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Topic: Wasted an hour of my life on Doorways

Has anyone else seen it? What do you think? The story was pretty bland for me. The Cat character seemed so out of place, I just couldn't comprehend why she kept acting strangely. She could speak broken English yet still understood quite a bit. Perhaps English wasn't her native language. Compared to Sliders it just felt lacking in drama and also the parallel world differences weren't as varied. The mirror and tree branch description of the multiverse made sense but I felt Sliders actually walked the walk. Doorways had a no petroleum world which was interesting but I think they could have chosen a better idea for a Pilot episode. It did have something going for it in the sense of Thomas and Cat having to navigate to find each gateway (whereas Sliders uses a sliding radius and timer). But having to actually go through a doorway for the interdimensional doorway was odd and would limit itself to what worlds they could encounter (dino world, etc.) Overall I was very let down, I thought it would be much more promising. Apparently George R.R. Martin stated it was Tormé's agent that inquired about writing for Doorways. To say it's an origin for Sliders I think is an insult to Tracy Tormé and Sliders fans. In my opinion I don't think it could have lasted more than one season at best. Thank you Dean Cain.

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