Monday night on NBC I think 9 or 10 PM

I've been watching the new Time travel series, Time After Time based on the 1979 movie that starred Malcolm McDowell and David Warner.
so far I like it. It shows a lot of promise and the plots are very engaging and complex.
HG Wells is a geek type person while the Jack the Ripper is an extremely handsome chap.
Be interesting to see where this one is going to take us.


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You know I have not seen much or any threads on the subject of the new series Emerald City. It just had its season finale last week and I just wanted to offer up some words and comments. And of course I welcome yours as well.

The show was hard to get into in the beginning. It seemed disjointed and was very disorienting. Maybe I'm just slow or the fact that we have known the Wizard Of OZ most of our lives and grew up with it. So we have a great many preconceived notions of that merry old land of Oz.  When we see changes they tend to throw us off: for example, we do not meet the cowardly Lion until the finale...Toto is not a beloved cute terrier but a 100 lb police German Shepherd.  Dorothy has sex with the man I assume is the scarecrow and the witch of the North Glenda is not all peaches and cream but a ruthless bitch.
I guess one should go into a show like this with a complete open mind and forget all that we had drummed into us about the Wizard of Oz.
Like Gotham when it goes off on its tangients.  We have known Batman since the comics, the campy 60's show and the recent films from Tim Burton and Chris Nolan. To see the changes to the Batman lore is quite disturbing to say the least. 
Its almost like Game of Thrones. For people who became aware thru the books, then it can be upsetting when the TV show veers away from the written word but GoT is fairly new in our lives and it is not something we recall from childhood., and it is not such a big deal. Unlike the Wizard of Oz / Emerald City and Batman/Gotham

My random thought that has been on so many minds since Sunday night:
The Oscars screw up

My thoughts and feelings are this:  Warren Beatty was confused when he opened the duplicate card for "Actress in a Leading Role" and not the envelope for "Best Picture".
Confused he made the mistake of showing it to his co presenter Faye Dunaway (who I think was drunk when she came out on stage)  who promptly read "La La Land"  she didn't notice "Emma Stone" above the title in Big Letters...
Anyway I think Beatty was a stand up guy and stayed out there and took the abuse and the flak while Dunaway just ran off the stage never to be seen or heard from again.
Why does Warren have to get all the negative attention when it was she, who  (1) failed to understand the card as well and (2) stupidly made the wrong announcement.

Just my random thoughts ....

I am done with Gotham. I am going to miss the bright spots: Erin Richards and Jessica Lucas but I just can't take it anymore. They lost me with the bringing back the dead and the cutting off of faces.
The violence is borderline OTT, plotlines just down right STUPID.
Gotham has become a lot of half assed writing, poor construction, inconsistencies and all around a ton of stupidity.


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I agree with you. It has gotten better and now they have raised the stakes. The three have gone rogue after pissing off the NSA. It should be most interesting from this point forward.

Good post.
My route was not so dramatic. I was doing some cartooning back in the Nineties and took a novel writing class to help with my storytelling. I was writing an action novel and the instructor liked my action narratives and suggested I try screenplays.

Which brings me to where I am today.

I have no idea wth is up with Gotham. I mean first we had to endure that nonsense with Hugo Strange and his monsters now dead being brought back to life; cutting off faces, gratuitous violence to the extreme... WHERE THE HELL ARE STRANGE AND FISH?  .I mean has the show finally jumped or flown off the rails?

You are right. Alien and Aliens are two completely different genres (and directors)
T2 has all the flashing lights and bells and whistles but I will always take The Terminator over T2

all Predator entries  after the original Predator are a waste of time

I heard Creed was pretty good, the latest entry into the Rocky franchise.

Attack of the Clones is better than Phantom Menace

Ironically I have only saw Empire Strikes Back one time and that was during its initial release in 1980 (between you and me I always had a soft spot for Return of the Jedi...)

We have seen sequels, sequels and more sequels nowadays and rarely does the "twos" measure up to the original but there are some that break the trend.
Here's a list of some well knowns and which do we or you prefer:

Frankenstein v Bride of Frankenstein-----Bride of Frankenstein
Alien  v. Aliens                                      Aliens
Terminator v. Terminator 2 JD               Terminator
Casino Royale v. Quantum of Solace       Casino Royale
Rocky 3 v. Rocky 4 ( a break from my trend)  Rocky 3
Fantastic Four v. Rise of Silver Surfer      Silver Surfer
Batman Begins  v. The Dark Knight        Batman Begins  ( I just found DK too dark. I'm in the minority here...)
Star Wars v. Empire Strikes Back            Empire Strikes Back
Wolf man  v. Frankenstein meets Wolf man    Wolf Man
Predator  v. Predator 2                            Predator

Feel free to comment and add your own lists as well.


