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There are few comparisons between Sliders and Quantum Leap but they're flimsy at best.

They both ran for five seasons

Both shows finished without their protagonists getting home

Rickman's like a really bad attempt at the Evil Leaper storyline from season 5 of Quantum Leap

And the fan theory that Maggie Beckett might be Sam Beckett's neice.

But you're right. Other then that. That's about it.

Oh and they both involve sci-fi concepts.

There are certainly 'director's cut' type changes I'd love to make to Season 1 to SLIDERS if I understood the technology or had the material.

I'd want to alter the photo of Quinn and his family in Season 1 and replace Jerry O'Connell with Phillip Van Dyke (young Quinn in "The Guardian").

I'd want to add visible water vapour on the breath of all the sliders on Ice World.

I'd want to re-edit that missing scene from "Summer of Love" back into the episode where Quinn and Arturo explain to Rembrandt that the timer is now a countdown device.

I'd want to amend "The King is Back" with DeepFake to replace Clinton's face with Cleavant.

And if there were some way to make "The Guardian" colour corrected to look more like Vancouver and to digitally replace all the sliders' clothes and hair with the Vancouver wardrobe, that'd be great too, but that's impossible.

I love all of these ideas lol. Especially the one about rediting The Guardian with the Vancover background and the characters in their season 1-2 wardrobe and hair.

How I will always explain that picture in the pilot is that is not Quinn in the photo (he looks nothing like him!) but a family friend. Makes zero sense but it wouldn't make sense for Quinn as a teenager to be in a photo with his dad when Michael Mallory died when Quinn was 11.  Speaking of these ideas, how about edit the photo on the fridge of young JOC to be the young actor who played the young Quinn in the Guardian.


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I think a remasterization of Sliders and putting it on Netflix could help pave way for a reboot in the future. It would introduce new people to the show who haven't heard of it before.


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Post your fanfics here! I don't think I've ever seen them.


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I agree with ireactions in that Zicree and Torme could split up the duty and Torme could write the episodes focused on alt-history and social satire while Zicree writes the episodes focused on the sliders tech. And they can give eachother feedback and crituqes as well.

Though I don't agree that he needs to keep quite. I understand why he would have acted his way. It's his show and he has a certain veiw for how things should be. If something I wrote was on TV, I would probably be stubborn and difficult as well.

I haven't seen What If? Yet but I do love paralllel world stories. My question is does it involve an intricate knoweldge of the MCU to understand the show? I haven't seen much Marvel.

This looks so good! You guys did a great job. If I had money to blow, I'd be spending it on this, but sadly I don't haha


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IREACTIONS: "Well. I can imagine Torme *saying* Wade is dead."

CEZ: "You mean he says she's dead, but the plan is to surprise us and have her alive, but we need to wait and watch it?"

IREACTIONS: "I can imagine the show starting with Wade being dead. Then having Wade turn up alive if Sabrina guest-stars."

I got an explaination that can work that doesn't involve Wade being dead. If Sabrina Lloyd is only available to do guest appearances/reccuring roles then you can have it be that she decided not to go sliding with them in the pilot (for some important reason) and then we run into doubles of her throughout the show

When not in class, did he accidentally solve murder mysteries?  I bet he did.

He looks to me like the guy who screwed around most of his life and didn't give school much of a chance but then his 40s came along and he needed to make money so he went to study physics in college. I bet he works at Doppler Computers with Quinn and Wade.


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Torme did say that only two original characters were returning along with three new ones and one of the originals is dead somehow. I hope maybe he changes his mind somehow or comes up with another way to write the absent characters out if he can't get the actors. Maybe leave it open for them to show up sparingly in guest roles.

Really don't want to dismiss Torme's showrunning and writing abilities because he is great writer. But I feel like he could benefit if he was working with a few fans of the old show. They would know what they would and wouldn't like to see. Especially Torme never saw the later seasons so having someone on board who has, they will know not to repeat past mistakes.

At some point, everything is questioned for a revival. Years ago, there were talks to bring back The Fresh Prince of Bell-Air, a sitcom from the 90s, but Will Smith rightfully said "yeah when hell freezes over."

It all depends on whether a story can be told, if the creators involved would like to do it and if there is room for it in the market place.

Time travel stories have been told from the dawn of time, so no doubt there's room for a Quantum Leap revival. That is if the actors and creators are interested in making one. A story can definitly be told as well as Sam Beckett never made it home at the end and is still out there leaping. Can we get them to cross over with the inevitibal Sliders reboot? Probably not, but hey, worth a shot lol.


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If it's going to involve new young cast members replacing the older ones, they have to A: be interesting and compelling characters and B: Explain what happen to the other characters in a respectful way. Of course Torme's not going to involve rape camps but I'm always skeptical when people say a reboot will be a mix of old and new characters lol.

Grizzlor wrote:

Have you seen Future Man (Hulu show)?  It went 3 seasons but has a lot of the kind of Sliders aspects to it.  Small group, constantly hopping timelines to fix it (get home).

I love Future Man. I thought it was a great show and it was pretty funny as well. Also since you were talking about comparisons between Future Man and Sliders, in an episode of Future Man, they get out of Haven by jumping through a portal. Reminded me of Sliders even though they referenced Stargate instead lol.


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Grizzlor wrote:

Not sure how "in" Sabrina might be, with young children and a husband who travels significantly.  Timing/Availability will remain suspect, kind of the same with John Rhys-Davies, who I'm not even sure which country he's in presently.

Well Sabrina said that she would be interested in returning so I would say that it's very likely that she's in. I don't think she would lie on that regard. A protential reboot could also not happen for many many years where her kids might be a little older or her husband might not be traveling so much by then. John Rhys Davies also said a while ago that he would be interested in doing the show if it was worth coming back to.


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That’s exactly what I said. You’re very right. There is a lot that happens between discussion of “hey we should reboot sliders” to shooting and filming the product. It could be ten years before it even hits screen and we don’t know if Torme or JRD would be alive at that point to do it.


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No, surprisingly enough, it isn’t that hard for me. I’ve always loved the older decades so I knew plenty of stuff about the 70s, 80s and 90s. Plus this is a show about parallel worlds so cultural references aren’t always needed.

As you know as well, my story Forgiveness was set in a world where the earth was happening as if it were 2016 and i was alive then so not that complicated.


