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In various threads and hundreds of posts, I have shared behind the scenes information about SLIDERS' production history and its cast and creators. The majority of this information comes from Temporal Flux who has shared many details on his site, The Dimension of Continuity, in his message board posts, and also via instant messaging in years past.

This is information that Temporal Flux spent considerable amounts of time, energy, resources and funds in order to secure and share.

I tend to casually include this information in posts as plain information, but it mostly came from TF. Some comes from obsessively reading articles on SLIDERS, but stuff like how Sabrina Lloyd held John Rhys-Davies' farewell party at her apartment or explaining that Marc Scott Zicree tricked David Peckinpah into hiring him by repeating everything Peck said in paraphrased sentences -- that's all from TF.

I tend not to share the private stuff unless it's revealed elsewhere first.

A few months ago, I was interviewing Robert Floyd. Rob shared how upset and hurt and shattered he was when SLIDERS was cancelled and how much it hurt him when people were claiming the cancellation was his fault.

I assured him this wasn't true. Sci-Fi had failed to budget for a sixth season because, upon discovering Jerry wasn't returning, they assumed Season 5 would fail. They came to regret this when Season 5's ratings were solid. Rob really appreciated this, saying he'd known some but not all of that -- and it was a really tender moment and I was so pleased to have it -- and that's all because of Temporal Flux!

He's the one who went to all the trouble of acquiring this information, so from now on, when retyping info he found and shared first, I'm going to link to this post, and I'm going to go through my more recent posts and link to this post as well.

More of Temporal Flux's findings and information can be found at The Dimension of Continuity and in his message board posts. The SLIDERS fan community owes him a considerable debt and he has my thanks, gratitude and appreciation every time his knowledge and investigative efforts enliven one of my posts on this Bboard -- which is probably most of them.

Before starting this thread, I was just looking over some old E-mails from TF and I was suddenly reminded of how much MONEY he has spent on acquiring all the information that suddenly allows a catastrophe like "Revelations" or a nonsensically unfinal series finale like "The Seer" to make sense in a real-world context. Yes. MONEY. That stuff.

And I'm not talking lunch money here. And he wasn't buying much of anything he could genuinely own or claim for himself. You can't own scripts and articles you didn't write or information of a troubled TV production.

He must have known, right from the start, that once he'd spent ALL THIS MONEY on all these acquisitions, the only thing he could really do with them was give them away on the Internet. To you. To me. To all of us. To share his love for SLIDERS with everyone else. So, Temporal Flux spent it all on us.

That alone means that every time one of Temporal Flux's finds pops up in conversation, there should be at the very least, a link to a standing note of gratitude.

I am not the person who dug all this material up, I didn't spend any money, I didn't make the relationships; I am merely the acolyte of the person who did.

When I was a child, I did something unbelievably stupid that could have seen me jailed and/or sued and my mom would have beaten me up as well. TF came to my rescue. He has always answered my questions with patience and indulgence. He has been generous and kind and he will always have my friendship and gratitude. I like to think that when I include his information in my posts on his Bboard, I am sharing the joy of that friendship with others.

Thanks, TF.

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You're a good and decent person if ever I saw one, ireactions. This is beautiful.

And I'm sure Temporal Flux too deserves your every praise. One thing about this fandom... everyone seems so incredibly nice and giving. I haven't seen a fandom quite like this in all my years. I'm humbled.

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I like to think there is something about the Promise, the dream of what Sliders was and could be that brings out some of that positivity latent within us.

Star Trek TNG had some of that although in a different way.
I think Torme himself carried some of that wonder, optimism and vision from his time working on TNG perhaps?

I would concur that this is a warm and receptive Forum which is great!
The only other Fandom that welcomed and shared in a similar manner was the old Lexx Web Forum BBS back in the late 90's but unlike this place it faded away and I really really doubt it got archived.

"It's only a matter of time. Were I in your shoes, I would spend my last earthly hours enjoying the world. Of course, if you wish, you can spend them fighting for a lost cause.... But you know that you've lost." -Kane-

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I've only been a member here (including the previous versions of the board) for around 2 years or so, but found the (2 versions ago) board maybe 4-5 years ago and read everything on it, which contained many years of posts and discussions. As I read through everything Sliders related, I did notice TemporalFlux's name was quite common as a poster, and remembered that I had a conversation or two with someone with that name on AOL back in the late 90s or possibly early '00s. I remember talking with him about Sliders and BTTF and him being very excited about a replica timer he wanted to make. I guess he either found me since I had a picture of me with a Sliders poster at Universal on my AOL hometown page  or because I mentioned on interests on my aol profile. For whatever reason, I never found (or looked for) any Sliders boards until fairly recent (5 years ago), so I never got connected with any fans. I only talked to him once or twice on AIM, but he was on my buddy list for a long time- might still be! As far as I knew, he and I were the only Sliders fans out there. I doubt he remembers talking to me on AIM 15 years or so ago, but inthoughtbitnwas cool he wanted to create his own timer replica. In the days of eBay and etsy and everything now, that doesn't seem like a huge thing anymore, but back then, to me he was the biggest Sliders fan possible, even more than me!

Side note- I don't recall how or why I came across this board (previous versions), but I'm glad I did.

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His contributions have been unmatched.  Even though much of the BTS stuff is a lot easier to come by these days, thanks to social media, Sliders was well before then, and by now most of the people involved have forgotten a lot of the details, and of course some have died.

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ireactions wrote:

Thanks, TF.

Thanks, man.  smile