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Did anyone catch the documentary on Netflix, "For Love of Spock"
It is done by Adam Nimoy, Leonard's son is taking a look back at the iconic character that his father portrayed so lovingly and how this iconic character left such an impression on ST as well as culture.

You may recall that Adam had worked as an entertainment Attorney and feeling unfulfilled he became a director. He is the helmsman behind the most famous episode of Sliders,   PTSS

I was surprised to learn the Leonard Nimoy did not just direct two of our most beloved Trek films he is also responsible for the comedy "Three men and a Baby"


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I saw an article on Yahoo TV and the episode about the were-lizard was voted one of the top 20 TV episodes this season.
for anyone interested..


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I tuned in to this Brazilian series last weekend and binge watched it. I was delightfully impressed. good dystopia world and good and engaging characters.

You can watch it in the original Portuguese with English subtitles or if you feeling lazy and don't want to deal with reading, you can watch it in dubbed English (just don't look at the mouths when the characters speak....  lol)

I highly recommend it and you won't be disappointed.


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I guess Netflix has to make room for other things. I recall watching some series and movies that are no longer available.
Its business

Like so many of you, I have the complete DVD's but it is nice once in a while to watch an episode without having to bother with changing or setting up a DVD, you just hit play and run with it.


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Having seen the finale episode I found it very revealing.

Unfortunately I just got word that the show will not return until 2018

I guess more shows are pushing back their premiere dates
Homeland usually started in Oct but will not air until this January
Game of Thrones which is set to run every April the new season won't be shown until June at the earliest (when the season usually ends)


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Had an interesting plot twist in Sunday nights episode:
We know that Bernard is actually a host and I gather that he is a replica of one of the founders, the guy known as Arnold.

And when those bloodthirsty white covered Native Americans attacked that employee who was there to do some service in the park. Are Mauve and Dolores not the only hosts to become self aware?  they should not have attacked him...I thought WTF

Finale to air this coming Sunday
Stay tuned

I recently read an article on franchises that should be retired and Star Trek came up.
Basically the author felt that the Trek films have become very formulaic (especially the JJ Abrams films) and perhaps it is best to forget the feature length films and return Trek to the small screen

It seems to be more at home there...

There are shows that have a plan, or an arc and they follow it to the letter (Babylon 5) then we have shows where the writers and the suits seem to make it up as they go (Lost) 
This new season of Gotham falls in the latter category...

I have no idea what the hell is going on or the reason for the madness. Has the show "jumped" ? or Come off the Rails?  They just forgot all about Fish Mooney and Hugo Strange. All the monsters, and contaminated blood...WTF?

As for Penguin, I have no problem with his sexual orientation but I just don't get why they went thru all that trouble to introduce E Nigna's new love interest then just kill her off so quickly. I would have wanted to see more of the two and their relationship. Like I said, making it up as they go along....

Erin Richards is too talented an actress to be given such little screen time
Jessica Lucas is just too hot to have her scenes cut drastically


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welcome aboard, glad to have you.
I doubt we will ever get a Slider reboot or whatnot. Though we love the hell out of the show and it will always give me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside, the show just does not have the following that a show like Star Trek, Firefly, even Blakes 7 enjoys

I recently re watched Heavy Metal and To Catch a Slider
like much of the Fifth Season it brings a smile to my face and leaves me with fond memories when I first saw both episodes in Oct 1999 and January 2000 respectfully during their initial airings.

A lovely show but it was plagued by high cast turnover and in fighting among the "suits." But I sill love it.


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I was enjoying the first couple of episodes but these last two got me going. The one about Ian Fleming (historical inaccuracies) and the one about the Alamo.
Growing up in Texas( and San Antonio to boot!) the Texas history was b pounded into us in school Especially elementary and middle. What the history books and the teachers failed to tell us bright eyed school children was that the whole sticking point between the Texas "patriots" and the Mexican government was one word: Slavery.
The Mexican Constitution specifically prohibited slavery and the practice in Mexico. Texas was a Mexican state. Most of the American immigrants were from the South (hell Stephen F Austin was from Alabama and Sam Houston was from Georgia)
Needing the slaves to work the free land and the lazy Americans could not see doing this without slave labor) led to the Americans taking up arms.   Mexico simply had no choice but to put down the rebellion as would any legitimate government.

So all the talk about Texas liberty and freedom by a bunch of asshole slave holders just make me want to barf like a chicken.