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It's natural for fans of the show to want a follow up to The Seer.  People want closure.  I suspect the vast majority would get on board with a reboot, especially if Jerry and/or the other Sliders are involved

Torme said in his interview he’s trying his best to get all the OG sliders back. Yes, it is pretty natural to want a follow up to The Seer but that’s most likely what we’re not going to get (I’m okay with that.)

Grizzlor’s right. This is meerly discussion at this point. Nothing has hit the news and it doesn’t look like any deals are being made. It could be 2022, 2023 or even 2024 before we even see a reboot hit the screen and people need to make commitments.


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The CW would probably be more interested in be focusing on young people (played by 30 year olds). Not so much JOC and JRD. Plus, I feel like they would be more interested in a supernatural sliders, not the down to earth alt-history rooted show it was in the first two seasons.

As far as Jerry’s involvement. Well he has been trying to bring it back for years at this point so I have a feeling that he would make time for it.


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I feel like it might be kind of cringeworthy on CW. I think personally it should go on a streaming network like Netflix or Amazon or Peacock.

And to add on to Ib’s note from earlier. I’ve seen people on Reddit say they would like to see a follow up to the Seer. I don’t think Torme is going to do that. He hasn’t seen seasons 4 and 5 and what he saw of season 3 after he left, he was highly critical of. I feel like if there is any sort of explaination it will be that these are the sliders we met in 1995 and somehow down the line, we started following the wrong ones. Either that or a show focusing on a different set of sliders entirely.


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Have you thought of sharing your work on Ao3 or FanFiction.net?

Yes, I have an account in both. You should find all of my works at Archive of our Own. I’ve been slow on posting on fanfiction.net. I don’t get much appraisal on either site but I’m glad to see when people take an interest in my work. Thanks smile. Can’t wait to hear what you think.


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Thanks guys. I'll keep looking around. Perhaps I'll see if there's any way I can get a google image and try and make my own pin somehow.


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I was inspired to start a pin collection since I already had some attached to my jacket.

Was wondering if anyone knew if there were any Sliders related pins? I did some research but couldn't find anything sad.


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That is very heartwarming. I believe that was Torme's goal with coming up with the concept of Slide Effects. He wanted to give fans hope that Sliders would return in a much happier way without the body horror of seasons 3-5. Yes, the story has its plot holes and is not without its fault, but what story is really?

Slide Effects in my opinion represents a bueatiful representation of repairing the series without any unhinging regrets or longstanding questions. In essense, TV is supposed to make you feel happier inside. I can see where ireaction's is at when he says that thinking about the obseene horror that happens to the characters in the later seasons makes you feel saddeded in a way. Ireaction's wrote Slide Effects as an open sourse material so people can make their own sequels to it. That's why I chose Side Effects as the starter point for my fanfic series. And weirdly enough as it is, writing fanfiction is weirdly healing in a way.


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Torme definitely passed along story ideas to Acclaim. However, the scripts from these story ideas were written by others, and these scripts seem to have been written in a mad dash with the writers urgently watching episodes on VHS and then hacking out a script to meet a deadline. The artwork on these comics is also extremely rushed in many cases. Even with Jerry O'Connell's issue of the comic, artist Butch Guice didn't even bother to finish drawing it, leaving Dennis Calero to complete the second half of the story. It seems unlikely to me that Torme did anything more than pass along unused ideas and sign off on publishing; I doubt he was actively reviewing the scripts or pages or instituting revisions given how the comics are totally against his sensibilities in many cases.

It makes sense hearing that they were a little rushed. I think that makes sense that Torme didn't like the comics himself but he still wants to consider it part of the cannon. I think in PTSS when the Arturo double goes on tv holding out a device from a parallel world, Torme later commented that it was from one of the comics. Question now that I think about it. How would Arturo 2 get ahold of that? Did he raid our Arturo's pockets as well to see if he had any valuables on him?


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Very insightful retrospective! It's also really nice you put all these odes in from Spider-Man and TemperalFlux. And you're right, it did increase the emotional tension between Quinn and his mother. ireaction's is a fantastic writer. I wouldn't have thought to increase the emotion there by bringing up Michael Mallory.

Why weren't Quinn and Mrs. Mallory fighting in the pilot? I guess I never assumed that they were fighting to begin with. She seemed so cheery when Quinn came downstairs. I know Slide Effects establishes it but does the Pilot establish that Quinn knocked out the power the day before we first see him here? Forgive me. It's been a while since I've seen it.

But ireaction's does it bueatifully for creating a reasoning for why Mrs. Mallory would believe her son is upset. Of course Quinn might be a little traumatized having watched all his friends die in seasons 3-5, but Amanda wouldn't know that. Her assuming the fight from before isn't over makes perfect logical sense.


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I’m surprised to hear he had significant involvement in the comics actually since he was highly critical of season 3 when they started covering monsters and magic in every episode.


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And yes, I’ve listened to that Sliderscast episode. ireaction’s thoughts were very insightful. He should host his own Sliders podcast.


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Oh, I'm not aware of that one. I'll have to check that one out. Do you have a link to that or do you know what sites its on, @RussianCabbie_Lotteryfan?


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Their commentary is certainly funny. I do enjoy them. If anyone is interested in some other Sliders podcasts, I also enjoy Slidecast, and the Sliders Rewatch podcast.


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The only thing is though-if they bring the show back, you're banking on it being widley popular enought to warrent enough money and audience numbers to make a comic book series, audioplay, novels, etc.

I think a proper wrap up really should resurect the characters. Hell take mine that I'll never use. Quinn was replaced by Smarter Quinn after season 2. Wade was cloned and set free before she could be torchured, and the wrong Arturo slid. Makes little sense and works. By the way, for all intenstive purposes, I will now believe that the breeding camps are places where they harvest their eggs instead of raping them. Still awful but better.

I think this is why I think the easiest way to bring back the series without using doubles is you say that the later seasons were doubles, and we started following the wrong ones somewhere down the line.


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In my personal opinion, I think making Michael Mallory a slider also takes away from the charm and the wonder of Quinn disovering it. I am a big fan of the Slide Effects story and ireaction's script, but I think truth be told, we don't know what line of feild Michael Mallory was in. I think even Torme didn't know what to do with that at first.

Here's the thing though. Some later episodes imply that he's into physics like Quinn, but that could also be an alternate universe version of him. Also, being that half of Slide Effects is a Kromagg simulation, it's largly possible that the Kromaggs gotten some things wrong about Quinn's personal history. (How would they even know who Quinn's mother and father are?)


