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Grizzlor wrote:

They dealt with an alien civilization called Zercurvians

Every time I see this, I am reminded that in the original solicits for those comics, The Zercurvians were called Draconians.  Which I believe was the same name of the bad guys in The Buck Rogers tv show starring Gil Gerard. Which is probably why it was changed.

Didn't stop me from using  it in Earth 374...



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Rumor and innuendo (aka The Daily Mail) is that Jodie Whittaker is reportedly leaving after series 13.

Jodie isn't the problem.



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20 plus years ago (in a group chat with Blinker, Mychand, QBall79, Slider_Sarah, TemporalFlux and Tigs) a joke turned into a Sliders Season Six for The Otherworlds that never saw the light of day.

Earth 72099
Are you ready for Sliders: The Animated Series? If not, get ready for Sci-Fi on E72099's answer to the Save Sliders campaign. A weekly animated show using the entire cast (well, actually just drawings of the cast and cheap voice actors who don't sound a thing like the real ones, but hey!) and insulting the intelligence of fans everywhere. Only on Earth 72099!

The idea was to use all eight Sliders, but it was going to be more like the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon from the 80s where each character was representative of the normal tropes. The brain, the athlete, the shy girl, the comedian, etc..

Would have been played for laughs and probably would have had Kromaggs flying airplanes like in the POTA animated series.

Good Times.


It’s crazy the spectrum on this thing.

I have a friend who went with 7 other people and they all hated it. 

I thought it was okay.  Not the movie I would have made.

One of my other friends liked it, but said it ranks above the prequels and that’s as high as he would put it.

Another friend loved it.  He has an answer for every complaint anyone has with it.  Will quote what’s cannon from the books as explanations for things.

He also doesn’t believe that anyone actually hates the movie and that the rotten tomatoes score is the work of a small group of disgruntled fans.

The one friend who hated it told me it made him wish George Lucas was still in control.


Just watched it.

That was such a Sliders episode.


Just watched it.  It doesn't interest me at all.  If it took place after Voyager, it might, but the look and feel doesn't work for me.



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So what is the likelihood that Savitar is future future Barry?

I mean, anything is possible.  Right?


From http://dc.wikia.com/wiki/Green_Arrow_(Oliver_Queen)

This wasn't Oliver's end, however, as Hal Jordan (during his time as Parallax) returned to save the earth during the Final Night and used his godlike powers to bring his old friend back from the dead. Unfortunately, the reanimated hero was an empty vessel with no soul, whose memories were replicated from his earlier days when he had a stronger liberal conscience. Ollie's more experienced soul remained in a Heaven-like place for a time, until it was reunited with his body in order to defeat an evil warlock named Stanley Dover. Now, the original Green Arrow was back in action with a rare second chance at life to make up for previous mistakes with his loved ones, all while renewing his vows to be a defender of the downtrodden.

It came off a lot better than it sounds.



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This fanfic ThomasMalthus wrote years ago ( I think it was around 2000 or 2004) popped into my head the other day when reading through this thread.

So I'm just going to leave this here.




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President-elect Trump.  Wow.



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We've obviously slid into a parallel universe.  Right?



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I'm going to be slightly serious for a moment.

I was born in Arkansas and I have lived here all my life.  When I was growing up Bill Clinton was Governor.

Most people my age or older will tell you that they wouldn't vote for the Clintons for anything.  I remember when Bill won the Presidential election.   I was in High School and we were at a play practice.  I remember all of us, young adults between the ages of 15 and 18, being so angry that the American people had elected him.  I figure I'll be having that same feeling in a few days.

I truly believe Hillary is evil and would rather take the chance with the devil I don't know than the devil I do, but we live in a democracy and that's a decision every voter has to make on their own.

So America will get what it deserves either way.

Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos.



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Kang and Kodos will be revealed to have taken Trump and Hillary's places months ago, but due to the fact that it's a two party system one of them must win!

Rigellian enslavement for all!