So enough of the history lesson and back to the show: I don't know WTH Flynn's end game was. By preventing Travis from sending out that letter...was that to prevent Texas from breaking off from Mexico?
And that's a bad thing?  Huh?
Consider that Texas eagerly joined the Confederacy and by the 1930's was a top state for lynching of African Americans...not to mention that the place leads the nation in its practice of capital punishment...
Perhaps  had Texas remained a part of Mexico would not have been so bad after all....

Ironically Roddenberry hated the storylines that involved space battles but these were always fan favorites. and also many of the scripts penned by Gene were just not that good. 

He did give us a positive outlook for the future (for the most part) but the show did buy into the "naked ape" hypothesis that humanity is inherently savage. this theme was brought up more times than I care to remember.  His insistence on having  multi racial and ethnic crew members was well ahead of the times.

I like the dark world presented by DS9 in contrast to the sterile world we were usually treated to. It was not unlike  Babylon 5 world which also painted a darker picture of our future aboard a claustrophobic space station.


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Black Mirror Season 3 is now available on Netflix!

I really enjoy this superb anthology series where the stories are tied in and have to do with technology.  the series has three episodes in the first series, Four in Season 2 and the new Season 3 has a total of six episodes.

The stories range from the bizaare "National Anthem" to the Twilight-Zone Nightmarish tales "White Bear"  "White Christmas"  and "Playtest" to the bitter sweet "I'll Be Right Back" and "San Junipero"

If you are looking for a well conceived show with good and intriguing stories the I recommend this one on Netflix.


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In 5 seasons we saw our sliders evolve and grow up. Each one has his or her arch where they are not the person who first started the adventure.

Diana Davis and Mallory did not have enough time to establish or begin their arcs, thus I will not discuss them. And Colin was a "one trick, one season horse's ass." Nuff said.

Quinn Mallory:
As the one who invented Sliding, it kinda fell on him to be the de facto leader of the group, however he seemed to lean on the professor a great deal in the first two and a half seasons.  I always thought he was something of a "boy scout" and a genius geek to boot.  By the time they lost Auturo then Quinn had to step to the forefront himself, a position that he did not relish as is evident in his body language and actions during the second half of season 3.
We always thought that Wade was the most shaken up by the death of the professor but it is Quinn whose world was most rocked by the traumatic event of losing a beloved figure. By Season 4 he accepts his new role as the leader and he takes charge in more ways than one.

Wade Wells : She began as this adventurous and naïve computer geek and was just looking to have a good time and spend time with Quinn whom she had a schoolgirl crush on during much of Season 1. By Season 2 this had begun to subside and they were just one big family. As Quinn withdrew into himself after Auturo's death and with him pining after Jensen's wife, Wade reached out to and latched on to Rembrandt. Like her he was not a scientist and she felt connected to him more so than she had for Quinn and the arrogant professor.

Rembrandt Brown: He started out as the "accidental tourist" and the comic relief in the first season especially. By season2 he was evolving from his "funny black man" and becoming more of a team player. the same way the writers began to faze out Wade's crush on Quinn, Rembrandt's role as comic relief was shelved and completely gone by season 3.  By Season four he took on a harder and darker persona having been traumatized by what happened to Wade and his time in Kromagg prison.  In Season 5 as the older member of the group, he takes on the role of the leader and the glue that holds the group together.  He does not take his new role lightly and as the sole survivor of the original cast, he is now the gravitas, the heart and soul of the team.

Maximilian Auturo: He was always the heart and soul of the team. He was a surrogate father to Quinn, trusted confidant to Rembrandt. His conservatism was constantly bumping heads with Wade but he as a fun and beloved character despite his arrogant blow hard ways.  In the end he takes a bullet for Quinn and his dying words to his protégée is "get them home." Thus passing the torch to young Mr. Mallory.

Maggie Beckett Jensen:  It is no surprise that she was the most disliked member of the team during the second half of Season 3. In addition to acting like some bad ass marine bitch, she was blowing off her husband in favor of doing the "cougar thing" with Quinn.  Beginning with Season 4 "Genesis" there was a conscious effort to soften her edge and I believe that the woman in Genesis, Marla was "Season 3 Maggie". Her sacrifice and her death was a symbolic way to kill the old Maggie so that new and improved Maggie could rise from the flames and grow. 
We even see Maggie shed a tear several times in the last two seasons: In Virtual Slide she shares a tender moment with Rembrandt and we see her wipe a tear when they say goodbye to Rembrandt in "Revelations'. and of course there are the scenes in "Comrades and Loss" when she fears that Diana may have been lost; and the touching scene near the end of "Requim" when they think Rembrandt is gone for good. And of course her tears in "The Seer".  Here's to you Maggie:
You've come a long way Baby!