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Yeah, if they had stuck to that idea, then it would have worked and it would have made the Kromagg arc have a payoff at least. I don't know what any other ideas or other things Zicree had in terms of Sliders, so I can't stake an opinion on him.

Ireactions has a very excellent point about how making Quinn from another world (aside from being stupid) butchers the concept of four people like ourselves exploring paralelel worlds. And it also puts a flaw in the later seasons as well. Maggie's not from our world. We don't know what passes as normal for her. She would have a total different opinion when visiting these worlds. Same with Colin, Diana and Mallory.


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I'm in the same boat as you, QuinnMallory_C137. Was never much into the Superhero stuff but big fan of time travel and alternate universes. I did watch almost all of the Spiderman films though back when I went on a big Spiderman kick a couplesummers ago (everything except Amazing Spiderman 2). So to hear that the new one will feature alternate universes and doubles excites me.


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I never considered that they were trying to make a Superman reference. Mostly considering that the storyline was created in the first place so they would have a chance to introduce Charlie O'Connell as Quinn's brother.


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I imagine that if and when Sliders returns to the small screen, it will be heavily serialized. Hell, Torme wanted to make it serialized until Fox shut them down.

I'm also a big Back to the Future fan so I started watching Rick and Morty back when I heard it was inspired by it. Now that I've gotten myself into Sliders, I've definitly seen some parallels between Rick and Morty and Sliders. You can tell the creators were both fans of BTTF and Sliders. They probably compared it to Futurama because that is another animated show and BTTF and Sldiers are both live action.


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I hadn't considered that we could reboot with doubles.  It is really quite an elegant solution.  I would love it if Rembrandt would accidentally get sucked in again.  Perhaps he's a music professor at the same campus they're teaching at.

It's a very effeciant solution. The only problem is, the original ones are left behind on a damper since there wasn't an explaination for them. But that's okay! We can use our current explaination for that in whatever fanfiction stories you write can be your new ending!


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The other hiccup is that we're having another baby.  Due next month.  So my life will probably end up more chaotic than it was.

Congratulations, Slider_Quinn21!

I guess a good solution might be to clear your browser history after your done using the computer so no one sees your lesuire stuff.


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From what I heard, Torme wanted to do some ongoing continuity story arcs. He had a thing planned for Ryan where he would slide with them for four or five episodes and then sacrifice himself for either Wade or Quinn. I know Torme wanted to do something about Bennish and the FBI Agents on Earth Prime searching for the sliders. And of course, Logan St. Clair was set up as a recurring villian until Fox shut that down. But yes, most definitely the network or streaming service today who picks up the show will want some ongoing story arcs.


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I’ve heard some people say that the ratings could have been better if they put it in a different time slot. The same people who watched 90210 are probably not the same people who watched Sliders. I’ve heard a comment that there was a show called VR5 back in the day that wasn’t very good, but did okay in the ratings because it premiered after the X-Files. People would stick around and watch it. If they had swapped Sliders and VR5 they might have done better in the ratings. Sliders is more closely linked with the X-Files then it is with 90210.

Honestly I don’t know how a reboot is going to go. Of course if you get the original actors, some explanation is going to be needed. I feel that explanation might be as simple as we started following the wrong sliders at some point in time. The universe being broken and repaired is great for fanfiction, but it probably wouldn’t work in a TV show reboot that would as well be trying to capture a new audience as well as the people who liked the old show back in the day.

So if this reboot was to happen, Quinn 1995, displaced lives of 4 people that outside of the professor were not established and even he didn't really ever bring up the fact that Quinn destroyed his career by him dissapearing with no notice from the University.
Saying that, if using original cast, I would assume trying to continue the original show to some extent, if the show just plays it as the team has been stuck on the same world for 29.7 years, how upset will the team be that he screwed with their lives again, so they could be old men sliders, going to dangerous places?

Eh, I’m not sure. Good idea but I don’t think I want an entire show where the team is just blaming Quinn for getting them lost. I’m sure he already deals with a lot of guilt of that already.


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The one world thing each week is probably one of the best aspects of sliders. Clean cut storytelling. You go there, have a problem, get it fixed and then slide out. End of show. Yes, Sliders can reset itself each week but it can also have the opportunity to have on going story threads like Torme wanted to do with the bringing people along and the FBI agents thread.

I feel like studio execs will have a better time understanding the concept today then they did in 1995. Since then, there has been multiverse content on the air. I don’t think there wasn’t much of it in the 90s. Especially with Rick and Morty being very popular, I have a feeling Sliders will have a chance at being put on the air again.


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Thanks JWSlider3.

I mentioned this a while ago how it’s great to know Torme still cares about the show. Most show creators would have just moved on to another project and completely forgot about it, despite ending on a bad note. It’s very kind.

ireaction’s is right on the money in what ruined the budget in those later seasons. The historical reanactments are good. It would have been better if they didn’t spend all their money on those vehicle and action chases, and spent the whole season in the Chandler Hotel...and leather jackets.

I have a feeling that if Sliders returns, it will probably be on Netflix or some big streaming platform. I know NBCUniversal has the rights to it but let’s just hope that Fox doesn’t get their mitts on it again.

I also agree, Sliders doesn’t need to be a huge expensive show. Some episodes can be more expensive then others, but then it’s good to have low budget episodes like In Dino Verates sprinkled it.


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ireactions inspired me to post my fanfics here so in case anyone is interested, I have a whole set.

https://docs.google.com/document/d/171b … sp=sharing

The way I framed mine was an alternate season 3. Episode 1 is Slide Effects which is NOT written by me. That is Ireaction's/Torme's story. Anyways, that resets the show back to after season 2. I keep a few season 3 episodes mainly Double Cross, Dead Man Sliding, The Guardian, Season Greedings and Murder Most Foul albeit you would have to assume they would happen slightly differently and have some slight changes to them. I already make it cannon that it's still set in Vancouver's San Francisco and they still have their season 2 haircuts and wardrobe lol.

To add in, I rewrote a few season 4 episodes with the original cast. Those would be Alternateville Horror, Lipschitz Live! and Roads Taken.

I also provided a rewrite of The Exodus which was closer to John Reye's Davies' idea for the story. That means no Rickman, Maggie and no Arturo dying.

I also have three pure original stories. How to Save a Life, Virtual Lucidity and Forgiveness.

