I can't tell you how long it's been since the name Tembi Locke has entered my brain, but apparently since her stint in Sliders S5 she's written a "bestselling" memoir. It's going to be made into a Netflix series starring Zoe Saldana as the Tembi-based character, Amy.

https://deadline.com/2021/04/from-scrat … 234728799/

For anyone interested, the memoir is From Scratch: A Memoir of Love, Sicily, and Finding Home


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https://twitter.com/MrJerryOC/status/13 … 3160019968

JOC: "Lunch today with Tony Winner and Sliders Star THE CLEAVANT DERRICKS.  Trying to get the band back together..."

Not that I believe anything's really happening with a revival, but you never know.


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I'm assuming they've gone the extra step and devised a way to read this data back...

https://gizmodo.com/the-case-for-storin … 1839615098

It sounds a bit ridiculous at first. Dozens of gigabytes of data can now be encoded on a virtually indestructible glass hard drive that’s the size and shape of a drink coaster. Microsoft just revealed a proof of concept. It’s a thin square of glass that’s been laser-etched with microscopic geometric shapes called “voxels” that contain a combined 75.6 gigabytes of data, which contains the 1978 film Superman in its entirety.


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A member of another board which I admin posted the following:

I spent the weekend at Pensacon in Pensacola, Florida.  One of the guests was John Rhys-Davies and he was a part of a Raiders of the Lost Ark Reunion Q&A panel in which I attended.  An audience member asked the guests if anyone was involved in any new projects, in which Rhys-Davies said: "If you're a Sliders fan there may be something in the near future..." 

He was pretty subtle with it, and who knows what it could be.  If there is something, I bet it's a Sliders reboot.

Glancing down the board, I didn't see any mention of it, so there you go. I won't be holding my breath.


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I'm not one to defend DC's handling of its films, but it may just be a case where Affleck decided that it was too big a job to star and direct in a film like this. He's done a fine job wearing two hats in other situations, but a Batman film, particularly one that's going to be made in this universe... it's going to be all any director can handle. Or maybe he hates the script and doesn't want to have anything more to do with it than he's contractually obligated to do. Hopefully, that's not the case.


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Right on script.


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I caught this while waiting in an airport a few days ago. Well worth your time if you're a fan of the original series or Nimoy in general.


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Informant wrote:

It is likely that Sasha will at least have a somewhat reduced role, if she survives.

And it's not like she has a huge role as is. I occasionally forget she's still on the show.


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Slider_Quinn21 wrote:

When Trump talks about Bill, I would tend to believe him.

I have yet to see any reason to believe Trump when he talks about anything. Ever. It's just as likely he's gotten his information from Alex Jones or an Internet meme as anything else. And he'll deny having said something ten minutes after having said it, even if you play him a recording of it. I have no love for Bill Clinton, but there really is no comparison between him and our fascist in chief.


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FWIW, Frequency isn't getting a full season order. Neither is No Tomorrow. I guess it's still possible to get canceled on the CW after all.

http://deadline.com/2016/11/frequency-n … 201855687/

OK, so neither has technically been canceled yet, but realistically they're dead shows walking.


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Yeah, they haven't exactly been clear about any of that. I don't think they have an answer, to be honest. In the original timeline, Thawne lost his speed and couldn't time travel on his own. I'd forgotten about Thawne mocking Barry in the present, doing it in the past would have made more sense. Still, it's pretty clear that somehow Thawne ended up needing to kill Wells and turn Barry into the Flash the same way it originally occurred, or at least close enough to it.


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Slider_Quinn21 wrote:

Is Earth One Wells still alive?  Since Thawne never killed Barry's mom and didn't escape, shouldn't Wells still be alive?  I know the show is supposedly saying that Seasons 1 and 2 still happened the way we saw (for the most part), but I don't see how that's possible.

Thawne did kill Barry's mom. At the end of the season premiere, Barry took Thawne back to let him Kill his mom. It was the only way to undo the Flashpoint timeline. The timeline we're in unfolded slightly differently than the original, which is why we have Killer Frost and Cisco's brother is dead, but Nora Allen is dead. Presumably, Thawne went on to kill Wells, take his place, and create the accelerator accident.


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It's still a thing. Still when advertising rates are influenced. This "November" the dates run from October 27 – November 23. Maybe with all the election coverage, there's been less room for big event programming.


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I noticed that the big crossover event begins November 28th. I find it odd that they wouldn't have staged it during November sweeps.


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We've elected a con man. Lord help us.


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Slider_Quinn21 wrote:

Arrow - The new DA is clearly Prometheus, right?

Probably. And I'd have put money on Malfoy turning out to be Alchemy or Savitar on Flash before the latest episode. I suppose that could still be the case, and we're being given a bit of misdirection.


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It's their thing. I can't say they really do anything for me or greatly bother me. Occasionally it's interesting to see them change to fit something that's happened on the show because they aren't always static throughout the season, but since they don't really have theme songs, I just go with it.


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I'm enjoying it. Therefore, it will end up being cancelled, much like Limitless.