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Per Slider_Quinn21 reasoning:
to take it further, the timer operates on a unique frequency and the worlds that the sliders see and slide into are worlds that are highly similar to Earth Prime as given that there are infinite number of worlds and with the unique frequency the timer operates on there would be other worlds that are so different from ours, one where dinosaurs ruled, or differently evolved species they just on a different  "wave length" and it would be impossible for the timer to reach such a world...

Lets say there are infinite worlds with Kromaggs as the dominant species but those worlds are on a different wave length. Hench that would explain why we never met other Kromaggs. 
I submit to you that perhaps the Kromaggs managed to tap into other frequencies and thus were able to slide into one of these different worlds , ie ones dominated by homo sapiens to name one...they would encounter the dinosaur worlds and other uninhabited worlds.

Just a theory but there's plenty to go around...


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I've watched both episodes up to now and I like the show. It has real potential and I am anxious to see where it is heading. The Ed Harris he human or android?  To be continued...


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None of the Season 4 Kromagg makes much sense now that we put on our thinking caps.
The Kromagg Dynasty envisioned by Torme and created by him in the episode "Invasion" would make so much more sense. Everything the Kromaggs do and what Mary tells Quinn could all be a mind game and deception.  Maybe that one world that the Sliders slide into at the beginning of the episode could be the only invasion they have mounted.

Everything about her being sent to Kromagg homeworld and raised to be the interpreter could be just lies, lies and more lies. The thought of them sliding for at least ten years is possible but the conquest of so many worlds with billions of emotional and violent homo sapiens dominating them would be a real challenge to keep subjugated.  Like Bonaparte in Spain, Germany in occupied Europe and Russia, the occupation troops would be constantly fighting "insurgents" and the drain on their resources would be huge.

Which brings me to the conclusion that Season 4 Kromaggs are just not logical and make zero sense.  Even the concept of breeding camps is stupid. A society as advanced as theirs would not have to resort to rape to procreate their species. they would simply use other forms and technology like artificial insemination, harvest female eggs, store them then fertilize them with the sperm donated by their soldiers.


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In the past time travel shows (The Time Tunnel, Quantum Leap) never bothered with the paradoxes now we find ourselves causing headaches to think about them.

I watched the Pilot and thought it was okay and showed some promise. Especially the crazy ending involving the differences in the professor's family members...nice twist and it opens doors for where to take the show.

I like the professor and I like the scientist but I cannot say I have a lot of love for the military man. he just seems too cliché and "been there, seen that" about his character.

I will continue to watch the show because for the most part. I liked it.

You all make good points. I never thought a show could "jump" more than once bit I have to agree that "Genesis" as an attempt to give them another reason to slide, managed the feat for the second time.
Quinn not being one of us...
He has a long lost brother....(this is more crazy than the Slide Like an Egyptian concept)
Wade being shipped off to rape camp...
Sure Season 4 has its moments but these traumatic "changes" does make it tough. 
and grade for grade and average out I would give 4 higher GPA than Season 3

Season 5 was the best since Season 2 and it has a great many good and decent episodes, and like I and others always said:
"once you got past the radical cast changes"

A big mistake in Season 4 was not to use the original arch for Colin Mallory. The concept may have been bizarre but it would have been a good way to close the loose ends opened up in "Genesis". It would have revealed that the whole idea of Quinn not being from Earth Prime as a Kromagg mind trick and I think most fans (at least myself) would have been okay with this. they could have even said Wade was off on some world leading a resistance movement  (the idea of Rape camp also a Kromagg trick to mess with people's minds)  And in addition to finding home, the others would be looking for her...and the season would have ended as it began: with three Sliders.

I stumbled on Sliders about midway thru Season 4. At the time they Sci fi was re running the entire first 3 seasons and I happened to catch the Pilot and was hooked. Mon-Thur they showed a repeat and on Friday evenings they ran a new (Season 4) episode.  Season 4 must have been towards the end and the first Season 4 episode I saw was "My Brother's Keeper". Of course you can imagine the surprise I had when I saw Colin and Maggie and I asked "who the hell are all these people?"
Anyway, I eventually was all caught up by the time the fifth season began airing in 1999, but there were a handful of S4 that I had not seen.
At the time we all thought that S4 was the worst or the weakest it was years later before I and many others decided that the stinker shark jumping season was not S4 but S3.  Four does not measure up to one or two but it has its proud moments and the front end is quite good. It went into a tailspin by mid season and crashed and burned by the time the finale, "Revelations" aired.