I haven't written anything since May but I will continue to post if and when I write anything else. Read of them what you will. Hope you enjoy. Feel free to give any feedback if you like or dislike them.

Interesting to see Quinn and Wade have their first date in "Last Days" and then in "The Weaker Sex," Wade is apparently referring to Quinn as her boyfriend and Quinn is drying her hair after a shower. We somehow go from this to "Luck of the Draw" where Wade no longer wants to be romantic with Quinn for reasons known only to Sabrina Lloyd (which is to say, we know why Sabrina Lloyd didn't want to keep the romance, but we don't know why Wade wanted to end it).

I would guess perhaps they tried or attempted a romance once more between Weaker Sex and Luck of the Draw but ultimately they (well more so Wade) decided it wasn't a good idea while they were busy sliding from world to world. Plus they wouldn't get much alone time with Rembrandt and Arturo around a lot. I always just thought that she only told the lady at the company that Quinn was her boyfriend even if they never established it fully because it would have been easier to get him a job that way.

It's also noteworthy that despite Quinn and Wade apparently being quite romantic in "Last Days" and "The Weaker Sex," Rembrandt was totally surprised to learn that Quinn and Wade had a romantic date in "Last Days" when it's mentioned in "Gillian of the Spirits."

Well I don't know Remmy but it's possible he saw them being cute together and was secretly shipping them lol. So then when he hears that they had an actual romantic encounter, he's like "yeah my friends are getting together, finally." Their romance in Weaker Sex was also a lot more subtle. All that happened was Quinn drying Wade's hair while they talked to Arturo. There wasn't anything more to it (that we know of).


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Rembrandt having sex with his double's wife is rape. She thought he was someone that he was not. His wife was consenting to have sex with her own Rembrandt, not this one.

That's an interesting thought. I never thought of it that way. Not as worse as the esentailly rape that happens in Revenge of the Nerds but still pretty eerie. I wonder how many times this happens throughout the series. A person pretends to be their double and has sex with someone. Got to be more than this once.


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Sorry to hear that it made you sick. But I hope you still feel good knowing you got it and will be more protected against the virus.


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Let's pretend that for whatever reason, your double is out of the picture. weather that means they are dead, presumed dead or have moved on elsewhere.


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Sometimes when you get down in spiral of self-pitty and despair, it gets you thinking on a few things. First was that, I realised had I been in Rembrandt's spot in Summer of Love, I probably would have decided on staying there as well. But then I thought about how his whole situation in that episode is the classic 'the grass isn't always greener on the other side.'

So he goes there and finds out he has a family with the woman he never got the courage to ask out in high school. It turns out though that his wife is a bitch and is making him do all the house chores. His son isn't very nice either. He mentions talking about starting his career there as well because he liked the '60's music. While this part is never picked up on, it's possible the Rembrandt Brown of Hippie World had as much trouble in the industry as our Rembrandt and so he decided to pursue a career in the army instead. His family isn't too nice either by the way they talk about him at the funeral lol.

So in the end. I propose a question. If you had been swept up and lost in hte multiverse trying to find your way home, but when you find a world where your double is living the seemingly perfect life that you wished you had, would you decide to stay or continue on your journey? For me, I'd probably go back and forth on this question lol.


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Of all things an old Nicolodean show called iCarly is coming back so we may have some hope for a sliders reboot if all of these things are hitting air. I think what would need to be done though would be for someone to bring it back into the spotlight for a hot second. Maybe they make a Sliders-esque commercial or something, kind of like how they parodied Ferris Bueller for a Dominos commericial.

Probably the more complex explaination is that he knew Kromagg Prime Mrs. Mallory would be an on-going role and if he didn't like Linda Henning, he hired a new actress, while still kept her in that episode to explain her off in a way. But that's giving a little more credit then is needed to Peckinpah.

Lol, I get it. You were trying to say that fiction is created by flawed human beings and that almost everything made is bound to have continuity errors that don’t have simple explanations.

Back on that one point, it is really weird considering I’m pretty sure Mrs. Mallory in Genesis even said “your real parents are our duplicates.” (Or it was said by the Kromagg Prime Michael Mallory) and then Quinn is able to have a different mother altogether yet look exactly the way he should. Your “glitch in the Matrix” explanation probably makes the most sense to that. Out of universe, it’s possible David Pechinpah didn’t like Linda Henning or something like that.

The only time continuity errors really become an issue is probably when writing fanfiction. In Forgiveness, I needed to give a date for the first slide. Well in the pilot it’s September something 1994, yet it’s 95 in Summer of Love. I just used the September date in 1995 for that part. It wasn’t a big deal lol.

I imagine that Torme would have been perfectly happy to buy your story ideas for SLIDERS but then rewrite them entirely to suit his own sensibilities and preferences if you'd been alive and in the industry when SLIDERS was on the air.

If I had been a writer on Sliders when it was on, or if somehow I was involved in the bringing back of sliders today, I’d probably be the Scott Smith Miller of it all where I can fabricate the idea but can’t write the script lol.

However, there is a distinction between personal taste and technical proficiency. "Season's Greedings" is a capable, professional product even if Torme disliked it. In contrast, most of Seasons 4 - 5 are witlessly unprofessional and inept and definitely not what Torme or fans wanted to see. Writing should be evaluated in terms of what the author set out to accomplish and how well they achieved it, not whether or not Tracy Torme would like it.

Well of course. Whether or not Torme liked Season Greedings, it’s a good episode. There are probably some other good episodes that he doesn’t like personally. I would think if you were the creator or author of a piece of work, you would have a certain mindset of how things are supposed to be and anything derivative from that mindset wouldn’t suit you.

Perhaps Smarter Quinn has noticed that while the majority of Quinn-doubles have scars, the scars are all subtly different in depth, length and angle. Perhaps Smarter Quinn always takes care to memorize the scar placement on each double and assign it a numerical value based on depth, length and angle which he then uses to identify and distinguish his doubles.

Well first of all your 'Smarter Quinn being insane' theory is pretty valid and makes a lot of sense. The only thing that I would find funny is that Smarter Quinn is not in the right mindset so he creates false memories of giving an alien nazi race sliding tech, yet he has microscopic vision to be able to analyze a specific scar on his doubles faces.

Perhaps this happened to Quinn as well when he was attacked by a dog at a pound (as Quinn and his mother may have gone to a local pound to see if the runaway Bopper had been found).

