Topic: purpose, motivation, sliding

I mean  Slider Maggie, did at least have a purpose for Sliding, the original group did not have the know how to track Rickman.  Finding him to stop a Madman that was on a killing spree and getting the timmer with the cordinates to get the team home was logical motivation to slide with our team.

It was the end of season 3, Maggie risking her health to slide to an Earth that she had just been to  3 months prior, she cant breath their, and last mission was their for an hour, before her lungs were going into cardiac arrest.

She also knows from her last 20 or so slides Quinn has very little idea how the Sliding device works.  No matter what the promise was, Quinn couldn't deliver.

Collin, was just flat out mislead,  Quinn and team did show him fantastic technology, can't blame him for joining.  But, again at some point resentment should of shown, when he figgured out how little the team knew about sliding, and how much danger he was in from not only sliding to random worlds but, Kromaggs being on every other world.

Dianna and Mallory made very little sense, as the technology to combine the Quinn's was on Diana's home world, and sliding for the heck of it, to seperate the Quinn's and hope to land  on a Earth that has the tech to do this, Again Diana was never really told what dangers lie ahead how she could meet up with Kromaggs or that they have little idea how the timer works.

The reason season 1, 2 and the 1st part of season 3 work, is that, for the most part 4 likable people are put into outrageous situations and have realistic reactions to what is going on.

They meet the Kromags but assume naively that this was just an issue for this world, too big a problem to solve.

The team actually does get angry for Quinn and decisions that effect the group.  The group also works because the team has nothing going on at Earth Prime, nobody has any substantial relationships outside of Quinn and his Mom, Wade and her family, Rembrandt and his agent.  Thats it, at least all that is presented, Quinn and Wade dont care about their jobs.  Quinn's just at college for the heck of it, he is smarter than everyone at the college.  The Professor has a career but it is never represented as anything he misses, even though it defines who he is. Rembrandt is an out of work singer, with very little prospect for a come back.

Sliders, was always the show that started out great had a great premises in season 1, got a little lost in season 2, went off the rails with bad movie remakes in season 3, then season 4 was a major drop in budget and kromaggs every other episode season 4, season 5 somehow with no budget and the cast gone became as good as season 2 from a couple episodes in till the end.

The show was always to ambitious and was so close to great television, many times it was ahead of its time, as badly done as Season 5's Net Worth was we are living in a world that is very close to that world.

The problem with the show in this binge world is telling anyone its a great show, it was 88 episodes yet 2ndary characters such as Quinns Dad, mom, Wades family,  Rickman, etc. are recasted sometimes in season.  The original cast plus Collin all meet gruesome deaths.  Yet, we are suppose to root for a show that
shows our earth overtaken by Nazi Space Ape Men that we are left in slave camps.

The show needs a reboot like Battlestar Galactica recieved, just not as dark.