I want  grade Season 4 episodes. I will do half now and the rest later.

GENESIS          B  I missed this one and had heard so much bad about it that even after I got the DVD's I put off watching this one. When I finally did I was quite surprised. It is actually pretty good. I get that Peckingpah was trying to send the show in another direction after losing half the cast and though I hated the references to Breeder Camps and the half baked Nazi Cromaggs, the episode is at least as enjoyable as "Rules of the Game"





At this point the show with only three sliders is not doing too badly for itself...

BROTHER WHERE ART THOU   B+   introduction of a new and fourth Slider. A funny episode but quite good.


SLIDE CAGE         C     this one just never did anything for me.

I can see that this is where the show began to take a downward turn.  the three worked very good but they felt they had to bring on Colin...they had high hopes for this character but we all know how this turned out and it was a pity. Despite Charlie's bad acting he was not too bad in the earlier episodes.

to be continued....


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I was thinking to make this a separate topic but since its related to Season 3 here goes:
I am glad to see all the grades from other members and we seem to agree...I did notice the comments on the good moments between Auturo and Rembrandt in several episodes (Rules of the Game, The Last of Eden to name a few)
But what about the exchanges between Wade and Maggie?

I guess the powers to be thought that "conflict" was a good thing so they just threw gas on the fire. we had some conflict in early episodes but it was good character development but the sparks that flew between Maggie and Wade was very intense to say the least.

Sole Survivor   this is my favorite as the two came close to bloodletting. It was all Rembrandt and Quinn could do to separate the ladies...

Slither      Maggie comment of how perhaps Wade should have a "fling" is priceless in this disgusting episode. this was the only thing worth watching in the episode.

   there were some good moments between the two when they first arrived


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It seems that most shows (judging from the comments regarding Chuck) and not just Sci Fi stoop to the sexploitation route. Even beloved Star Trek TOS is not without blame.

the only show I can think of that did not require its female cast members to dress skimpy was Babylon 5.
this show had its fair share of hot babes (Patricia Tallman, Claudia Christian, Andrea Winters, Tracy Scoggins, etc) but it never made a point of showing their curves or bodies.
I applaud this show and its creator...

Informant wrote:

I'd love for someone to put together a Sliders panel at a convention or something. Even a podcast event would work, or a documentary. There is a lot of story to tell.

I would look forward to it. Seems like the following for Sliders and us fans are few and far between.  I've been to a Trek convention and there were guests from various sci fi shows but no sliders. Every year during comicon I check the guest list looking for a slider guest speaker but so far zilch.

I would just like to meet anyone from the show. the day I find one at a convention, I will be first in line to purchase tickets.
Footnote: I did meet Chase Masterson at the Trek convention back in 2001 but she was there to promote her role on Deep Space Nine and not necessarily the Sliders episode she appeared in (Season's Greedings).


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The clear rip off of "Species" is just so evident and outright blatant.
I have not watched the episode again and have no intention.  It's worst than "bad" its the most foul turd that the show ever produced. EP called "Requiem"  unwatchable but I can at least sit through that episode,  but several are just so OTT  and bad and causes such a stink on the airways that most fans refuse to ever see them again:

Even Stoker, this Slide of Paradise can be watched for a good belly laugh but the above are just cringeworthy and will bring tears to one's eyes.

He seems to have a good and positive memories regarding his time on "Sliders". I am sure that he would love to talk about it. I'd love to be there and hear what he has to say.
Love to get his insight on Sabrina Lloyd, the fun working relationship he had with the O'Connell brothers, his thoughts on Kara Wuhrer in Season 3 and what it was like working with her the rest of the way.

He was a good soldier and professional all the way. He had won awards for his stage work and like JRD he had quite a resume, but it never went to his head. He did the job and was happy to do it.


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I love this show! I especially liked "National Anthem" and  "White Bear". The one with Jon Hamm (Mad Men fame) titled 'White Christmas" was also very engaging.  could not get into the second episode and that one about the woman tragically losing her lover...was creepy... brrrrr
I think they should do more episodes, this is an outstanding show.


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I know we have dissected and resected and read all Earth Prime comments and reviews but I for what its worth want to take time and grade the season 3 episodes. Not much commentary I just give them grades and invite others to do the same and comment if you prefer. so without further ....