I always find it interesting how you’re able to come up with all this backstory info and explainations for the littlest details. I bet you probably have an explanation for all the different cast changes of Quinn’s parents lol.

Everything I've seen here looks really good. Keep up the good work!

Also to add on a few things:

"Young and the Relentless" had Cleavant and Clinton Derricks-Carroll playing Rembrandt and Rembrandt-2 with Cleavant always taking the role whenever either Rembrandt was the focus of each shot, and with Clinton carefully angled so that any visual discrepancies between the two non-identical twins would seem due to the point of view.

I think the episode you mean is Greatfellas. In this they did a really good job of getting the two Remmy's on screen. Even looking at the HD-ness of it, I still can't tell which is which. From what Ib described to me a while back (I could be wrong) that they put Cleavant's head on top of Clinton's body or something?

As per Tom's request, here are Colin's key scenes from "O Brother Where Art Thou," which has one of the most obnoxious characterizations of Quinn ever: Quinn brings his innocent, naive brother sliding and promptly forgets about him in a hotel bar to flirt with an extra.

Oh god, I hate that scene for that reason. I think this top's Quinn's already pshycotic and out of character moment from earlier in the episode of him asking to slide open his brother's arm.

It's strange, though -- "O Brother" does present the traditional Quinn-intelligence quite well with the villains outwitted by some improvisational thinking -- except that it's Colin who demonstrates this cleverness, not Quinn Mallory.

Procededes to add to stories I plan to write but probably won't

Smarter Quinn being humbled by his cocky donation of sliding to the Kromaggs is interesting, but it presumes two things: 1) the Quinns have met before, and 2) VQ knows about the Kromaggs.

Here's another thing, albeit very very nickpicky. Mary, the Kromagg Interpreter in Invasion claimed that the Krommaggs took over her earth when she was a little girl. In the Pilot, Smarter Quinn claims that he was on his eighth slide. Timelines don't really add up. Also why does he give sliding tech to the Kromaggs? Like really. (They probably gave an explaination in the show that I have just forgotten about lol.)

I remember as I was working on "Net Worth: The Quinn and Wade Edition," you remarked, "I don't even need to ask you why you'd go to all this trouble for such a nothing episode. I already know why. You're a loon!"

Because it's an interesting experiment, that's why you did it lol. I ejnoyed Net Worth: The Quinn and Wade Edition and probably remember more from that version of it then the aired one lol. If you ever came back to Sliders writing, it would be interesing seeing you rewrite more S4 or S5 episodes with the original cast.

He told me he hated it for being everything he didn't want SLIDERS to be: formulaic, predictable and safe with the sliders saying good-bye to everyone and triggering the vortex offscreen to save a few bucks and sliding out, without any sort of closing commentary on consumerism or debt or anything thought provoking that would prevent it from being forgotten five minutes after watching it. He also hated Quinn punching out the mall manager like "GI Joe." (I didn't understand the reference then and I still don't.)

I can see why he doesn't like that ending. (We all knew he hates Action Hero Quinn of course.) The less focus on consumermism, the off screen vortex jump, the lack of risk involved. Ib once told me that my stories in particular lacked a sense of danger to them. That would be something I would need to fix if I ever came back and finished my stories. And at the end of the day, Torme probably wouldn't like my scripts very much either. That's okay, for an ameature, I'll take Season Greedings level of episodes if that's what I am.

His punches have the power of KICKS.

Doesn't he beat up like three different people in Paradise lost? Or am I missremembering again lol. Still prefer him asaulting the scummy mall manager over him beating up the doctor for no good reason in Exodus.


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That's a very intersting analysis on it. Nice job. I never thought of it like this before but it makes a lot of sense. I could see it being both ways almost. He calls him a cue-ball because he knocked him into sliding accidentely, but because his name is Quinn and that starts with a Q, it goes Q-Ball.

On the term of insult to term of endearment, I would say it is probably evident in Last Days the most. When the group find out they're going to die in a couple of days, Remmy's mad and goes "how Quinn? Huh? You're the reason we're in this mess!" when Quinn explains they will get out of it. By the end of epiosde, he comes around, happy to be with his friends. He greets him with "hey how you doing, Q-Ball?" It's an intersting point of development for the character. A few epiosdes ago in Summer of Love, he was ready set to ditch his friends without warning once he found out his double here was married to his high school crush. Then fast forward to Last Days, after spending all his time partying and helping out at the church, he decides to keep his word and spends what he thinks is his last few minutes with his friends.

Also, haha! "Tinker Bell" and "Professor Dumbledore" I love that. Perhaps 2013 Remmy is abig Harry Potter fan lol.

But all in all, Q-Ball is probably Rembrandt's most thought out nickname and that one was created in a pinch. The only others are farmboy for Colin, fogboy for Mallory. I guess sweetheart is kind of a nickname/term of endearment for Wade. "Professor" I guess you could call that a nickname but it's pretty obvious they all call him that cause they heard Quinn call Arturo that. Also Arturo would probably reject to being called by his first name lol. But other then that, I can't think of any other nicknames Remmy gave.


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Haha, I'm sure it will!

Congrats on being booked for second doses. Glad to see everyone doing their part. Only got my first dose about a month ago so it will be a while for me.


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I'm not sure I took exactly the same reading of Quinn as you did, but I like that we are open to having different opinions.

The fact that you describe Quinn as being traumatized is interesting to me because I go back and forth in my writing of him. Considering all my stories that I wrote are post-Slide Effects, I write him as mildly traumatized, but then I spend way too much time overthinking that writing decision lol. Because at the end of the day, I keep writing characters thinking about how I would react to a certain situation and then syphioning it into the voice of the character. Quinn isn't me though so he would react differently to having been in a Kromagg simulation watching his friends die then I would.


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So in the rewatch podcast, they were discussing a little bit on why Rembrandt calls Quinn Q-Ball. There's the obvious answer that he calls him that cause his name's Quinn and well Remmy loves to give people nicknames. But I decided to google the word in case anything other then sliders came up lol.

1. (This is coming directly from Wikipedia by the way) In theoretical physics, Q-ball is a type of non-topological soliton. A soliton is a localized field configuration that is stable—it cannot spread out and dissipate. In the case of a non-topological soliton, the stability is guaranteed by a conserved charge: the soliton has lower energy per unit charge than any other configuration. (In physics, charge is often represented by the letter "Q", and the soliton is spherically symmetric, hence the name.).