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Informant wrote:

I hope season 3 is as good as season 1... when season 3 premieres... October 5th.

Season 5, maybe?


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Grant Gustin tweeted out the Flash season 3 opener's title, Flashpoint. No mention of whether it will affect the other series. Also, he mentioned they'd be doing it their own way, not that the Arrow-verse lends itself to a direct adaptation.


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My guess is that they'll have Flash in its own timeline to start the season, with the other Arrowverse (and Supergirl) shows unaffected. Maybe that's what the crossover event will handle, reintegrating Flash with the other timeline, and maybe even brining Supergirl into the Arrowverse as well.


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Without trying to weigh in on the Informant/SQ21 thing, I saw Civil War and I loved it. It hit all the right notes, it balanced story with set pieces, had motivations for each 'side' of the argument that made sense and didn't try to heal all the wounds in the final act.


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BvS was a box office success but didn't perform up to WB's expectations. The initial weekend was extremely strong, but the fall-off in ticket sales was huge.

Right now, between Flash losing its director, Aqua Man's director not sure if he wants to continue, the entirety of Batman's rogues gallery being in the stand-alone film the DC 'franchise' looks like a dumpster fire. WB let the wrong guy create their universe, and now they're desperately flailing about trying to save it. No, you don't have to copy Marvel to be successful (and I'm a long-time DC guy), but you do need to have someone somewhere who loves the source material. Someone has to be able to say, "let's get things going before we 'deconstruct' the universe."


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Slider_Quinn21 wrote:

I do wonder if it's going to have any impact on the Arrowverse.  Will Barry try and look for alien life?  Will Kara ever reference the Flash again?

I know that one of the producers has said that Barry's trip to Kara's Earth will be referenced in an upcoming episode of The Flash. The production team wasn't able to nail down exactly when the Supergirl episode would air (different networks) in order to make it tie in directly. I expect it won't be more than a throw away remark.


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This spoiler-filled "Batman v Superman FAQ" nearly perfectly sums up my feeling on the film. Warning: it is a long, snarky, typo-laden read.

http://io9.gizmodo.com/batman-v-superma … 1767720335

An excerpt:

Hey, Zack Snyder is no Michael Bay.

You’re right. Zack Snyder is much worse. Michael Bay thinks explosions are awesome and stories are dumb. Zack Snyder actually hates you.

What do you mean?

This is a movie made out of disdain. Disdain for the nerds. Disdain for the audiences. Disdain for the kids whose parents might accidentally take them to see a movie starring their favorite superheroes. Disdain for the source material. He thinks he knows better than all of us what Batman and Superman should be, even if fans, critics, and mass audiences tell him otherwise...


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I thought it was an excellent example of how not to make a superhero film. Not the only example, mind you. Green Lantern was awful in its own way. Attempts to turn serious superheroes into zany comedy are another way.

This film was just dull and joyless, and it didn't have to be. You can do serious without being grim and lifeless (see CA:The Winter Soldier or the Nolan Bat-verse). With this film, they've turned being a superhero into an incredible burden, rather than a gift. They turned one of fiction's greatest detectives into an imbecile. The references to the rest of the Justice League felt even more shoehorned in than the expanded (and since aborted) Spidey-verse was in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. They didn't even get the DCU geography right.

You could easily shave 45-minutes off of this film and lose nothing. A Batman origin story? AGAIN? Oh, right, if they hadn't filmed it then that other thing would have made even less sense. This is a non-spoiler post, but if you've seen the film, you should know to which other ridiculous thing I'm referring.


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I believe they're using her to replace Chris Pine. It ties in with the rumors that they're going the "Turnabout Intruder" route with the new film. Or not. Probably not.

ireactions wrote:

The first thing to do is run a non-linear stretch on the image, stretching the sides and zooming in slightly to change 4:3 to 16:9.

Please, no. Unless it was filmed in 16:9, it shouldn't be released in 16:9. The directors framed the shots for 4:3 and they should be viewed at 4:3. It's no better than when widescreen films used to get cropped to fit a 4:3 frame.

omnimercurial wrote:

I always thought Crystal Computing was well known among Fans in Sci Fi-dom after Babylon 5 in the 90's and Stargate in the Noughties regardless of greater Scientific Principles and Applications.

Yes, but there was nothing in the episode to suggest that anyone in that dimension had that technology. The monks used silicate discs. Diana created a way to store their data in a quartz crystal, but the crystal was taken without also taking any technology to read it. Oh, and it was "encrypted," too, so good luck decrypting it even if you can find a way to access it.

Grizzlor wrote:

As you may or may not know, Austin Nichols (The Great Work) is currently on The Walking Dead.  I met him last year while getting TWD actors at their NY hotel.  Very nice guy!

Cool. I watch TWD, but didn't recognize him.

At last, that crystal containing the Great Work might make sense.

360TB on a quartz crystal... permanently:

http://gizmodo.com/optical-data-storage … 1759359652


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Welcome home!