1. Rules of the Game   B-  our favorite guilty pleasure
2. Double Cross           A     
3. Electric Twister Acid   B-   
4. The Guardian           A    superb television
5. the Dream Masters     C   blatant rip off, silly but watchable 
6. Desert Storm            F
7. Dragon Slide             D
8   The Fire Within         F
9   Prince of Slides        B
10 Dead Man Sliding      A
11. State of the Art        D
12. Seasons Greedings    B+
13. Murder Most Foul      C
14. Slide like an Egyptian  C  IMO this is where the show "Jumped" awful CGI, stupid premise but watchable
15. Paradise Lost             F
16. Exodus pt 1              B-
17. Exodus pt 2              C
18.Sole Survivors            B  not a huge fan of Zombie genre but enjoyable
19. The Breeder              F
20.  The Last of Eden      C
21.  Other slide of Darkness    D
22. Slither                      F
23.Stoker                       D-    an idiotic acid trip, bad but the high grade because of the ludicrous and stupidity of this dog
24. Dinoslide                  B   the best post Auturo episode this grim season
25. This slide of Paradise   C  its watchable and stupid, like Stoker to the point of being downright ridiculous.

all the F's are just unwatchable and I do not waste the hour (45 minutes) watching them. bad as Stoker and This Slide of Paradise are I can at least watch them if not just for a good laugh.



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I noticed that JOC has been doing work behind the camera on 'Mistresses". He has taken the Directors Chair and has helmed at least two episodes this season.
One day he co hosted with Kelly Ripa on Kelly Live while she still is searching for a full time replacement of Michael Strahan.

Way to go!


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I watched the first two then got away from the show. I finally went back and binge watched the final six this past weekend.
Pretty decent show.  I hear they are doing a second season.
Now Informant can get his wish and have "more'.

My question is what happened to the Matthew Modine character? Was he killed by that creature from the other dimension?
And how did the sheriff and Wynona Rider get out of that place after they found the missing kid?

I enjoyed the show for the most part. We need more quality television. With quality programming like "House of Cards" and a few others of note what is on the horizon for Netflix?   Netflix killed Blockbuster and Hollywood Video is regular TV and cable next on their "hit list"

pilight wrote:

Season Three is the worst of Sliders

Back in 1999 I actually thought that Season 4 was where the show "Jumped" but after rewatching the DVD's I actually found an appreciation for Season 4. It was at its best with just the three sliders. the first few Colin episodes were not that bad but by the end of the season it fell flat (with The Chasm and Roads Taken being the nadirs of the season)

That being said, I agree that Season 3 IS THE ABSOLUTE WORST. This was when the show  jumped the shark  right after "The Guardian" aired.  Sure there are some roses in this bed of thornes , Dead Man Sliding, Seasons Greedings but for the most part this season came down to a lame attempt to turn a cute quirky Sci fi series into The X Files (FOX's proudest ship in the FOX fleet)

I just can't see watching the show in the "proper order". Sure it's annoying seeing "Summer Of Love" not air after the Pilot but I prefer to have the DVD's in the order that I first saw the episodes in back in the Nineties.
I can barely accept "Invasion" as the season 2 finale (as it was intended) but to me "As Time Goes By" will always be the Season 2 finale.
The glaring problems with the airing order are most evident in the first two seasons.
"Double Cross" should have been Season 3 premiere but I can accept it where it is as Episode 2.

the rest of Season 3 just does not matter.  "Stoker" was aired before "This Slide of Paradise" though "Dinoslide" was intended in that spot and actually makes more logical sense but I'm okay with how this turned out. 

and of course there's the screw up involving that episode where Wade falls into the center of the earth and gets chased by circus freaks.

Always glad to see how Cleavant has fond memories of his 5 years on Sliders. He is the rare cast member who looks back fondly on that time. I would so like to meet him at a comicon someday and chat him up. I'm sure he has some great stories about the O'Connell brothers.

Crying Man rules. I saw him a couple of years ago on stage in my city. A play called "Pullman Porter Blues"
He looked just like he did in Sliders.

I understand that the third film. Star Trek Beyond will the last of the JJ Abrams rebooted films.
It was a decent film, quite good actually so now we look forward to the new TV series coming in 2017...

I saw an article that was showing subtle hints and homage that we saw in Abrams films. For instance it tells how since Chekov is not  in the original "space seed" episode he has no actual physical contact with Khan in "Into Darkness" however, Chekov is the only crew member who has actual physical contact with Khan in "Wrath"

Something I picked up on (did anyone else notice this?) when the Enterprise goes to Yorktown, we see Sulu with his gay partner and their child...George Takei is gay in real life and I think they were paying homage to George by making Sula gay. Interesting.