Perhaps Rembrandt is secretly a genius and came up with a witty nickname for his friend on behalf of Quinn's knack for physics.

2. Cueball is a nickname for a bald person. Quinn has a full head of hair. Maybe Remmy's doing this as a joke since he's the opposite of a cueball lol

And 3. Q-Ball is a streetname for an antipsychotic sleeping pill drug. Obviously doesn't come into play here at all.

All in all, nothing groundbreaking here. Just me over thinking a minor detal for all of two seconds lol.


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In my view, the uneasy 50/50 compromise that neither John nor Tracy liked was the correct ratio. It's hard to do ongoing character development in 90s TV of standalone episodes, so giving the character both sides in equal measure allows for the most range in each episode.

I would agree that the 50/50 ratio is probably the best. It works to have a wide range so you get different sides of him in each epiosde. (You get the raging loon in El Sid and the warm father figure in The Gaurdian). Also works because a show's got to have room for character growth as well.

Torme has a fixation on the character of Stephanie that I'm not able to explain. In 2009, Torme contacted a fan site. He wanted to write fanfic. He offered to write "The Unofficial Official Series Finale of SLIDERS" and wanted to provide a PDF screenplay. His story idea for "The Long Slide Home": the sliders, just after the events of "The Guardian," discover that the timer is malfunctioning. Slide windows are getting shorter and shorter. Their next slide could leave them stranded. The timer is soon to give out. The sliders rig the timer to send them backwards through the interdimension, revisiting every previous Earth in all previous episodes, hoping to make it home before the timer fails permanently. They revisit the outcome of every Earth they affected for better or worse. In the course of doing so, the sliders are able to dispense with the Kromaggs and Logan St. Clair in quick, throwaway plot points. The focus is on the sliders.

Hearing this I don't understand his love for this character except that maybe Stephanie was based on a person he knew or something. On a surface level, it almost seems like the character of Stephanie was shifted over to Daelin as being the girl Quinn had a crush on. His story sounds really interesting, and I would have loved to read it if he ever finished it but he probably won't realistically speaking. But to be honest, the existence of Stephanie at the end sounds odd. I don't have anything against this random character I don't know. It just feels like her being in that Long Slide Home story is a little weird, considering she was never in the show and not everyone knows of her existence.

The relationship between Quinn and Wade is drastically different by "Luck of the Draw" where Wade seems to be done with her ongoing infatuation/flirtation with Quinn. I like to think that in between "The King is Back" and "Luck of the Draw," Wade realizes something weird about Quinn: he knew she was crushing on him the entire time, he knew she had feelings for him for the entire time they were working together at Dopplers -- and yet, he ignored it and refused to address it, and she doesn't understand why and Quinn is unwilling to explain -- and it's not until "The Guardian" that we learn that Quinn has post traumatic stress disorder that has led to a very withdrawn personality covered by the Jerry O'Connell charm.

That's an interesting interperetation of it. Not what I think what happened, but it's your thoughts and I respect that. I actually don't think that Quinn knew Wade had a crush on him until about Last Days when he starts showing interest in her. I truely believe he was oblivious to it before. (The line "we're buds, it would be like incest" comes to mind. I also wouldn't say that Quinn had Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder from his fathers death and the playground incident. I'd probably say it was just an old hurt from his childhood that was painful to revisit, as we would all probably feel if we had to revisit something like that.

My theory about Jerry O'Connell is that he was a naturally talented actor with excellent instincts for performance, but no technique or discipline until John Rhys-Davies trained him -- and once John left the show, Jerry reverted to all of his worst habits as an actor: skimming script pages, only reading his dialogue, delivering approximations of what was on the page rather than what was actually written, not reviewing the context of his character's words, and generally undermining the character instead of inhabiting the role. One of the worst examples of this is "Slidecage": Quinn is scripted to think that Maggie has been killed and Quinn is in agony, thinking he's lost yet another friend. Jerry performs these lines with a hungover tiredness -- which implies that Quinn either does not care that Maggie is dead or somehow knows that Maggie survived when there is no onscreen reason for him to think so.

I'd probably agree on that a little. Now I'm not very good at noticing bad acting vs good acting but there are points in the show that you can see Jerry does have the talent. The pilot he was very good in. You also mentioned Love Gods. Quinn and Jerry having dirastically different views on the likes of the world. I can picture if Love Gods was a season 4 epiosde, he would have been smirking the whole time.

Why did he do this? My suspicion is that Jerry, overweight when he was a young boy, developed a drunkenly overinflated ego when he became a handsome teenager and twentysomething and became overfixated on his looks rather than his talent, and he believed that being attractive was all that mattered for his career. Most of his post-SLIDERS roles were chosen specifically because they showcased him as an attractive man; he forgot that his popularity through SLIDERS was because viewers perceived Quinn as a sensitive and empathetic man with his looks being present but secondary.

You're probably right on that. It was probably after his glowup, he started getting a lot of attention he never recieved before, so it all went to his head.

If NBCUniversal has no interest in reviving Sliders, but other people in power are interested, I feel like they might sell of the rights. If the show were to come back, I probably see it being on Netflix or Disney+.

O'Connell might be okay with doing the show on a crowdfunded salary, but Davies would most definitly want a much bigger settlement. Derricks and Lloyd would probably be difficult to get if the show were to come back, but that is another story altogether.

But all in all, I don't think crowdfunding is the way to go to bring the show back. Sliders has a small fanbase, and of that small fanbase, there is an even smaller number of people who would give their money to Kickstarter for the possibility of the show coming back.

If Sliders is revived as an audio drama, there's almost no money needed. Just enough for the actors and audio equipment and can be hosted on any podcast website. But I don't think Sliders would be revived that way. Sliders is a pretty visual show. I'm just not sure how well it would translate to audio format. Plus, it's a very small medium that I don't think the actors would be interested in doing.


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This is very interesting. (A little sad, but that's speaking to my child mentality where you wish for all the people on a show you like to have gotten along on set lol.) But based on this, it shows how taleneted Davies must be cause it appears during the first two seasons, he improvised some things on set. Based on hearing this, it sounds like Torme wanted Arturo to be more like how he is in El Sid all throughout. Whether or not this is the case, and because it sounds like he didn't want him playing father figure at all in the show, it would be interesting to know how the other writers saw the character. They are of course low on the totent poll and would have virtually no say, but we still get kind, fatherly Arturo in those two seasons as well. Whether that was incorperated by Davies or the other writers, I have no idea.

