this is wild. i've—we've all— spent so much time with the thing this man created, to me it felt like he'd always be there at the edge of it. i've written literally hundreds of thousands of words about sliders and i feel speechless right now. RIP, and a huge thank you. i'm forever in debt to his big, weird thing.


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heck yeah, that's the clarification i was looking for... thank you! this is a very cool find i haven't seen before.


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ireactions wrote:
roulettewheel wrote:

wait... what is this document we are looking at???

well yes, i know what a series bible is— i'm just unfamiliar with this exact document. who compiled this? why does it look like it's copy/pasted from fan sites? which fansites and who did that? was this used by anyone on the show? where did it come from?


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wait... what is this document we are looking at???

if they can bring back The Noid they can bring back sliders

Transmodiar wrote:

I've got other things to prioritize; that's why you haven't seen updates to Earth Prime even though I've got plenty to share. The audience isn't there.

wait hold on i want to know what the updates are lmao

Well, hello!
It's been a long time since I've posted here (I did "Think of a Roulette Wheel," lol).
Anyways, it's the Big Anniversary tomorrow, and I wanted to at least mark the occasion with something, anything.
I had been working, sort of, very slowly, working on making Think of a Roulette Wheel into a book, with updated essays and fresh takes on some old faves. I technically am still working on it, but who knows when of if I'll actually finish it. I'm feeling a little exhausted on the topic of our old friend Sliders, a little bit like I've said all I need to.

But! I wanted to at least put up a lil' something for the event, for all y'all keeping the flame ALIVE!

So here's the New & Improved, Revised Season One of Think of a Roulette Wheel, Better, Longer, Stronger—

Enjoy! Love on ya! See you in five for the big 3-0!



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hey y'all
ian mcduffie here, back and bigga and betta than eva! jk, but also im here to plug a friend of mine's kickstarter for the latest volume of his series of critical essays on doctor who, this one covering the 7th doctor's stories.

why post here on the sliders board? because i am actually going to have a guest essay in it, talking about Sliders and its relationship with 90s cult sci-fi, how that relates to Who at the time, and why Sliders is better than it could have possibly been.

so give it a look, the series is a must-read if you dig Who, and i promise my sliders
essay will be as good as always wink … ster-mccoy


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Whoa, hey guys! Long time!
I got wind ireactions was posting about my huge collection of comics devoted to Paradise Lost, and that it didn't exist on the internet anymore, and I thought I'd poke back in to fix some links!
I've got a new webstore, and it's biggah and bettah than evah, which is why the old link doesn't work anymore! Here's PL: … -anthology

Next World Over isn't strictly Sliders related, but it *is* my take on a parallel world concept, and is basically to comics what Parallels is to Netflix: a new stab at Sliders for the 2010s! Here's that link: … world-over

Thanks for checkin' it out!!!