I agree, I wish Gotham would have just had other gangsters and villains on the show instead of actually introducing us to our favorites. But then it would not have been "Gotham".....

that being said, I thought the season was interesting as a whole but I did not know what the hell was going on in that finale.
Are we going to see Barbara and Jim finally end up as a loving couple?
What of the ME who is carrying his child?

I have always taken issue with Seven of Nine. We all know why she was on the show back in the late Nineties. There was no way in this universe that the character was going to be masculine. Put her in that cat suit instead of a regular Star Fleet uniform and on and on.  When the show went from being a Space Opera to "the Seven of Nine" show that was when I stopped watching. 

I hate it when our favorite shows stoop to such blatant sexuality to attract 18-24 year old heterosexual males. WTF about the rest of the population? and they are all guilty of it:
Sliders in Season 3 and 4
I won't name them all now, we all know perfectly well what the hell I'm talking about.
The only show I can say never degraded or exploited its female cast was Babylon 5

Here's my list:
1. April Carver            CHASING LIFE  This dramedy about a young woman battling cancer, can't help but fall in love
2. Daenyrys Targaryen  GoT   any scene the 'Mother of Dragons" is in is worth watching
3. Molly Anne Caffrey    THRESHOLD played by my Carla Gugino. Just watched the show to see her.
4. Savannah                 MISTRESSES   the character was played by the gorgeous Alyssa Milano. Too bad she is no long    on the  show.
5. Fiona Gallagher         SHAMELESS   This wild comedy/drama on Showtime...the actress is nothing special like say Alyssa Milano or the above mentioned but there is something about her that just melts your heart.


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I think that the reason , Lyanna wanted her child protected as she knew that her former beau King Robert would want to dispose of any of Raegar's offspring both legitimate and bastards as well. Hence the lie that Ned told his wife and children about Jon's parentage.

What should Daenyrys first stop be? To the Iron Islands to deal with Euron Greyjoy and secure Yara's claim to the Iron Islands? Or should she take her elite army and assault King's Landing?  I would dispatch a large host from Highgarden and Sunspear to take Casterly Rock leaving the Lannisters no place to hand their swords...

Let Jon take care of the north, return Edmure Tully to his rightful place at Riverrun and the castle. Clear out the Freys and should any of Walder's grandsons want the Twins, so be it but they must bend the knee to Jon Snow first.

Dispatch one dragon to  take care of the Night Walkers...and Jon having Targaryen blood will ride that dragon to vicitory.


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The way I figure it : he is the son of Raegar Targaryen...and Lyanna Stark
that makes him Sansa's cousin
Daenyrys nephew...


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I just started watching a year ago. I had resisted it for so long, never caring for the genre. I finally started checking them out at the local library and after  Season 1  I was hooked. then I started reading the books. I do not subscribe to HBO.

Recently  I got a free three months of HBO so this past Sunday I binge watched the first 9 episodes and caught the finale Sunday night.



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we discuss quite a bit of subjects and shows on this board but I never see any discussions regarding an immensely popular show, GOT.
I'm at a loss. There has to be fans out here and on these boards so I'd like to lead you in some discussion.

The show just completed its 6th season and here are my thoughts

First let me say that I thought season 5 was a letdown. aside from the Sand Snakes and any scene with Emilia Clark in it, the season left me just disappointed.
On to Season 6...
I enjoyed it. I felt that they tied up some things, gave closure to some characters, and it was good to see some longtime bad guys get their well deserved violent and bloody deaths.

I understand that they may have 13 episodes left and the producers are planning two short seasons (why not just do a 13 episode final season??)

In the finale I could see that things are starting to wrap. And we say goodbye to some long time characters who were killed off this 6th season. Some glad to see go, others were surprising...

I like the idea of an anthology series and so many possibilities are wide open.
I would like to see "The Adventures of Excelsior" captained by Capt Sulu (of course have another actor play . He was in his forties at the time of St 6 and is in his sixties now. Could Takei pull it off?  Possibly. Would be interesting. ) 

I'd like to see one story dedicated to the Federation -Romulan War. This would preclude TOS by about 100 years and chronicle the adventures of a starship, the USS Patton that engaged the Romulans.

Be good to see Worf in command of his own vessel, be it a Federation Starship or a Klingon battle cruiser...

And lets see them dedicate a season  to a Romulan storyline
I get all warm and fuzzy thinking of the possibilities.

we all love SLIDERS and with most of us owning the DVD sets and thanks to syndication and reruns we can watch them over and over. I never tire of watching some classic Star Trek episodes. TOS especially though I like TNG better I rarely will re watch one of their episodes.

