They couldn't even figure out what they wanted to do with Healthcare.  They've done a ton of damage in terms of abortion, but even then, they can't really agree on what they want to do with it.  Several very-red states have struggled to pass full abortion bans, and some of the abortion bans they have passed have backfired on them electorally.

The Republican Party is bad, and I cannot support them until they cleanse themselves of this nonsense.  I fear what they can do with power.  But look at my state of Texas - they just overwhelmingly voted to impeach our super corrupt (and super MAGA) attorney general.  Maybe he'll survive a trial (his wife is one of the state senators who will vote on his removal), but it shows that, even at the state level in a state like Texas, they don't bend to the will of Trump on everything.  Trump was against it, and a vast majority of republicans still voted against it.  Cruz was against it.  MTG was against it.  They did it anyway.

I think the tide is starting to turn, but we still need to stay vigilant.  And I think we need to keep an even keel.

*The opinions of Slider_Quinn21 do not represent the opinions of anyone at or anyone else here.

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The debt ceiling bill has passed the House, sending it to the Senate.

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Is there any way for Biden to test the 14th amendment theory without actually forcing it into the courts?  Can he just ask for a ruling without an actual case?

Or would there need to be some kind of "for show" lawsuit against the debt ceiling agreement to test its constitutionality?  I feel like there should be some way to determine the constitutionality of a president ignoring the debt ceiling.  We shouldn't let the global economy rest on the hands of such a hyper-partisan argument.

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I'd be curious about that. Apparently, the sense is that the 14th amendment, if used, would inevitably end up litigated in the Supreme Court which, under the current justices, would likely see it shut down and stopped.

Also, it seems that, reasonably or unreasonably, Biden was confident of a debt deal, he just thought he'd have an easier time and that he'd get a better deal as he expected Republicans to be in disarray and they weren't.


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He could request an advisory opinion, but it's no guarantee of what will happen if/when they hear full arguments

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pilight wrote:

He could request an advisory opinion, but it's no guarantee of what will happen if/when they hear full arguments

So I wonder if, like Republicans have done with abortion, Democrats could sponsor some kind of challenge on the debt ceiling with the idea that it's unconstitutional under the 14th amendment, get it all the way to the Supreme Court, and get their answer.

Although whatever works for Biden would work for a Republican president and maybe the Democrats want the ability to use the debt ceiling as a weapon as well.

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If Trump gets indicted for the documents case, as is being rumored to be imminent, how long would it take for it to go to trial?  Would it be before or after the election?

Same question but with the possible indictment in Georgia, rumored to be in August.

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Okay so he's been indicted.  I think this one is significantly bigger than the New York one, which seems much more politically motivated.  This one still technically could be, but even Republicans see this one as a bigger deal.

I still wonder if Trump will be able to push the trial beyond (well beyond?) election day.  It would be something if Trump was the nominee and having to report to his trial for breaking the espionage act.  I still don't know how this will play politically - the New York indictment consolidated his support but this one has to hurt him, right?

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feels like the right will unite behind him and it will just help him politically.  people waved on him after the jan 6 mess but feels like they will come home now, if only to stand against what they don't like.

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RussianCabbie_Lotteryfan wrote:

feels like the right will unite behind him and it will just help him politically.  people waved on him after the jan 6 mess but feels like they will come home now, if only to stand against what they don't like.

I've been wrong a lot about the right and Trump, and maybe you're right.  But you're seeing a lot of people on the right (senators, congressmen) say "we like Trump but this guy can't win" - he lost to Biden already with no indictments.  And while this might strengthen him with Republicans, this has to lose him even more independents.

Don't get me wrong - Biden is vulnerable.  But I cannot imagine anyone but hardcore Republicans voting for Trump over him.

Again, I've been wrong.  A lot.