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And in a perfect universe, we would discover that both Trump and Hillary are actually not U.S. citizens and therefore, both are disqualified from being President.  Then we could just. . . start over.


And yes, I do enjoy just posting random, crazy things in this very serious thread. smile


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I once told my wife the internet is the greatest and worst invention of all time.

This is right after I told her that the 2nd best thing that could happen to the Earth is an EMP pulse.



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Our best hope is a freak accident at the debate takes out both of them.

Or building a portal to a parallel universe.

Hmmmmmm. Excuse me, I need to look over these equations one more time.


ireactions wrote:

Hmm. Well, the whole "Quinn kills sliding to reset reality" was a suggestion from Matt Hutaff for SLIDERS REBORN. So, as with REBORN, the explanation would have been that Smarter-Quinn was in an interdimensional tunnel when reality was rewritten and therefore his timeline and his effect on Earth Prime survived the revision. However, his parallel universe did not survive the revision.

In this Pilot Redux, I imagine Smarter-Quinn then found himself stranded on a parallel Earth and his attempts to rebuild sliding failed. I probably wouldn't ever, ever, ever deal with this onscreen... but I would address it in a web comic.

Works for me!


I love this idea. I would watch this.  I would write fan-fic about this.  wink but if sliding has never been invented on any earth, how do the events with Smarter Quinn, Arturo and Wade still happen in 1994?


I just have one question.

Why would anyone want Quinn, Wade, Rembrandt and Arturo to have been left in the states they were in at the end of Season 5 for 16 years?

That's depressing.

They made it home.  Okay?  It's over and done.  No need to resolve any of that mess, and as someone who worked on 4 season 6s and a post alt-S5 fanfic dealing with this mess, I get to say that.

Time to go start the REBOOTING Sliders in the Twenty-First Century thread.


Sliders has been off the air for nearly 16 years.

I don't care how many shows are being brought back from cancellation, you can not bring Sliders back in a format that wants to pick up from the end of season 5.  You can't.  It would last 3 episodes and quietly disappear because the only people who would be watching it would be the fans of the old show and there weren't enough of us to convince anyone to continue with a season six back in 2000, so why does anyone honestly believe that there would be enough of us to support a 'continuation' almost 16 years later?

I just shake my head.

Would I love to see Sliders back on tv?  Yes.  Do I want to see a resolution to "The Seer' and the mess that was Seasons 4 and 5?  No.  I've had 16 years to decide that, however it happened, everyone is fine and made it back home.

With that being said, could Sliders be brought back as a reboot/re-imagining?  Yes. 

Could the original cast be involved?  Yes, but I don't think you can make them the focus.

I've been tossing around an idea that would put Quinn Mallory in the role of the Professor.  He never discovered sliding, but became a college Physics Professor.

Just some random ideas.

One of his students would discover sliding.  Make it a female student.  Her best friend who has been in love with her since they were kids and some "everyman" character who gets dragged along.

Quinn would be the older voice of reason, but the focus would be on the ensemble and more so on the younger characters.

Quinn's wife/ex-wife could be Wade, so you could have a Wade cameo here and there.

Maybe the hotel they stay at has a lounge singer at the bar on every world named Rembrandt Brown.  Who would serve a role like Gomez Calhoun and Diggs did.

And maybe Quinn's mentor was Arturo, if you ever wanted to have an Arturo guest appearance.

All of these things would be bonuses for fans of the original show.  "Easter eggs", but not the focus of the show.

I don't want a show about a bunch of people who have been traumatized by sliding for 20 years.  I want a show about a group of people exploring the multi-verse, becoming a family and trying to find their way home.

Going back to lurking . . .



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ireactions wrote:

This is clearly 'inspired' by the DOCTOR WHO episode "The Power of Three."

I didn't even make the 'connection' until you mentioned it, guess I was too busy enjoying the story.

Great work.



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I also hear Ed has been hanging out with Redbeard MacDeaver