SLIDERS has that effect that TOS has on me. I never tire of watching them but if there is one that I have seen the most it would be :
PTSS  in my opinion, the best episode.
THE WEAKER SEX  and LUCK OF THE DRAW would be close seconds.

Like a true nerd, I can recite so many lines from PTSS

So fellow fans which episode do you find yourself watching again and again...?


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Another Slider sighting! 
JOC joins the cast of the ABC summer prime time soap, 'Mistresses" . He looks good. he is playing a "manny" for  one of the regular cast member's infant daughter.   She used to play on "Lost" and I think eventually he and she are going to become lovers. He made a pass at her last week and now I guess biology will take over.

It was good to see him again. He is the only cast member that seems to get consistent work. He has had a short lived series as well as Chasing Jordan and he guest starred on "Ugly Betty" once.


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Until the Baby boomers die off, they never gonna legalize drugs. and that's so contradictory. the Boomers were the "flower children" the "turn on and tune out" generation now they have become what they always hated: their parents.

That being said, I agree that doctors and many people think that a pill or drug is the catch all cure for what ails you. Perhaps in couple of generations.


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I guess I know why you do it, but I'd just as soon see the episodes and the reviews in the order that they aired.
Seems disorienting to me to see "As Time Goes By" smack in the middle of Season 2 when we all know it was the last episode aired. "Rules of the Game" launched Season  3 when we all know that ""Double Cross" should have aired first.

I get why you choose to do it your way, but .... Just prefer to see them in the order they aired, the order I saw them in. It sucks that Fox had to frak up the order.  At least Sci Fi didn't  screw with it.

Anyway, maybe its just me.


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Some of us feel that Clinton has been bought and paid for by the corporate elite. Sanders is not. America needs a man like the Bern but the corporations and uber riche are not gonna let that happen. they want to keep the country as a police state ruled by an obligarchy. Before long it will be a crime to be born poor...
Bernie Sanders supporters do not want this and have such an adversion to Clinton that they cannot bring themselves to cast a vote for this woman. Will they stay home or go Green Party? 

On the other front, the GOP is crapping their diapers. they never took Trump seriously and thus they did not try to torpedo his campaign. Now they are in a jam: if the party supports him and he loses by a landslide(very likely) they will lose some favor and even several seats in not only the Senate but the House as well. This is not what they want.
The Dems are trying to pull up some crap about his treatment of women but it may be too little too late. The GOP should have thrown their weight behind Chris Christie a year ago but he was not far enough to the Right for the fringe supporters of the party and thus they are stuck with the buffoon, Donald Trump.

I'm just waiting for a comet to smash into the planet and put us all out of our misery.

I latched on to the show and I always get a kick out of conversing with true fans of my favorite shows. Seems like in my circle of "friends" I am the only real Sliders fan. So these threads give me time to chat with kindred spirits.

For Erika Redmark,  I stumbled onto the show like midway thru Season 4 and had to get caught up before season 5 began. I was a little perturbed at the high turnover in the cast but I was so vested in the show that it did not phase me like has other fans.  I just kept watching. I was able to appreciate Season 5 minus Mallory and IMO  season 5 was the best season since Season 2.

At the time I thought 4 was the weakest but after getting the DVD's and watching them over. I found an appreciation for season 4. Yes, it got bogged down on the backend (after such a promising start) and limped to the finish line (I consider Season 4's "the Chasm" to be the all time worst episode)  but I have more affection for Season 4 than I do for Season 3 which I thought was where the show "jumped the shark", nuked the fridge and flew so far off the rails that ...  you decide.  smile    Despite the lows, I do find 'Double Cross" , "The Guardian" and "Dead Man Sliding" to be quality television and an hour well spent.

So what are you feelings about the direction of the show? It seems to have lapsed into the realm of Sci Fi with the "monsters" that Hugo Strange is creating.
With the technology that he has  it is starting to look  like Joker will be the original character that we saw die off. I mean any thing is possible now.
Will Jim end up with Barbara or the ME who is carrying his child? Will she return?

Invasion has always been a fan favorite since the episode aired back in 1996

PTSS  is most of our all time favorite with Luck of the Draw being a close second

The Return of Maggie Beckett is one of the two best episodes since Asylum and I would place it in the top three. ITS THAT GOOD.

How the Hell "Stoker" get rated so high?  Even if it was in the bottom ten that would be too high for that piece of dog turd.

In Dino Veritas should be higher on the list as well.