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Great interview! Very insightful! The trouble with the Landis group does make a lot of sense. Everyone seems to have loved working with Nan Hagan, interesting.


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I'm just saying that it's ridiculous to compare a show with 90's story telling sensibilities to a current day show. I guess comparing Sliders to the mid 90's Doctor who TV movie would be fair, but it didn't do very well did it.

The thing about Sliders that I think is amazing and the reason I still love it is that the 'concept' would allow you to tell ANY kind of story, it's truly limitless! So I think I 'get' it.


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To compare Sliders to Nu Who is a little ridiculous. Yes the amalgam Quinn was based on Doctor who, but classic who. Back in the day it was simply "here's the new doctor".

I really believe that if talks with Jerry would have gone better, it would have been a tad bit more interesting. Still I think of all the actors who left Sliders, Mallory was the most tactful resolution the ever had.

I finally saw Black Panther and really wasn't very impressed with it. One thing about Marvel movies that is getting old is the villains that are nothing more than a dark mirror of the hero (complete with the same powers).

I think TF's way would have worked fine, then or now.

I also don't remember saying anything about undoing season 3-5.

I had no idea TF was planning to produce Sliders comics, of course that was about the time I went AWOL from Sliders. I had thought of something very similar but for Audio Dramas for Sliders (in hopes of getting all of the original actors to reprise their roles). Big Finish does this for Classic Doctor Who on a regular basis. Comic or Audio wise it would be fairly simple to fit single stories, if not entire story arcs into existing continuity (if memory serves, they even stop mentioning what year it is in the last half of the series).

Also it would be a great way to see (or hear) some of those lost stories like "Twisted Cross" and "Beauty World".

Really sorry that didn't happen TF, it would have been cool to see.


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Oh,  interaction with, is an entirely different answer smile


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I met Peter Jurasik Dr. Oberon Geiger, really great guy, just went to talk to him and walked away with a signed photo (that I didn't pay for) that he insisted I have.

I almost met Kari Wuhrer, twice. But that doesn't count does it.


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I still think having Quinn (played by Jerry) be the deceased father is the best way to go. That way you have a new cast of characters and a new origin story. But, this way it wouldn't negate the possibility that Quinn and company did have their adventures 20 some odd years ago in another reality (maybe the new show might even stumble across some of the worlds the original group did).


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I feel all that would have to happen is for anyone to remake "Doorways" and then Universal would go "Hey, we have a show like that!"


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I really don't think there would be any royalties involved. I mean, doesn't Universal own it outright. Otherwise Tracy Torme could take it somewhere else?

For example, who is the new Lost in Space aimed at?


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Personally I think a reboot with a little deference might work better.

I think that Quinn's son should be the one that creates sliding (with help from his father's notes), Wade could be Michael Mallory's (Quinn's son) widowed mother. That would allow for new characters with new relationships with a lot of references an homages to the original and plenty of cameos as well.