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I still think having Quinn (played by Jerry) be the deceased father is the best way to go. That way you have a new cast of characters and a new origin story. But, this way it wouldn't negate the possibility that Quinn and company did have their adventures 20 some odd years ago in another reality (maybe the new show might even stumble across some of the worlds the original group did).


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I feel all that would have to happen is for anyone to remake "Doorways" and then Universal would go "Hey, we have a show like that!"


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I really don't think there would be any royalties involved. I mean, doesn't Universal own it outright. Otherwise Tracy Torme could take it somewhere else?

For example, who is the new Lost in Space aimed at?


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Personally I think a reboot with a little deference might work better.

I think that Quinn's son should be the one that creates sliding (with help from his father's notes), Wade could be Michael Mallory's (Quinn's son) widowed mother. That would allow for new characters with new relationships with a lot of references an homages to the original and plenty of cameos as well.