The Pilot also has a lot of scenes of Quinn trying to flirt with a girl only for her and her friends to mock him; it's hard to imagine Jerry O'Connell being laughed at by women after he asks a girl named Stephanie out. That makes no sense visually; Stephanie would have told Jerry O'Connell: "Oh, that's so sweet, thank you, Quinn, but I have a boyfriend. You are a very cute boy, though, and I promise you there is some girl out there who sees that and is single."

(Or she would have told him, "Yeah, thanks but no thanks, Jerry; I know you're a player who never remembers anyone's name in the morning and don't get me wrong, you might have the best body I've ever seen and your hair is sexy but you're disloyal, shallow, untrustworthy, and I think you might be stupid. Like, I actually think you might have some kind of reading disability that you haven't even tried to fix because you've been coasting through life on your good looks.")

(Jerry seems to have grown the hell up, though; his recent podcast with Macaulay Culkin where he reflected on parenting and how to encourage his children speaks to a quantum leap forward in empathy and consideration.)

SLIDERS expert Temporal Flux says the Quinn/Stephanie scenes were filmed but cut. They may have been cut for time, but they may also may have been cut because they made no sense whatsoever visually.

I can see they were probably cut, not because they didn't make too much sense, but also because it was just extra filler. There is no pay off of Stephanie at all later in the pilot.

The tidbit about her may have been kept in. In an earlier script, it was mentioned that Smarter Quinn's wife was in fact Stephanie. They just took the name referance out in the final version. (Fun fact, when I first watched this, I assumed that Smarter Quinn's wife was Wade lol.)

Now I don't really know much about Jerry O'Connell, but based on what you said about him getting fired from the Kangaroo movie and such, probably had some things to do with it. I also think we may have to remember that he was in his 20s and a new star, and wasn't seeing the forrest for the trees. (Michael J. Fox, the actor is rumored to be a nice person but for a period of time, people reffered to him as cocky. Makes sense as he was new to stardom.) Just saying that may have played into Jerry a little bit too during those days.


On another note I wanted to bring up from the podcast. In the Weaker Sex/Eggheads episode, it was brought up about the 50s/60s style mentality towards gender in Feminist World. I think this works and helps to make the epiosde stronger. This is a world where they had already gotten to experience what men are like in power, and had decided on their own that they didn't like it. So it makes sense that things would be reserved to the point that men are only seen as sexual objects and can only get certain jobs as nannies, teachers or secretaries.

I feel like if they had gone with the alternate attitude type thing like you mentioned there was in Eggheads (say that in this world, the people just prefer to have women in power) then I feel like it would have been more to the style of how gender politics played out in the 90s.

On the note about Quinn and Wade in this episode. You mentioned about him drying her hair. There is also the part where she lies and says that he's her boyfriend to get him the job. This is interesting because all three men tried to get jobs there. I assumed she just went "oh, these are my friends Rembrandt and Professor Arturo," so the fact that she says that Quinn is her boyfriend probably shows that the two were getting closer since their brief encounter in Last Days. It would be after this epiosde and before Luck of the Draw where I assumed they had a talk togethr about not getting involved while sliding. (Which could have been it's own epiosde in itself. Oof, I might be getting the urge to write that story out but probably won't lol.)


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Torme wanted the Professor to be cowardly, writing him so in the Pilot. John Rhys-Davies felt insulted to be asked to play the Professor as shrinking from danger or lacking integrity and played against the script. There was a constant friction between Davies and Torme with Davies wanting the Professor to be the lead character, Quinn's teacher and the unambiguous father figure of the group and Torme wanting the Professor to have a dark side and be insecure and threatened by Quinn's genius. In the third season, Torme was no longer present and despite Davies' conflicts with David Peckinpah and Alan Barnette, Davies got his way and the Professor by Season 3 is exactly what Davies wanted him to be (aside from being dead).

That is interesting. I never knew that. I think that is one thing I have to side with Davies over Torme over. I like it better when the professor is then nice guy instead of yelling at everyone (despite the fact that I don’t portray it well in my writing lol).

I didn’t know Arturo was originally written to be cowardly. I didn’t see that at all in the pilot, but that is probably due to the fact of Davies’s performance. Interesting he got to play the professor his way in season 3 despite with the change in creative control. (Well almost his way. Quinn’s still very much the leader in season 3.) but I never knew Torme and Davies were butting heads a lot. All I knew is that he had problems with some of the lines during the Fortune Teller scene in Into the Mystic. Which makes sense considering he didn’t like the part of Arturo resenting Quinn because of his intelligence.


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You have a pretty good understanding of the character Arturo. I'm impressed. I would agree on pretty much all of those points for the most part. And right, I did forget for a minute about the football thing. Pretty subtle hint on Torme's part. I know that Torme's original idea was for Arturo to have the Kromagg implant and for him to get left behind on Azure Gate Bridge world. Then he would use their sliding technology to catch up to his friends once the Kromaggs invaded that world. But those plans fell through becasuse Fox didn't want continuity and planned to air them out of order. Still interesting to hear about his plans nonetheless.


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"But artificial insemination isn't even hard, it's just a sperm donation and a turkey baster. It's been happening since  the end of the eighteenth century!"

Fun fact: In the original script for Love Gods, there was a mention of artificial insemination exisiting on this world, but it was probably removed to give the forced breeding more stakes.

I try to be sex positive and respectful towards all the swingers and polyamorous people I've known and befriended, but if you don't like it, I trust that you have a legitimate distaste for it.

I have nothing against swingers or people having sex. I don't hate it, it just seemed a little weird to me, and I find it a tad bit out of character for season 2 Quinn. Also probably not a fan of Quinn having a child and then abandoning it. But altoegther, it's just a tiny part of the show and doesn't ruin anything for me. I guess in my head, I tend to make sense of the existence of the photograph another way lol.

I've also seen people theorize that there was a double of Quinn on this world who was in fact married to Jane Hills. Pretty far out of reach, but it's a neat explanation I've seen for the photograph and her line of "you don't recognize me, do you?"