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I'd argue that none of the original trilogy was completely self-contained. They all worked as films, but even in the original Star Wars (before it picked up the subtitle) we see things are are given snippets of information that only come into play in later films, or even the prequels. We don't know how the Empire supplanted the Old Republic. We don't know what went down between Vader, Obi Wan and Anakin. We don't know about the Clone Wars, or the Sith or Luke having a sister ("no, there is another!" - Empire Strikes Back). The list of unexplained references and circumstances goes on and on. That's actually one of the things that the original trilogy did better than the prequels. We didn't need backstory about trade federations or midiclorians or the workings of the senate, we just needed to jump into the story and figure out what was going on.

The real question is, do the loose ends and/or plot holes matter? Rey has spent her life rummaging around in old space ships and she knows how to fly. Is it really out of the question that she might know how these things work? She learns how to use the force quickly. Luke got pretty good with the force even before his training with Yoda. Also, she seemed to get better with it after each encounter with Kylo Ren, so in a way he was her teacher. You know who also was good at fixing things and learned how to use the force quickly? Luke and Anakin Skywalker. Does it ruin the movie if she's not related, but just a quick study that's unusually strong in the Force?

If I'm looking for a real plot hole, how in the world does anyone have a map to where Luke is? Particularly, how is most of the map contained in records from before the fall of the Empire? This is the MacGuffin, of course. We need a thing like the plans of the Death Star to find and/or keep from the enemy. Still, its existence makes absolutely no sense.

Might I be forgiving some things here that I would pick on in the prequels? Perhaps, that's difficult to judge. But here's the thing, the prequels were awful movies, regardless of these things. Forgiving them wouldn't have made them good.

Does this film serve as the first act of a trilogy? Absolutely, but I also think it works on its own. Even Episode IV had Darth Vader speeding off into space. I can recall my father, immediately after exiting the movie theater from seeing Star Wars the first time. "We'll see him (Vader) again." Likewise, we'll see Kylo Ren again, though I found him one of the less interesting aspects of the film.

BTW, if you're looking for a fairly comprehensive list of questions raised but not answered by The Force Awakens, have a look here:
http://io9.gizmodo.com/33-questions-we- … 1748953034
I don't expect all of those questions to be answered, but I'm betting some of them will. Some of them are, I think, already answered in the film in one way or another. If they aren't, though, does it really matter?


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No thread about this yet? I can't be the only Star Wars fan on the board, can I?

I saw it in IMAX 3-D, but made the mistake of only showing up 40 minutes before showtime, so I ended up in the second row. That is way, WAY too close. I had to turn my head from side to side just to read the opening crawl.

I thought it was fantastic. Exactly what a Star Wars film should be. It saddens me to think how good the prequels might have been if approached this way.

There were gaping plot holes, of course, but somehow those things are easier to overlook when the film is so entertaining. I'll be seeing it again. And from farther from the screen.

I can't help but think that Rey's parentage is going to come into play. Maybe Luke has an unknown daughter? Something called her to his/Anakin's lightsaber.

Oh, and THEY KILLED HAN! Once he walked out onto that catwalk, I suspected it might happen, but it still packed a punch.


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choanata wrote:

That's pretty messed up actually. If you wrote those posts knowing there was an edit or delete button, then you have a reasonable belief that you can erase your posts if you later decide to.

The original BBoard had neither a delete nor an edit function. Regardless, I've agreed to de-link the posts.

I've submitted a rescan request to Sophos, for all the good that's likely to do.

As far as your request, I didn't see the original post, and I haven't recieved an e-mail from you since you asked me to remove your real name from the HoF several years ago (which I did). I'm not a believer in the EU's "right to be forgotten," but I'll de-link the posts.

I have all of the Slidersweb content backed up. I compared my backup to the current site files and nothing has changed since 2012 (dynamic content, I know). All of the files I have backed up have been scanned repeatedly by multiple anti-malware and anti-virus programs. If there's something malicious, it's a file that's hosted on an outside server. Which browser reported the issue?


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vortex62 wrote:

I'm still alive smile

Woo hoo!

omnimercurial wrote:

I don't know it's origins but it's stretched, big friendly lettering are appealing even when not on Sliders OP Credits.

"Talented Dutch graphic designer Anthony De Meester created this light, elegant sans serif typeface. Although simplicity is the hallmark of this design, it can be used most effectively where a look of regal elegance is desired.

Designers: Anthony de Meester
Design date: 1989
Publisher: Letraset
MyFonts debut: Mar 17, 2003"



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Anyone looking for Clevant online can now find him on twitter https://twitter.com/CleavantDericks, though he hasn't tweeted anything in well over a year.


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I've never met anyone from the bboard in person. I joined the SciFi Sliders board in March of 2000, and a few people on this board (Quinn, Info, Chaser, TemporalFlux, Transmodiar, Vortex62, Grizzlor to name a few) were active on that and other boards well before then.


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ireactions wrote:

You're a hard man to reach!

Sorry about that. I've been out of town with little Internet time and/or access most of the last month.


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Good to see the place back online!