My fan theory for the Wrong Arturo situation -- I feel like the sliders deliberately did not pursue whether or not they had the right one. They were too afraid that they didn't. They denied it. They pretended he was their professor. They needed him. And he fulfilled the role well. By Season 3, aside from one outburst in "Rules of the Game" and one in "Murder Most Foul," Arturo has gone from a brilliant, cranky, fatherly, controlling, bombastic, gentle man -- a genius and a good guy but a bombastic ass -- to becoming the cuddly grandfather who rarely has a harsh word for anyone. It's like he knew who the sliders needed him to be and proceeded to exaggerate all of Arturo's positive traits.

I like that theory. it's neat and I feel like that would be in tune with the sliders. Out of all the character changes in season 3, Arturo's growth I will put it was probably the best and seemed genuine. If he is in fact the double, it makes sense that he came to care about these people and loved them like he would his own friends or family.

My only ever "argument" for the right professor slid, since there is never any hints towards either one, is the way he talks about Quinn in In Dino Verates. In continuity, this came right after PTSS. If he is the wrong professor, he just tried to steal his invention. There's no way a week or so later, he would have all those nice things to say about him. Butnevertheless, good scene and I know this epiosde was probably written before PTSS so I digress lol.

I suggest you write one of your screenplays where on this alt-world, we discover that there's a double of Amanda Mallory who's running her dead husband's biotechnology firm. Quinn donates a sperm sample and contacts the double of his mother; he gives her the process for artificial insemination and asks her to help Jane get pregnant that way, and end forced breeding for men by introducing a more efficient technology for pregnancies.

Haha, interesting idea. I haven't written anything in close to two-three weeks now, but I might get back into it soon.

You know, sort of unrelated. Luna in the server had an idea about an anothology Sliders spin-off series that focuses on the worlds after the sliders leave. Showing if they really made a change there or not and what happened after they left. That would be kind of cool to see.


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Alright, I get your point. My error.

On another note, thought the coverage in the In Dino Verates/Greatfellas/Young and Relentless epiosde was good. Good point about the Sliders having the oppurtunity to ask Arturo on truth collar world if he was their professor. But I guess it never crossed their minds 100% that they might have taken the wrong one lol.

Also it was mentioned about the music being different in Young and the Relentless. I actually liked the music choice for that episode.  I found it fitting for the tone of the episode.


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True, you do have a point there. But since there is never any tangible proof, we are allowed to interepret it any way.


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Well I would say you're right. Torme has moved on with his life. He doesn't spend every waking moment thinking about this show he made 25 years ago. And besides, like you said, he has money and has other things going on in his life. But I can see him wanting a conclusion to the characters he created. If he were to bring back Sliders, and that's an if, he would probably make it a short lived mini series or a movie.


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I don't know why else Ms. Hills would have kept a photograph of Quinn aside from the wish for her child to know the face of the father.

She's creepy. That's why lol. But for reals, I think the explaination I come up with most is that maybe Quinn helped her find some sort of loophole to get her on the approved recepients list. The second to last scene has her left with the breeding police alone. What happened after the sliders slid out? Why did she come join Quinn to meet up with the sliders? Maybe there was something to get her in the same room as the breeding police or something. Perhaps the reason she kept a photo of Quinn is to remember him by, regardless if he fathered her child or not. But of course I'm probably reaching a little too far in this lol


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For this reason, I feel a reboot is best. However, from what I can tell, Tracy Torme has had at least two opportunities to pitch a SLIDERS revival and has, each time, refused to pitch a reboot with new actors. He is only interested in SLIDERS with the original cast and his proposal has been rejected.

I completely understand where he is coming from. For some reason, when shows do this and cast new actors in the existing charactors roles, it feels like strangers wearing their faces instead of the actual characters.

Even in 2021, new fans writing fanfic feel compelled to write a 25 - 75 part series of SLIDERS: THE KROMAGG WAR CHRONICLES in order to justify writing the simple SLIDERS stories they want to write with the sliders visiting a parallel world.

Which you said, many fanfic writers feel burnt out after doing the revivals and don't finish their stories. The Kromaggs existence, whether you loved them or hated them, does put a bit of a damper on fanfic writers because they have to come up with some sort of wrap up to them or find a way to get rid of the tracker.


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I think it would be interesting to do an animated version of Sliders in a potential reboot. A few of you did have some valid points in that the characters being down to earth realistic people would be difficult to translate to an animation medium, but I think it would have some potentional and would help with continuity purposes. If there was a reboot (and I am saying IF), you would want to bring back the original four of course, and you would probably have to go into an explanation of what happened and how they're here and stuff. An animated series would allow you to continuity right from where it left off. If Torme was involved, he would be able to start it out with his story Slide Effects. Although a drawback from this, which has been mentioned before, the social political commentary aspect of Sliders would feel dated because they can't talk about current events and stuff.

But looking at all the ways the show could be brought back, animation route is probably my favourite maybe.


a) animation

b) Doing what Ib sort of did with Reborn in that setting up the show taking place in 2021 or whatever year the show is made and having the characters be whatever ages they would be today. Just a weird personal opinion, but I'm not totally interested in seeing them old lol

Theres c) Hard core remake casting new actors in the characters. Which I think would be better for drawing in new fans instead of attracting old fans

d) Remake existing of completely new cast of characters and their adventures. But that alienates some of the audience because I know yeah, the concept was cool but one of the big kickers for a lot of people is the characters.

So yes, animation route would probably be easiest, and probably friendly in case they can't get some actors back, but of course it does have its drawbacks.


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I know this thread is very old and hasn't been talked about in a while but I just thought I would share that I recently started getting into this podcast. It's fun and I do agree the hosts do have great chemistry. Just thought I would make a couple notes based on what I've read/listened to.

In the Gillian of the Spirits/Obsession episode, Cory and Tom are confused at what Derek Bond was forseeing. While Ib has an interesting point that maybe he was forseeing something in the far future, I choose to think of it that there are worlds the sliders go to that we don't see. So perhaps there's a world between Oracle World and Remmy buying knee pads that was truely horrific. I do agree on their point that it would have been interesting to have a send off world in that episode.

While this was covered, they did speak a little in the El Sid/Love Gods episode about Quinn chuckling with Remmy and Arturo in the police station. I agree with Ib in that I don't think he was really enjoying the attention like the other two men were, he was more so laughing at his friends' behaviour. Also I actually don't think he had sex with the woman there, but I guess I am in the minority with that belief lol.


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If anyone's interesting, I recently started a discord server for the show. It's pretty small but it's also pretty active and we have fun discussions. Here's the link